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Ice Machines

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Keep it cool all year round regardless of the weather with our fine selection of commercial ice machines we have gathered for you! As Chef’s Deal, we believe that restaurant equipment should be your first problem to handle when you are in the food serving industry. We have partnered up with some of the best companies for ice maker machines that guarantee you their years of experience and quality to be your best companion throughout your journey. In our Ice Machines category we have gathered everything you need from ice crusher to professional ice machines and many other accessories and other necessities you might realize you actually need.

Play It Cool

Yes, the need for ice machines might be at its peak point during summer but consider them to be helpers of all times. Whether you are a restaurant owner, or a small scaled business owner, having an ice merchandiser, or a commercial ice making machine is sure to lift the burden off your shoulders.

While going through ice machines you will find yourself deep in models and differences. The key here is to specify what your business needs and then filter out the models. In our category for Ice Machines we have gathered for you, you will find example ice dispenser, ice crusher, ice bin, ice merchandiser and 3 more sub categories that are waiting to be discovered. Whatever you decide on, be sure that years of experience and our loyalty to you always have your back. If you get confused or overwhelmed about the richness of products you can count on us for help. Just remember, be prepared at all times as the season doesn’t matter for your business to play it cool!

What Is Your Type?

Before looking through models of commercial ice machine for sale, one of the most important thing is to consider your space and your customer capacity. If your kitchen is not very spacious you might want to look at more compact models like ice maker with bin that takes up one machine space for two! These ice machines have the power of production up to 283-lb/24 hours with 88 lb. storage capacity giving you the utmost best in a compact machine. With cube style ice and self-contained condenser, you will always be ready for whatever demand comes in your way.


While going through commercial ice machines you also might want to take a look at its capacity of production. For example a model that produces 330-lb/24 hour might be a large scope for your small business. You might want to look at small commercial ice machine with less production rates that will do just enough for your need. As we have stated before the important thing there is to decide on your personal variables you should be looking for in a restaurant ice maker machine. You might own a cafe famous with its drinks. The model you should be looking for is an ice machine that produces nugget styled ice or cube styled ice. There are also restaurant ice machine models that produce flake and shaved ice, giving you the option to use it in many different ways. You might even add a recipe in your menu using these types of ice in hot summer days as your specialty!


Our Experience, Your Guarantee

With our years of experience in the industry and the trusted brands we work with, we are all hands on deck for whatever it is you need. We understand the overwhelming pressure that can mount up in a buyer when looking for the best ice machine for sale and other products for business. As Chef’s Deal we pride ourselves not only on good prices and lifelong products but also in our customer service. Our dedicated team is always a phone call away. To make things faster and more effective you can also start a chat with our eager team on our website as you scroll through our products.

Among our 250 and more product range you are sure to find the right helper that will be with you all through the journey. With sections like compact units, dispensing units, ice bins and many more you can also filter the products according to your price range, manufacturer and many more. This will help you to decide more efficiently. As Chef’s Deal we want you to have the best machine that will serve you to the maximum at a good price. Having you leave us as a satisfied customer is the feeling we guarantee!