Commercial Ventless Exhaust System

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Looking for an exhaust hood for your professional kitchen that will be the heart of it? Then, you must decide whether you are going to get a vented or a ventless exhaust hood before you make your purchase. Here we explain what a commercial ventless hood is and the differences between a vented hood and a ventless one. Let’s dive into the world of commercial ventless exhaust hood systems!


What is A Ventless Restaurant Hood?


Ventless commercial hood, in other words “Ductless” exhaust hood, is a kitchen appliance that cleans the air from grease, smoke and even bad odor thanks to its fan and charcoal filters. As a restaurant ventless hood does not have to be connected to a ventilation system, installing it to your kitchen is very easy. Wherever you need it to be, you can carry it there. It is perfect for places where ducting is impossible.


Discover The Differences Between A Vented and A Ventless Hood


When it comes to choosing the exhaust hood you are going to install to your kitchen, it might be hard to make a decision between a vented hood and a ventless one. Here are some of the differences between them:


  • Ventless hood systems for restaurants filter the air and recirculate it back to the kitchen while ducted hoods vent everything such as odors, humidity and steam outside. Choosing between them completely depends on your kitchen size. If you have a slightly bigger area, you can go for a vented hood. If you have a small kitchen, on the other hand, a ventless hood is ideal for you.
  • Both vented and ventless hoods should be stainless steel. Using a stainless steel ventless exhaust hood system or a vented system helps you clean your kitchen better and use it for a longer time.
  • A vented exhaust hood is more expensive compared to a stainless steel ventless hood. Thus, if you’re looking for an affordable one, a ventless hood is perfect for you!
  • While ducted hoods limit your installation options as they can only be installed where a ventilation system exists, ventless hoods can be installed wherever needed.


Find Your Ventless Kitchen Hood Commercial and Affordable


At Chef’s Deal, there are many ventless exhaust hood types to equip your kitchen with. Besides, you can always find a commercial ventless hood for sale option here so that you don’t have to postpone your dreams of becoming a professional restaurant. View all our products right here!