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What are Keg Coolers?

Keg coolers or kegerators are specially designed commercial beer dispensers that provide a compact cooling and serving place in restaurants, bars, and other beer serving establishments. Commercial kegerators feature a commercial beer cooler that has a large cavity to hold a varying number of kegs and faucets that enable easy glass fill. The draft beer inside the cabinet is served through a connected tap. These beer kegerators are space-saving commercial equipment with their smaller construction. Therefore, they can be easily used in any commercial beer serving facility, whether it is a food truck, pizzeria, café, bar, or restaurant.

Advantages of Keg Coolers

As keg coolers are particularly designed to offer a versatile and practical beer dispenser cooler, they have several advantages for any bar:

  • Kegerators are generally manufactured from stainless steel and offer a long time use with their high durability against the heavy traffic of the commercial floor.
  • Beer keg refrigerators will maintain the chill of draft beer inside and let you serve refreshing drinks to maximize your customers' satisfaction.
  • Mini keg coolers are relatively smaller in size, and therefore, they can easily fit into the smaller spaces in bars.
  • Cooler kegerators have a versatile design, and some models offer additional room for chilling bottled and canned drinks to keep them in your reach to facilitate work during peak hours.
  • Draft beer coolers also help variety and will let you serve various types of beer and microbrews at the same time by connecting faucets to different columns of beer.
  • Kegerator fridges facilitate beer serving to maintain a smooth workflow in your bar.

Features of Keg Coolers

Keg coolers are intended for use in commercial drink serving outlets, and therefore they are designed accordingly. Most of the models are of sturdy stainless steel construction and made to last for long years. These stainless steel kegerators also offer a black laminate coating to present an attractive appearance with a matching color to the bar.

These cooler kegerators can accommodate up to 8 beer columns/kegs simultaneously to provide a large volume of beer available at hand to serve large-volume needs. Keg coolers also have different numbers of faucets. You can choose up to 8 faucets to create a large and rapid beer serving station anywhere for your business. Additionally, beer keg refrigerators can be stationery to be placed constantly as a part of the bar. You can also select a portable keg cooler to be useful for transfer or outdoor activities/banquets.

Chef's Deal has a large inventory of keg coolers from the leading and reliable brands. You can find True, Atosa, Beverage-Air, Turbo Air, Hoshizaki, Summit, and many other models on our website.