Refrigerated Display Cases

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  1. $3,294.00

    FINANCE FOR: $80.42/mo.

  2. Special Price $12,470.71

    FINANCE FOR: $252.91/mo.

  3. Special Price $10,421.92

    FINANCE FOR: $213.72/mo.

  4. Special Price $5,999.50

    FINANCE FOR: $125.23/mo.

  5. Special Price $5,304.74

    FINANCE FOR: $103.53/mo.

  6. Special Price $1,355.01 $1,536.80

    FINANCE FOR: $33.08/mo.

  7. $3,647.00

    FINANCE FOR: $89.03/mo.

  8. Special Price $8,748.25

    FINANCE FOR: $175.49/mo.

  9. Special Price $13,778.86

    FINANCE FOR: $281.00/mo.

  10. Special Price $8,190.37

    FINANCE FOR: $167.96/mo.

  11. Special Price $9,426.38

    FINANCE FOR: $193.31/mo.

  12. Special Price $9,145.00

    FINANCE FOR: $190.88/mo.

  13. $3,987.00

    FINANCE FOR: $97.33/mo.

  14. Special Price $12,952.13

    FINANCE FOR: $275.06/mo.

  15. Special Price $8,190.37

    FINANCE FOR: $167.96/mo.

  16. Special Price $8,185.56

    FINANCE FOR: $167.86/mo.

  17. Special Price $2,664.39

    FINANCE FOR: $52.81/mo.

  18. Special Price $9,145.00

    FINANCE FOR: $190.88/mo.

  19. Special Price $2,946.41

    FINANCE FOR: $71.93/mo.

  20. Special Price $8,680.92

    FINANCE FOR: $178.02/mo.

  21. Special Price $8,642.00

    FINANCE FOR: $180.39/mo.

  22. Special Price $13,386.13

    FINANCE FOR: $284.14/mo.

  23. Special Price $4,448.67

    FINANCE FOR: $87.14/mo.

  24. Special Price $3,194.13 $3,652.88

    FINANCE FOR: $77.98/mo.

  25. Special Price $2,398.53

    FINANCE FOR: $58.56/mo.

  26. Special Price $8,118.23

    FINANCE FOR: $166.48/mo.

  27. Special Price $5,610.00

    FINANCE FOR: $117.10/mo.

  28. Special Price $7,644.00

    FINANCE FOR: $159.55/mo.

  29. Special Price $8,873.30

    FINANCE FOR: $181.96/mo.

  30. Special Price $7,243.00

    FINANCE FOR: $166.90/mo.

  31. Special Price $10,378.63

    FINANCE FOR: $211.24/mo.

  32. Special Price $8,680.92

    FINANCE FOR: $178.02/mo.

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Refrigerated Display Cases: Practical Visual Feast For Your Food

Refrigerated display cases offer practicality and visual attraction to your business whether you run a restaurant, grocery store, bakery, deli, gas station, or market. These display fridges draw customers' attention to food products by presenting an attractive look next to your cash register or on your counter. Moreover, display refrigerators enable your customers to see through your products and grab and go what they want and need. Additionally, commercial refrigerated display cases help you store and maintain food products safely and comply with FDA regulations.

What are the advantages of Refrigerator Display Cases?

Refrigerated display cases are perfect additions to commercial floors, thanks to their well-designed features. These bakery display cases enable you;

  • To maintain the safety of your food products by preserving them at safe temperatures to prevent bacteria growth,
  • To provide cold beverages and drinks that are available all time to attract customers,
  • To showcase your products within your customers' reach,
  • To boost your last-minute sales by creating a visually attractive section.

Types of Refrigerated Display Cases

To take these benefits to your business, you can select the Beverage-Air, Federal Industries, Fogel USA, Howard-McCray, Hydra-Kool, Marc Refrigeration, Structural Concepts, Turbo Air, True Refrigeration, and other top-class brand's refrigerated display cases, which have the following types.

1. Deli Display Cases

Deli display cases are the essential equipment that will be very useful in delis, grocery stores, convenience stores, cafes, salad, and sandwich shops. Deli cases provide the necessary low temperature to protect your deli meat and deli products' tasty and attractive look while keeping them safe for more extended periods. Additionally, deli display cases enable your customers to see and choose the products without the need to open the doors.

2. Meat Display Cases

Meat display cases combine the function of merchandisers and meat coolers to contribute to your sales by creating a gorgeous view while protecting your meat products. Meat display cases assure a stable cold that meat and meat products require to maintain their health safely.

3. Refrigerated Bakery Display Cases

Refrigerated bakery cases are the best choice to safely showcase your pastry, pies, cakes, and other bakery products. Offering you a suitable place to display even your beverages for your customers' easy reach, refrigerated bakery display cases ensure your foods' freshness and quality. Furthermore, depending on your needs, you can opt for a curved glass refrigerated bakery display case, self-serve refrigerated display cases, vertical glass sides display cases, or pastry display cases to store and show off your pastry products.             

4. Seafood Display Cases

Seafood display cases enable you to showcase and promote your seafood and poultry in a safe place. These seafood display cases also would allow customers to see through the glass doors and decide what they will buy.

5. Produce Display Case

Produce display cases are among the most widespread refrigerated display cases. They are designed to keep vegetables and fruits fresh and tasty, and hence, these produce coolers help the vegetables and fruits to maintain their vibrant colors and new look. This type of refrigerated display case creates an attractive and welcoming spot in the grocery stores and supermarkets with their shiny lights and design.

6. Sushi Display Cases

Sushi display cases are designed to preserve your sushi treats in a closed and chilled place to protect them from dust and bacteria growth. The cooling technology of the sushi cases offers stable cooling without drying out the sushis. In addition, these refrigerated display cases have stainless steel finish and curved glass fronts to exhibit the delicious ad best-looking sushis for customers' attention.

Refrigerated Display Case Parts & Accessories

To maintain and run your equipment smoothly, Chef's Deals, your commercial restaurant equipment supply store, offers refrigerated display case parts and accessories at low prices with fast delivery.