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Countertop Warmers & Displays – Minimum Space Maximum Visibility

Countertop warmers and displays help keep the food fresh and warm, ready to be served anytime, anywhere. This food holding and warming equipment also create an attractive presentation of your delicious menus. With well-designed food display cases, you can showcase your precooked meals, sides, entrees, sauces, and more. Since countertop warmers and displays can preserve the warmth and freshness of large batches of dishes for hours, they minimize waste and enhance your serving line. 

Countertop Warmer & Display Types And Buying Considerations

Different menus may require different units for maximum product visibility. To provide this versatility, countertop warmers and displays are available in various types, each with different sizes, capacities, and shapes. They all offer a reliable and easy way to enhance your restaurant's efficiency. The amount and type of food you serve will specify your need.

1. Buffet Warmers

Buffet warmers are heated bases that hold food pans in removable pan holders. You can keep your recipes hot in pans, trays, or portioned packages on the base. There are also models with hot food wells that hold pans firmly in place. Therefore, these warmers are safer for serving soups, stews, and other liquid-based dishes. 

  • This countertop warmer and display units are sized by the number of full or fractional pans they can accommodate. 
  • Models with sneeze guards or rolltop lids also protect your menus from contaminants. 
  • Choose from additional features like top lights to enhance visibility and undershelves to store your serving utensils or plates.

2. Countertop Food Warmers

Countertop food warmers are a space-saving solution to hot food holding and serving applications in the buffet, concession, fast-food, or catering businesses. Despite their compact sizes, they can handle the high-volume demands of many foodservice establishments. You can use them to design a full pass-thru self-serve station. This countertop warmer and display units come in rectangular or round shapes. 

  • Rectangular countertop warmers have 1 to 6 compartments that can hold multiple menus in full-size or fractional pans. 
  • Round models are perfect for soups, chowders, stews, and hot toppings, so they often include lids and ladles. They have wells to fit round insets sized by the quarts of contents they can hold. The most common sizes are 4 and 11-quart insets.
  • Most countertop food warmers use indirect wet heating through a water bath. Some models are also rethermalizers. You can use them to thaw and heat frozen meals.

3. French Fry Warmers

French fry warmers preserve fried items' crisp texture. They are usually available in two styles.

  • Models with overhead heating elements provide heat with infrared rods or light bulbs attached to supporting legs. They may come with or without a base.
  • Bin-style french fry warmers have a cabinet heated through forced air. They often include food pans, screens, and grease filters. They even have sectional dividers, allowing you to present multiple fried products.

4. Commercial Soup Warmers

Commercial soup warmers have a heated base with one to three wells to keep your soups and sauces steaming hot in round insets. 

  • You can choose from base-only and full-set models. A complete set has insets, lids, and serving accessories.
  • The capacity measure is quarts. The most preferred sizes are four, seven, and eleven-quart insets.
  • Menu boards, soup cards, and colorful graphics can help create a powerful merchandising effect and complete your décor. 

5. Commercial Soup Kettles

Commercial soup kettles are countertop warmer and display kettles composed of an outer kettle and a removable bain-marie inner pot. You can adjust the holding temperatures with an infinite switch.

  • Outer pots are available in various colors and materials, from red-coated ceramic to stainless steel.
  • You can prefer a model with handles if you want portability.
  • A hinged lid with a ladle slot facilitates serving.

6. Food Warming Shelves

Food warming shelves are electric hot plates that offer a compact solution to hot-holding needs. They provide maximum visibility with meals on a warming surface rather than hidden in food pans. They can hold pre-plated dishes and boxed-to-go orders stylishly.

  • You can choose from a wide range of widths depending on the available space on your counter. Built-in models are also available.
  • Extra features like sneeze guards, rolltop lids, and protective handles make warmer shelves more practical.
  • They come in various finish alternatives, from ceramic glass to granite, to suit different layouts.


Countertop warmers and displays are designed to hold your hot treats at top serving temperatures and attract more customers. Chef's Deal has versatile, durable, ad stylish models that will meet all your hot holding and merchandising demands. You can also check out our other food holding & warming equipment for your establishment to provide hygiene and better service.