Hospitality & Hotel Supplies

Hospitality and hotel supplies are crucial for continuing your business through a high occupancy rate with satisfied guests and rising profitability. All hospitality supplies and equipment directly influence the taste of foods, efficiency, and quality of services and rooms, and hence, all these units and features must be assessed and planned in detail. Read More

Coffee Machines

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Commercial coffee makers help you offer your customers customized hot beverages. From coffee brewers to percolators, they come in different capacities & features.

Commercial Ice Machines

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From professional ice machines to ice crushers, commercial ice machines are must-have equipment in a typical American foodservice business.

Commercial Waffle Makers

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Waffle makers are a worthwhile investment since waffle is a multipurpose snack. Waffle makers consistently deliver perfect, evenly shaped, and colored products.


Commercial Crepe Makers

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You can easily cook crepes, pancakes, and galettes with commercial crepe makers, crepe griddles, or originally named billing.


Commercial Toasters

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Breakfast as a king! You can provide your customers with the best toasts and breakfast with this toaster equipment in the mornings.


Food Display Cases

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Food display cases entice your customers with delectable baked products by showing them off. They’ve led lights, glass sides, and tops to present the food better.


Pastry Display Cases

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Pastry display cases, generally made of acrylic-metal or glass-stainless steel, keep the food's quality and taste while keeping the bakery products from contamination.


Countertop Food Warmers

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Countertop food warmers are space-efficient equipment and provide a safe serving temperature for buffet lines, concession stands, catering lines, and other food businesses.


Tray & Plate Dispensers

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Tray and plate dispensers offer a smooth service line even in busy restaurants and dining halls by providing safe and easily accessible plate storage.


Chafers & Chafing Dishes

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You can keep already cooked food hot and warm with an alcohol burner below the equipment or electrically powered Chafers & Chafing Dishes in a buffet line.


Condiment, Topping & Sauce Warmers

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Commercial condiments, topping, and sauce warmers keep your sweet and delectable treats at perfect warm serving temperatures with the perfect finishing touch.


Cafeteria & Buffet Line Equipment

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Buffet line equipment enables your customers to serve themselves easily. You can keep your food warm or cold with stylish hot/cold food tables at your buffet.


Combo Kitchens

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Combo kitchens are all-in-one kitchens with sinks, faucets, washers, cookers, and refrigerators. They add efficiency to your place and save space for you.


Hotel Room Supplies

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Hotel room supplies enable you to provide a comfortable and hygienic stay for your guests with the appliances, kitchenettes, cleaning, and housekeeping items.


What to Consider When Choosing Hospitality & Hotel Supplies and Equipment

Hospitality and hotel supplies are crucial for continuing your business through a high occupancy rate with satisfied guests and rising profitability. All hospitality supplies and equipment directly influence the taste of foods, efficiency, and quality of services and rooms, and hence, all these units and features must be assessed and planned in detail.

You should carefully consider all your needs and conditions to choose the most suitable hospitality and hotel supplies for your establishment, whether starting a new hotel business or renewing your facility or equipment. Therefore, you should consider the criteria below when determining and purchasing the right bulk hotel supplies and equipment.

  • The principal to aim for during planning for a hotel business is the comfortableness of your patrons. This will be the foremost criterion for them to return to your hotel next time and recommend it to their friends.
  • The second point to consider is the equipment and amenities in your facility since they are significant in the speed and quality of service as well as the taste of food.
  • Variety in services and foods is also decisive on the decisions of repeat customers and first-time comers for their visits. Hence, enriching the menu in your hotel restaurant and adding a kitchenette to the rooms would benefit your business.

Hospitality & Hotel Supplies and Equipment

Chef’s Deal presents an extensive inventory of hotel kitchen supplies, wholesale hospitality supplies, and products to have you stocked with the necessary tools and bulk hotel supplies anytime.

1. Coffee Machines

Serving coffee to your guests for breakfast and even while waiting in the lobby for check-in will be a remarkable welcome to enhance their experience in your hotel. You can also place a coffee machine in your rooms to enable your guests to brew their coffee. We offer a rich collection of hotel coffee machines from leading suppliers, including the units below.

  • Pour Over Coffee Makers / Brewers
  • Espresso Machines
  • Cafeteria & Buffet Line Equipment
  • Coffee Warmers
  • Coffee Urns & Percolators
  • Cold Brew Dispensers
  • Coffee Machine Milk Coolers

2. Commercial Ice Machines

Commercial ice machines are prime necessities for any commercial food service business since they supply clean and clear ice which can be used for drinks and cooling needs. Equipping your establishment with this hospitality equipment can produce as much ice as you need. You can find commercial ice machines in Chef’s Deal that suits your business, such as:

  • Ice Maker with Bin
  • Ice Maker Heads
  • Ice Bins
  • Portable Ice Bins
  • Ice & Water Dispensers

3. Cafeteria & Buffet Line Equipment

Food quality and service speed are always a priority for customers when choosing the place where they will stay during a journey or holiday. Additionally, the bed and breakfast model is very popular, particularly among the city hotels and motor inns, where guests can spend the night comfortably and leave for their destination after a nourishing breakfast. So, it would be a wise decision for you to create a rich breakfast and dining buffet with the buffet line equipment, which is full of waffles, crepe, omelet, and toast in addition to freshly brewed coffee.

4. Commercial Waffle Makers

Many hotel suppliers also offer commercial waffle makers and supplies for hotels and motels to allow them to prepare these colorful snacks, which can be prepared in minutes.

5. Commercial Crepe Makers

Commercial crepe makers are significant for any hotel kitchen with their multi-purpose design that will allow you to cook crepes, pancakes, and other appetizers.

6. Commercial Toasters

No breakfast is complete without toasted bread. However, it will be difficult for any business to catch up with orders by manual bread toasting. Commercial toasters are specifically designed for hotel hospitality and hotel supplies and equipment to facilitate bread toasting.

7. Chafers & Chafing Dishes

These hospitality and hotel supplies are an iconic representation of any hospitality business with their role in foodservice. Chafes & chafing dishes are used to maintain the warmth of food in a buffet while presenting a chic food presentation.

8. Tray & Plate Dispensers

Speedy service is one of the primary concerns for hotels and other hospitality businesses to ensure that all guests have their food at the optimal temperature and textures in the shortest time. Tray and plate dispensers allow customers to easily reach trays and plates while following the service line.

9. Countertop Food Warmers and Condiment, Topping & Sauce Warmers

Even the most delectable hot foods may turn to a disappointment when served cold. However, foods and sauces mostly wait on the counter for a long time which may result in cold foods. These hospitality and hotel supplies are perfect for preserving their texture and hotness for the best taste for the guests.

10. Food Display Cases & Pastry Display Cases

You can entice your guests to have a bite of your best recipes by displaying them in elegantly designed food display cases and pastry display cases.

11. Hotel Room Supplies

To maximize the satisfaction of your patrons, it is necessary to keep the rooms equipped with these hotel room supplies that will provide practicality, functionality, and comfort.

  • Hotel Room Appliances and Kitchenettes: You can buy these hotel supplies and equipment to offer additional comfort to your guests with hotel room amenities and appliances, including coffee makers, refrigerators, and even toasters. Additionally, you can purchase kitchenettes which are combined solutions with a fridge, cooktop, and sink with cabinet.
  • Bathroom Essentials and Housekeeping Supplies: Sanitation and hygiene are vital for a positive customer experience. Therefore, we offer a wide range of housekeeping and cleaning supplies to help you maintain hygiene in your establishment.