Convenience Store Supplies

Convenience store supplies include equipment for cooking, storing, displaying, and dispensing food and drinks. The profitability of running a convenience store attracts more and more entrepreneurs. Customers are ready to pay for the convenience and speed of access to snacks, soft drinks, tobacco, confectionery, grab-and-go foods, or gas anytime they need. Read More

Refrigerated Beverage Dispensers

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Refrigerated beverage dispensers keep your beverages cold and refreshing and help you serve quickly. They come with different capacities to suit your business.


Frozen Drink & Slushie Machines

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Commercial frozen drink & slushie machines have automatic mixing and high-performance features and fast freezing time, increasing the efficiency of serving.


Commercial Ice & Water Dispensers

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You can serve your employees, customers, and guests clean, cold water with chewable ice or large ice cubes consistently all day with commercial ice dispensers.


Iced Tea Brewers

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An automatic or pour-over commercial tea brewer is an efficient solution to serve delicious tastes if you have iced tea on your menu.    


Iced Tea Dispensers

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Commercial ice tea dispensers enable you to hold and serve tea easily with their low footprint on your countertop. They’re portable and can also be used with a brewer.


Cappuccino & Hot Chocolate Dispensers

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You can create an enjoyable warm beverage with cappuccino and hot chocolate dispensers. They’re automatic, easy to use, and produce drinks quickly.


Coffee Machines

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Commercial coffee makers help you offer your customers customized hot beverages. From coffee brewers to percolators, they come in different capacities & features.


Hot Water Dispensers

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Hot water dispensers heat and dispense water for your hot beverages, soup, & cleaning tasks. You can use water-line or pour-over dispensers at the self-serve stations.


Countertop Hot Food Case

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You can keep the food at safe temperatures and make them accessible to customers with countertop hot food display cases.


Commercial Toasters

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Breakfast as a king! You can provide your customers with the best toasts and breakfast with this toaster equipment in the mornings.


Countertop Warmers & Displays

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You can keep the food fresh, warm, and ready to be served at safe temperatures with the commercial countertop warmer & displays.


Condiment, Topping & Sauce Warmers

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Commercial condiments, topping, and sauce warmers keep your sweet and delectable treats at perfect warm serving temperatures with the perfect finishing touch.


Nacho Chip Warmers & Merchandisers

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Nacho chip warmers are essential concession stand equipment that helps you keep your chips crispy at the best temperature and enable you to serve easier.


Rapid Cook & High Speed Ovens

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Rapid Cook Ovens and High-Speed Ovens reduce the cook times by combining multiple cooking modes while occupying less space and protecting the taste and texture.


Rotisserie Ovens

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With their precise heat control, you can cook mass-produce roast chicken, turkey, fish, vegetables, ribs, pork, and barbecue briskets with Commercial Rotisserie Ovens.


Sandwich & Salad Prep Tables

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Sandwich and salad prep tables are functional commercial refrigeration equipment providing a safe space to prepare salads & sandwiches and helping your workflow.


Hot Dog Machines

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You can serve hot dogs at a concession stand or restaurant with hot dog equipment, such as hot dog rollers, steamers, warmers, and merchandisers.


Commercial Soup Warmers

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You can hold warm your soup, melt cheese, or stew sauce throughout service with the commercial soup warmers, which have a variety of capacities and styles.


Commercial Soup Kettles

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A commercial soup kettle, aka soup urn, is made of cast iron or aluminum and designed to cook soup, sauce, or stew and keep them hot with a capacity range of up to 12 quarts.


Ice Merchandisers

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Indoor or outdoor ice merchandisers provide you with storing and displaying bagged ice in your convenience store, gas station, and supermarket.


Refrigerated Display Cases

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Refrigerated display cases promote your products to a food exhibit while keeping them at a safe temperature and ensuring their freshness and taste.


Merchandising Refrigeration

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Merchandising refrigerations are elegant commercial refrigeration units that showcase your meals and drinks to attract customers.


Open Air Merchandiser Coolers

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You can create appealing self-service areas and let your customers reach out to the products by themselves with open-air merchandiser coolers.


Ice Cream Freezers

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Ice cream freezers keep ice cream frozen, in good shape, & safe until you serve. You can select chest, drop-in, free-standing, or modular types for your need.


Convenience Store Supplies: Offer More Convenience, Get Higher Income

Convenience store supplies include equipment for cooking, storing, displaying, and dispensing food and drinks. The profitability of running a convenience store attracts more and more entrepreneurs. Customers are ready to pay for the convenience and speed of access to snacks, soft drinks, tobacco, confectionery, grab-and-go foods, or gas anytime they need.

