Commercial Ventless Exhaust System

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Commercial Ventless Hood Systems For Restaurants

Commercial ventless hood systems, also known as ductless hoods, are self-contained ventilation equipment that clean the air from smoke, grease, and even foul odors through fans and charcoal filters. Unlike the traditional commercial kitchen hoods, they don't require a connection to ductwork to vent the air outside. Their built-in filtration system filters and recirculates the air, keeping the internal air clean and fresh. Portable ventless hood systems are more practical, particularly for historical places or facilities that don't lend themselves to traditional ventilation systems.

How Do Commercial Ventless Hood Systems For Restaurants Work?

Commercial ventless hood systems work pretty much the same as their ducted counterparts. The main difference is that a traditional exhaust hood vents everything it catches outside, while a ductless range hood filters the air and recirculates it back into the kitchen. Ducted hoods expel all the airborne grease, steam, vapors, and dirt particles out through their ductwork. Ventless range hoods have charcoal filters that trap greasy and filthy air and remove foul odors. The air is cleaned as it passes through charcoal filters and then vented back into the kitchen. That's why they are also called recirculating range hoods.

Why A Commercial Ventless Hood System?

Do commercial ventless hood systems work as effectively as their vented cousins in removing grease-laden vapors, excess heat, and pollutants generated by all the cooking equipment in a restaurant kitchen? It may be rather hard to welcome commercial ventless hood systems for those with a hood hanging above cookers and connected to duct pipes. Ventless kitchen hoods may not have enough power for the ventilation of all the pollutants in large commercial establishments with high volumes of greasy cooking. However, they are gaining popularity with the many benefits they offer.

Commercial Ventless Hood Systems Advantages

  • Commercial ventless hood systems don't need ducts and ducting accessories, making them easier to install and purchase.
  • Their compact design makes them perfect for different cooking equipment in spaces where conventional venting through roof fans or ducts isn't feasible or allowed.
  • Ductless hoods are portable so that you can install them anywhere needed.
  • Commercial ventless hood systems are eco-friendly. They don't release all the dirty and greasy air into the atmosphere as classical range hoods do.
  • They don't occupy much space and have a more stylish look.

How To Choose The Best Commercial Ventless Hood System

Commercial ventless hood systems are constructed of durable stainless steel. Installation type is your choice. While some models mount on top of the cooking equipment, others are free-standing units that can be placed anywhere in your kitchen. You may also need to pay attention to the speed and noise levels. On top of all these is the blower power. Busy kitchens may need more powerful ductless kitchen exhaust fans. If there are multiple ranges, stoves, grills, and ovens in your kitchen, look for a higher CFM rating, which signifies the amount of air attracted and filtered.


Commercial ventless hood systems are practical, portable, and more affordable. They provide your kitchen with a clean look and pleasant smell. Chef's Deal offers a wide selection of commercial ventless hoods from industry leaders, RATIONAL, Giles, UNOX,Equipex. You can also find other budget-friendly types on commercial kitchen hoods.