Commercial Coffee Machines

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Commercial Coffee Machines: Always Ready for Coffee Lovers

Commercial coffee machines are not lavish additions to address the rare demands of customers; rather, these commercial coffee makers are must-have beverage equipment that will enable you to serve freshly brewed coffee. Coffee is now among the first things people extend their hands to recover themselves from the morning oscitancy or to replenish their body from the daily rush.

So, regardless of your business type (whether a restaurant, a café, or a convenience store in a small gas station), having a variety of commercial coffee machines to present a rich menu of rich brews of coffee will be a great contribution to your sales and profitability by keeping your customers coming back and gaining new ones.

What to Consider Before Buying Commercial Coffee Machines?

Listed below, prior considerations will help you determine the best commercial coffee machine among many types with differing purposes, capacities, brewing types, and features.

  • Commercial coffee machines should be suitable for your needs. Thus, you are strongly recommended to consider the conditions such as daily coffee sales volume (number of cups per day), customer turnout, and coffee brewing frequency in your establishment.
  • The available space is also another important case that you should focus on, and you should opt to buy a properly sized coffee machine for business to fit it in your available area.
  • As hygiene and satiation are important for any food and drink serving business, you should also calculate the time you need to spare for cleaning the commercial coffeemakers.
  • Commercial office coffee machines require an electrical outlet; thus, you should check the power capacity of the existing electrical outlet to get the right model.

Types of Commercial Coffee Machines

Depending on their functions, there are diverse coffee brewing machines in the market. However, we can classify them primarily into two different classes.

1. Automatic Commercial Coffee Machines

Commercial automatic coffee machines are designed to simplify the detailed coffee brewing process by handling all the procedures themselves, including getting the water through a separate water outlet. These self-service commercial coffee machines are easier and time-saving, particularly in offices and restaurants.

2. Manual Commercial Coffee Machines

Manual commercial coffee machines require more knowledge of the coffee brewing processes, but these commercial coffee machines can also handle the large volume of coffee brewing in shorter times. These professional coffee makers also allow more control over the brewing process.

Available Commercial Coffee Machines

Commercial coffee machines are presented with a wide variety to find the most suitable commercial-grade coffee maker for your establishment.

1. Commercial Pour Over Coffee Makers / Brewers

These commercial coffee machines are good options for low-volume coffee serving needs. They enable the operator to put the brewed coffee in an airpot, cup, or pot to help it to the customers manually. They feature a compact construction and do not need a connection to the water outlet so that you can move them to different places. Commercial pour-over coffee makers/brewers are available in four sections:

  • Single Cup Coffee Makers
  • Thermal Carafe Coffee Makers
  • Decanter Coffee Makers
  • Airpot Coffee Brewers

2. Commercial Espresso Coffee Machines

Commercial espresso machines have enabled operators and businesses to prepare tasty coffees in a very short times bu utilizing pressured water. These commercial coffee espresso machines will help you serve more customers who will be attracted to the superb smell of pure coffee.

3. Commercial Coffee Grinders

Commercial coffee grinders will help you prepare the ground coffee beans at the exact size you desire. Additionally, these commercial coffee machines will allow you to your brews with different coffee flavors.

4. Coffee Warmers

These commercial coffee machines will let you prepare the coffee beforehand to catch up with the coffee demand during peak hours. You can fill decanters or pots with freshly brewed coffee and keep them at the perfect temperature until you serve them.

5. Coffee Urns & Percolators

Coffee urns and percolators are very instrumental for self-coffee service, particularly in high-volume settings. These restaurant coffee machines can brew and serve the coffee in the same pot, accelerating the coffee prep procedure.

6. Cold Brew Dispensers

Cold brew dispensers will bring the chance to serve a new trend of coffee. Cold-brewed coffee options are trendy among people with their refreshing and relaxing taste. These restaurant coffee makers will both brew and dispense the cold flavors, which will maintain your coffee sales even during hot days.

7. Commercial Milk Frothers & Steamers

Milk is an enriching addition to coffees, and it is crucial to make cappuccinos and lattes macchiatos. These industrial coffee machines can transform milk and other dairy products into foam.

8. Satellite Coffee Brewers & Servers

Satellite coffee brewers are another option that will equip your establishment with a mobile coffee serving unit. These office coffee makers feature detachable decanters, which keep the brewed coffee and can be used in front-of-the-house applications to enable customers to re-fill their cups.

How Much Is A Commercial Coffee Machine?

Commercial coffee machine price varies depending on the features, capacity, and size. Commercial coffee maker machines range from models valued at around a hundred dollars to all-in-one commercial coffee machines priced at more than twenty thousand dollars. Thus, you should carefully consider the needs of your business and available budget not to run short of coffee at hand for service or waste your money and ingredients on extra coffee.


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