Chocolate Melters

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Chocolate Melters: The Sweet Volcano

Chocolate melters are of great use for you if you need melted chocolate ready all the time to be used for desserts, ganache, or truffles. They have heated wells in which you can place the hard chocolate in large amounts.

A commercial chocolate melter machine is an essential food holding and warming equipment in any restaurant, café, pastry, and ice cream shop to have enough chocolate to add a visually appealing final touch to the desserts and ice creams while enriching their taste.

Features of Chocolate Melters

  • Professional chocolate melters feature touch controls that will allow you to precisely control the heating level for the best texture and taste.
  • Chocolate warmer machines in our inventory have large LCD displays in the front to allow the operator to easily monitor the process.
  • The chocolate tempering machines will come with heat probes to enable you to check the temperature to set the same levels to maintain.
  • These units also have thermostats to automatically control the heating.

Benefits of Chocolate Melters

Melting chocolate requires a sensitive procedure to achieve the best results, and you need to adjust the temperature and watch the process carefully to attain the best taste and texture. Chocolate melters will be a great help for you since:

  • They provide gentle heating to prevent the risk of a burnt taste.
  • Industrial chocolate tempering machines help you prepare the melted chocolate n much shorter periods.
  • These units have a compact design and will easily fit in your available counter space.
  • Chocolate melting machines can also be used to hold and warm the chocolate after it melts.


Chef's Deal presents top-notch commercial kitchen equipment and supplies for restaurants, cafes, caterers, and other food service businesses. We also carry chocolate melters and tempering machines from Waring to facilitate chocolate warming and melting. You can also check out other specialty warmers to increase service quality.