Commercial Undercounter Freezers

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Outfit Your Kitchen With Compact Commercial Undercounter Freezers

Commercial undercounter freezers are alternatives to the upright and walk-in freezers to fit in a smaller place and provide efficiency and versatile use. These commercial under-cabinet freezers are usually preferred when you don't have enough space for a big freezer in your commercial kitchen or bar. Therefore, these types of commercial freezers are suitable for use in restaurants, food trucks, bars, delis, pizzerias, or other food catering establishments.

Why should you buy a commercial undercounter freezer?

There are various features and options of commercial undercounter freezers that are suitable and best for diverse conditions. The reasons for preferring a commercial undercounter freezer over a residential one or an upright commercial freezer:

  • Commercial undercounter freezers are designed to comply with the heavy necessities of commercial kitchens and bars.
  • They have more powerful compressors and better insulation to maintain the inner chill despite the numerous openings.
  • Commercial undercounter freezers can withstand the daily rush of the commercial kitchen thanks to their sturdy construction with high-grade and durable stainless steel materials.
  • Commercial undercounter freezers have a compact and space-saving design, and therefore, they can be easily fit into smaller areas like food truck kitchens, under bars, or prep tables.
  • These commercial refrigeration units facilitate food prep and drink service by keeping the frozen ingredients, treats, desserts, foodstuff, food products, and ice next to the cook, kitchen staff, or the bartender.
  • So, you can increase customer satisfaction by shortening the service time and maximizing the drinks' taste and joy.

Choose The Best Commercial Undercounter Freezer For Your Business!

Commercial undercounter freezers have different styles and designs to address bars and commercial kitchens' various requirements and needs. To find the best one for you, you should make the most appropriate features for you among the following options:

Solid Door And Glass Door Undercounter Freezers: Commercial undercounter freezers come in two main models: solid door and glass door. While solid door models boast better insulation at the doors in addition to the body, the glass door freezers are inclined to be less energy efficient. But, glass door undercounter freezers can also serve as the display freezers for the gas stations, convenience stores, ice cream parlors, or markets to safely store their frozen delicacies and treats to boost their last-minute sales.

Hinged Doors vs. Drawers vs. Combined: Compact commercial freezers also have different designs for sealing the cabinet. The standard type has hinged doors, which have swinging doors. You can also opt to buy the counter freezers with drawers to load and unload more easily. Or, you can have both types thanks to the models with doors and drawers in the same unit. Hence, you can quickly find a reliable model to address your need, whether for a  commercial bar freezer or a restaurant freezer.

Capacity: One of the essential things to consider before buying a stainless steel undercounter freezer is the capacity you need for your necessities. After determining and calculating the things and their volume, which will be stored in these undercounter height freezers, you can make a selection among one, two, or three-section small undercounter freezers. There are also available models such as 36 or 48" wide commercial undercounter freezers, single door undercounter freezers, udnercounter freezers with two doors, two drawers, or up to four drawers.

Chef's Deal has a large inventory of commercial undercounter freezers from the leading and most trusted brands like Accucold, Beverage-Air, Continental Refrigerator, Hoshizaki, Summit, Traulsen, True, and Turbo Air.