Ice Merchandiser

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A commercial ice merchandiser helps food serving businesses display bagged ice better. If you are running a restaurant serving alcohol or a bar, you might need to sell ice in bags as selling bagged ice is a great way to create a side come for your business. Besides, it is a good way to keep ready-to-use ice in hand whenever needed. At Chef’s Deal, there are various types of ice merchandisers to match your restaurant’s needs. Fogel, True and Master-Bilt ice merchandiser models are waiting for you at Chef’s Deal. Let us help you discover all of them!


Meet The Types of Ice Merchandisers


There are two types of ice merchandisers. One of them is indoor ice merchandisers and the other is outdoor ice merchandisers. At Chef’s Deal, you can find indoor and outdoor ice merchandisers for sale and make a purchase according to your budget. What you must know before you make your purchase is the difference between them.


While an indoor ice merchandiser is a wise choice if you have enough space inside your kitchen, an outdoor ice merchandiser is a wise choice if you do not have enough space inside and if you don’t run your restaurant in a country that is hot throughout the year. Otherwise, the maintenance of your outdoor merchandiser would be hard.


The Advantages of Using Ice Merchandisers


There are many advantages of using ice merchandisers. First of all, many ice merchandisers have automatic defrost which saves both time and labor. Their units are built with a fan system to spread the cold air to every bit of the units. So, the condensation formed by the merchandiser is clean automatically leaving less work for your employees.


Secondly, many ice merchandisers have self-closing doors preventing ice from melting. Besides, most of them have an alarming mechanism that beeps when the doors are open. That way, even if your customers or employees leave the doors open, it is possible to respond early.


There are many advantageous ice merchandisers at Chef’s Deal from True ice merchandiser to Fogel ice merchandiser, from Master-Bilt ice merchandiser to many industrial leader’s products. Whether you need an indoor ice merchandiser or an outdoor ice merchandiser for sale, you can give us a call before you make your purchase to get a special payment plan to enhance your business!