Fryer Filter Papers

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Deep Fryer Filter Papers

Fryer filter paper is semi-permeable paper usually made of cotton fiber and used for removing dirty particles and crumbs from used oil. Filtration is the key to frying delectable appetizers or entrees in deep fryers. Products are seasoned in a batter or breading mix before deep-frying, and while cooking in hot oil, solid particles or other sediments pile up in fry pots.

Changing the oil after each batch is costly. Filtering means using the same oil several times without losing the taste and texture. The flavor and the crispiness of the fried foods depend on the quality of the oil used. Fryer filter papers help retain the oil quality batch after batch. Otherwise, consumers can quickly sense the disturbing smell of burned oil. Commercial deep fryers can have a built-in filtration system, or you can use portable fryer filter machines. In any case, stocking replacement fryer oil filter paper for the fryer is wise. 

You can buy fryer filter papers in 30, 45, or even 100-sheet packs. Get the right type, disk, envelope, or rectangular, at Chef’s Deal to reduce your oil consumption considerably. You may also wish to check out other fryer oil filtration equipment to continue frying delicious products in a quality oil.