Many Americans are sandwiched between social and professional roles. Forced to meet their basic needs on the go, they resort to small outlets open longer hours. The more convenience you offer to them, the more revenue you earn. All you need is a wise selection of c-store supplies.

1. Cooking, Warming, And Hot-Holding Equipment

Convenience stores are places where people refuel their car and stomach on the way to their holiday destination, school, or work. Therefore, your success largely depends on what you can instantly offer them to satisfy their hunger. Building a food station will help you diversify your inventory and gain loyal customers. You wouldn't like to refuse a swing shift employee or a long-distance driver craving a hot bowl of soup at cold midnight. Such high-turnover treats require having the following convenience store supplies.

  • Rapid Cook & High-Speed Ovens: Travelers or commuters may have everything but time. Instant availability is a must if you want to serve freshly cooked dishes. With commercial high-speed ovens, you can cook flavorful recipes in no time and minimum space.  
  • Rotisserie Ovens: Time limitation shouldn't mean taste limitation also. You can enrich your menu with the right consumer store supplies. Who can stay indifferent to a mouthwatering, juicy turkey or chicken turning in a rotisserie oven? You can thus encourage impulse buying.
  • Commercial Soup Kettles and Warmers: You can serve customers hot soup any time of the day. Soup kettles have adjustable settings to help keep ingredients warm and tasty. A soup warmer would attract even more people with merchandising graphics on it.
  • Commercial Toasters: One of the most critical convenience store supplies for early birds on the move is a toaster. Toasted bread, buns, or bagels may hold customers longer inside your store.
  • Hot Dog Machines: Hot dogs are among the most popular foods in America. Therefore, hot dog machines, such as hot dog roller grills, hot dog and bun steamers, or broilers, can make your c-store the place to be for many travelers.
  • Convenience Store Food Warmers: Most often, people dropping by your store for fuel or other needs won't have a minute to wait for cooking. You can precook dishes and keep them warm in countertop warmers display cases or let customers reach a pizza pie in a countertop hot food display case. For even more convenience, you can have a condiment, topping & sauce warmer so customers can use warm sauces for their waffles, crepes, ice creams, or cakes.

2. Refrigerated Equipment

Food ranks second after fuel in a convenience store's sales. A large inventory is critical. Also, you'll have limited time to attract customers once they step foot in your store. Convenience store supplies with an increased merchandising capability and eye-catching design serve this purpose. They will keep a large variety of snacks and beverages cold.

  • Refrigerated Display Cases: Pastries, cakes, sandwiches, or other ready-to-eat cold products must be stored at safe temperatures to retain their freshness. Creating a visually attractive section with a refrigerated display case next to your cash register will boost your last-minute sales.
  • Merchandising Refrigeration: Packaged salads, desserts, or pastries require more specialized convenience store supplies. Merchandising refrigerations are designed to showcase sealed food and canned drinks. Their glass doors and illuminated interior appeal to the eyes.
  • Open Air Merchandiser Coolers: Another way of displaying chilled products is open-air merchandiser coolers. Their doorless construction allows customers to reach and grab whatever they desire quickly. Installing one before your check-out counter will promote more impulse sales.
  • Ice Merchandisers: Ice has an extensive profit margin. Selling bagged ice in an ice merchandiser is an easy pot of gold for a convenience store.
  • Ice Cream Freezers: Not many people can refuse the temptation of ice cream, particularly on scorching summer days. Ice cream freezers are essential on your convenience store supplies list. They will store ice cream and frozen treats for longer hours.

3. Beverage Equipment

The first thing many eyes screen in a c-store is the beverage station. People need a cup of coffee to increase their alertness and reduce fatigue or an ice-cold drink to quench their thirst. This often comes before any other purchasing decision. Convenience store supplies that automatically prepare and dispense hot or cold beverages will save you time and money. 

  • Hot Drink Supplies: Customers can serve themselves a shot of espresso or a cup of coffee with commercial coffee machines. Nothing compares to hot chocolate on a frigid day. Then, adding a hot chocolate dispenser to your convenience store equipment list would be wise. If you have a hot water dispenser, you can let customers make their own hot beverages.
  • Cold Drink Supplies: Convenience store supplies addressing unique expectations mean more convenience for customers and more revenue for the owner. When a family with children enters a c-store, kids will immediately notice the frozen drink machines to serve themselves a slushie or granita. A refreshing chilled juice, lemonade, or smoothie from a refrigerated beverage dispenser would be an oasis for passersby, whether commuters or travelers. A cup of iced tea or coffee from an iced tea dispenser would do the same magic.


If you're planning on opening a convenience store, contact Chef's Deal representatives to make a complete list of the convenience store supplies you need. You can make your business a huge success with suitable financing options and free consultancy with design and layout services.