Combo Kitchens

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A kitchenette is excellent for places where the cooking area is small. A kitchenette usually consists of a sink, a refrigerator, and a microwave or gas range. In other words, a kitchenette is an all in one combo kitchen. Some models have all those features, while smaller models have only a sink, a refrigerator, and storage compartments. All in one kitchenette model is used in motel and hotel rooms, dormitories, and small apartments. They are as efficient as a standard-sized kitchen with their smart features.

Find the Best Commercial Kitchenette at Chef’s Deal

A commercial kitchenette, also called a mini commercial kitchen, can be used in small commercial kitchens such as food trucks. Mini kitchenette units can be as little as 30” in width and be fully functional with washing, preparation, and refrigeration areas. The width of a commercial mini kitchen goes up to 60”. Bigger models have more features than the smaller ones. For example, a 60” kitchenette has a refrigerator with a freezer compartment, a gas range with four burners, and an oven with adjustable trays along with a sink, plastic cutting board, preparation, and storage areas.

Preparing and cooking delicious meals has never been easier before in a small kitchenette. Besides their compact design and high functionality, kitchenettes have a stylish stainless-steel finish. Moreover, you may find portable kitchenette models.

Shop for a Mini Commercial Kitchen at Affordable Prices!

As Chef’s Deal, we aim to provide you any commercial kitchen equipment you might need, and a kitchenette is one of them. Every step of the way, we put you and your business’ needs first. Now, you can buy the best commercial kitchen supplies in the market at fair prices. Here on our website, you can purchase the best kitchenette for your business without worrying about Kitchenette price.

One of the well-known manufacturers of the kitchenette is Summit. Summit offers various sized commercial mini kitchen models with smart features. On our website, you can pick out a Summit kitchenette for your business or your small apartment.

As Chef’s Deal, we have an excellent customer care service to enhance your shopping experience. If you are located in or close to Nashville, you can visit our store to take a closer look at some of the models we carry. Don’t worry; you may call or write to us whenever and wherever you want to. Our customer care service agents are happy to answer your questions on products and our services.