Meat Processing Equipment

Meat processing equipment is designed to bone, cut, chop, slice, or mince the animal meat to transform it into meals and dishes. This equipment for butchery includes grinders, tenderizers, stuffers, bone saws, presses, and other helpful equipment which will remarkably increase the meat processing efficiency. Read More

Commercial Meat Slicers

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You can prepare as much sliced meat, cheese, or vegetable as you need in minutes with a well-performing commercial meat slicer.


Meat and Bone Saw

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You can quickly process a high amount of meat and bone safely and without wasting them with efficient meat and bone saws!

Meat Grinders & Choppers

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You can lower your costs and attract more customers by making your fresh & tasty ground meat with commercial meat grinders and choppers.


Sausage Stuffers

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You can boost your sales by serving freshly made and tastily flavored sausages in large volumes by making them in-house at lower costs.


Hamburger Patty Presses

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Hamburger patty presses are compact meat processing equipment for pressing ground meat into uniform burger patties.


Commercial Food Dehydrators

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You can practically satisfy customers with in-house-made dried meat, vegetable, and fruit crips with a commercial food dehydrator while saving their flavors.


Commercial Meat & Sausage Mixers

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Commercial meat mixers are designed to mix ground meat, fat, and other ingredients, including seasonings, smoothly and easily.


Chicken Slicers

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You can easily prepare evenly shaped chicken slices in large amounts to catch up with wrap and salad orders with a chicken slicer.


Meat Press Machines

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Commercial meat press machines enable you to serve evenly cooked and equally portioned meat, chicken, fish, and pork dishes to your customers.


Fat Percentage Measuring Kits

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Fat percentage measuring kits ensure the fat percentage of your meat products complies with USDA regulations in ground beef and hamburgers.


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Meat Processing Equipment: Lower Cost, Higher Taste

Meat processing equipment is designed to bone, cut, chop, slice, or mince the animal meat to transform it into meals and dishes. This equipment for butchery includes grinders, tenderizers, stuffers, bone saws, presses, and other helpful equipment which will remarkably increase the meat processing efficiency.

Whether you run a supermarket with a butchery section or a high-trafficking restaurant, meat processing equipment will enable you to prepare large batches of meat in a shorter period of time. As they are constructed with high-quality materials and smart features, these meat processing products will perfectly meet your requirements in your commercial kitchen.

Advantages of Meat Processing Equipment

Butcher & meat processing equipment is solely dedicated to handling meat-related work in a commercial kitchen, and therefore, they offer remarkable advantages for you and your staff:

  • Commercial meat processing equipment lets you check and control what goes inside the products since meat processors help you prepare your own products.
  • Meat processing machines enable a business to prepare the meat products from scratch; therefore, they can choose the best cuts and pieces of meat.
  • You can quickly and efficiently process meat stocks at hand, and you will not incur losses resulting from the bacteria growth or spoils in meat due to delayed processing.
  • Processing meat in-house will decrease your expenses for meat purchases as you handle the job in your establishment with your own industrial meat processing equipment.
  • You can create delicious recipes for sausages and burgers by making them in your commercial kitchen by adding different seasonings and spices.
  • Meat processing tools help you choose the best parts in the meat to use for dishes or making sausages.
  • Homemade sausages and burgers undoubtedly become tastier thanks to the high-quality processed meat.

Types of Meat Processing Equipment

A wide range of butchering equipment addresses the different phases and styles of meat processing. So, you can be sure that there is perfectly suitable meat processing equipment for your needs. 

1. Meat Chopping Equipment

  • Commercial Meat Slicers and Chicken Slicers: These meat processing tools facilitate and accelerate meat slicing, and you or your staff can prepare sliced meats in minutes in large batches. They are available as manual or electric models.
  • Meat and Bone Saws: Electric meat bone saws present a consistent and efficient way of cutting hard bones and large meat pieces to provide an easier process.
  • Commercial Meat Grinders & Choppers: Ground meat is among the most needed products in a commercial kitchen. It is used as an ingredient in foods or the principal element of hamburgers and sausages. Commercial meat grinders are a practical way of preparing minced meat, and they can produce large amounts.
  • Commercial Meat Tenderizers and Meat Press Machines: You can maximize the taste of the meat by softening its fibers, and the commercial meat tenderizers are excellent for this.
  • Commercial Meat Mixer: When you want to make your own burger or sausages in your kitchen, these commercial meat mixers will be of great use since they let you mix seasonings and meat in large volumes.

2. Meat Prep Equipment

  • Commercial Food Dehydrators and Meat Curing Chambers: This meat food processing equipment allow you to prepare dried meat that will enrich the flavor of your dishes.
  • Commercial Sausage Stuffers: This type of meat meat processing equipment provides a practical solution to the sausage stuffing, and you can prepare your own sausages in your commercial kitchen.
  • Hamburger Patty Presses: Patty presses offer a quick and easy way to prepare consistently shaped burgers.

3. Other Meat Processing Equipment

  • Fat Percentage Measuring Kits
  • Meat Processing Parts & Accessories


Commercial meat processing equipment provides a streamlined meat preparation in your commercial kitchen with enough speed and care that will preserve sensitive and valuable meat products. As a reliable restaurant supply store, Chef's Deal also retains an exclusive and extensive collection of meat processing equipment and supplies that will address all your needs to prepare the most delicious meat recipes. You can find American Eagle, Bizerba, Globe, Omcan USA, Pro-Cut, Univex, Uniworld, Hobart meat processing equipment, and many others.