Commercial Microwave Ovens

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  1. Special Price $1,080.00

  2. Special Price $1,226.25

  3. Special Price $1,496.25

    FINANCE FOR: $26.46/mo.

  4. Special Price $1,710.00

    FINANCE FOR: $30.24/mo.

  5. Special Price $1,813.50

    FINANCE FOR: $32.07/mo.

  6. Special Price $1,451.25

    FINANCE FOR: $25.67/mo.

  7. $1,152.00

    FINANCE FOR: $28.12/mo.

  8. $4,162.50

    FINANCE FOR: $101.62/mo.

  9. $1,024.00

    FINANCE FOR: $25.00/mo.

  10. $3,136.50

    FINANCE FOR: $76.57/mo.

  11. $1,000.00

    FINANCE FOR: $24.41/mo.

  12. $1,341.00

    FINANCE FOR: $32.74/mo.

  13. $1,260.00

    FINANCE FOR: $30.76/mo.

  14. Special Price $531.00

  15. Special Price $3,584.25

    FINANCE FOR: $63.39/mo.

  16. Special Price $1,487.25

    FINANCE FOR: $26.30/mo.

  17. Special Price $1,548.00

    FINANCE FOR: $27.38/mo.

  18. Special Price $1,280.25

  19. Special Price $650.25

  20. Special Price $438.75

  21. Special Price $2,731.50

    FINANCE FOR: $48.31/mo.

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We believe microwaves are one of the most important kitchen equipments you’ll need for your business. If you are questioning whether to buy a commercial microwave oven or not, the answer is yes; you should own a commercial microwave. It is designed to quickly defrost and reheat the delicious meals you serve without sacrificing its quality. Whether you run a restaurant or café, or you have a catering business, buying a commercial grade microwave oven is the right thing to do.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Microwave

Deciding on the right commercial grade microwave is easy if you consider the following steps. First of all, think about how much you are going to use your restaurant microwave. The usage level is an important indicator when picking a restaurant microwave oven. Keep in mind that there are three types of commercial microwaves; light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty microwaves. There is another step you should take into consideration is the microwave wattage that is also related to the usage level. The higher the wattage, the quicker your microwave will defrost and reheat. 


Another thing to consider is the place you have in your kitchen for the microwave. Commercial microwaves have different sizes that affect its capacity. If you don’t have enough space or you are going to use it with small plates and bowls only, a small commercial microwave might be the best commercial microwave for you. Don’t forget that if your usage level is medium or high, you’ll need a bigger commercial microwave with a larger capacity to accommodate your needs. 

Commercial Kitchen Microwave for Every Budget!

If you are tired of searching for a commercial microwave price that doesn’t burn up your budget, now you can relax. Here on Chef’s Deal, we think of your budget whilst helping you buy the highest quality kitchen equipment. If you are looking for a commercial microwave for sale, check out the best deals on the market on our website. 


If you are living close to Nashville and wondering where to buy a commercial microwave near me, you can come to our showroom Monday through Friday 9:00 am - 4:00 pm. (CST)! Don’t worry if you can’t, ChefsBot and our call center employees are happy to help you answer any question or solve any problems you may encounter on our website. Whether it is deciding on what kind of commercial microwave to buy or about commercial microwave oven price, we are here for you!