Commercial Mixers

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Looking for a commercial machine to mix dough or batter batches? Then, a commercial mixer is what you have been looking for! Whether you run a bakery shop or a restaurant famous for its bakery products, commercial mixers Chef’s Deal offers here are on your side to help you enhance your business.


Meet Different Commercial Mixer Types


Commercial mixers are versatile machines with various heads and attachments to help you achieve any mix you want. Especially bakery mixes that will allow your customers to enjoy their mouth. However, to be able to reach the perfect mix and thus the perfect product, you must work with the right commercial food mixer. There are many types of restaurant mixers. Here are some of them to help you decide:


Planetary Mixers


The move of the bowl to work all the contents is like the planetary system moving. That’s why a planetary mixer, aka a commercial stand mixer, takes its name after the mechanism. It can be mounted on a heavy base or positioned on a countertop. They are ideal when it comes to mixing all the ingredients together and giving a consistency to the mix. You can find the best commercial stand mixer model here at Chef’s Deal.


Dough Mixers


If you run a bakery shop or a pizza house, a dough mixer is a must to have. All of the dough mixers are unique in their movement while mixing the ingredients. Instead of mixing the mechanism, dough mixers rotate the whole bowl. It means that the mix is gentler allowing you to develop a proper gluten structure.


Hand Mixers


If you are looking for a small commercial mixer, then a hand mixer would suffice. As they are portable, you can use them for domestic tasks. The maintenance of hand mixers is important. Keep the head and other accessories clean or even change them from time to time for a better experience.


If you are looking for the best commercial mixer, there are plenty of them to choose from at Chef’s Deal. Have a look at all the commercial mixer models here and make your choice according to your restaurant’s needs.