Commercial Outdoor Furniture

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Commercial Outdoor Furniture: Extends Joy to the Open Air

Commercial outdoor furniture provides a perfect chance for your business to create a comfortable and airy space for your customers to freshen up. Balcony, decks, gardens, and patios are the extension of your establishment and can contribute to the growth of your business by attracting more customers when equipped with due care, using proper outdoor dining tables and chairs.

An elegantly decorated patio or rooftop with nicely designed commercial outdoor furniture can offer an enticing area for your customers to enjoy a satisfying dining experience during a hot summer day. Or, you can serve freshly brewed coffee or refreshing drinks to your guests on a pleasant night.

Benefits of Commercial Outdoor Furniture

Commercial patio furniture is engineered to withstand the challenging conditions of outdoor spaces in commercial settings.

  • Outdoor commercial furniture is made of high quality to ensure durability against outer effects such as rain and direct exposure to sun, snow, and wind.
  • Since business patio furniture is subject to more frequent use when compared to residential units, they are made of sturdy materials such as heavier fabrics, stronger metals, and wood to last longer in commercial use.
  • Most commercial-grade outdoor furniture offers a safer use with resistance to bacterial growth.

Available Commercial Outdoor Furniture

Like the interior sections of your café or restaurant, your outdoor spaces also require a wide range of commercial outdoor furniture to achieve an inviting atmosphere. Therefore, we carry a large collection of commercial outdoor furniture to keep you supplied with all necessary items and accessories.

1. Restaurant Outdoor Seating

Seating can be ranked second to food quality in a foodservice business since it directly affects customer satisfaction. Hence, you should carefully select the right commercial patio furniture among the following units to convert your yard or rooftop into an oasis where all your customers would desire a seat.

  • Commercial outdoor bar stools
  • Outdoor patio chairs
  • Stackable outdoor chairs

2. Restaurant Patio Furniture and Outdoor Restaurant Tables

Contrary to the indoor restaurant and café tables, this commercial outdoor furniture is designed and made to maintain its best conditions. Outdoor restaurant tables are available with aesthetic designs and in different shapes to fit any decoration style.

3. Restaurant Outdoor Heaters

Restaurant outdoor heaters can expand the availability of your patio towards the cooler seasons as this commercial exterior furniture warms your customers with a cozy light and heat.

4. Outdoor Benches

Outdoor benches will add a relaxed atmosphere to your deck and patio with a comfortable seating alternative.

5. Commercial Patio Umbrellas

Commercial patio umbrellas are versatile units you can benefit from under the sun and rain. This commercial outdoor furniture can provide a cool shade under a burning sun or protect your customers from the rain.


Chef's Deal is a reliable commercial restaurant supply store that is always available to get commercial outdoor furniture to spruce your deck, patio, or rooftop for the joy of your customers. You can also browse our commercial furniture for your foodservice establishment.