Pot, Pan and Utensil Washers

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Keep Clean Your Commercial Kitchen Utensils With Pot, Pan, and Utensil Washers

Pot, pan and utensil washers are other functional commercial dishwashers. Cleaning and hygiene are crucial for the commercial kitchens in restaurants, cafes, hotels, hospitals, and food servicing businesses. While this ensures public health safety by preventing cross-contamination, it also plays a significant role in maximizing customer satisfaction with tableware and flatware shining brilliantly. Hence, there is much warewashing equipment with different sizes and features in these commercial kitchens.

Can You Wash Pots And Pans In A Dishwasher?

However, the kitchen utensils, plates, and cutlery are all different sizes and shapes, making it difficult to wash them all in one type of restaurant dishwasher. Therefore, washing utensils in a dishwasher or washing pans in a dishwasher is problematic for a busy kitchen. Pot washing, as a result, appears to a cumbersome, time-consuming work that is usually handled with manual labor. But in fact, you have another option: Pot, pan, and utensil washers are some of these warewashing equipment, which is able to provide an excellent solution for the needs of a busy kitchen.

What Is A Pot Washer?

Pot, pan, and utensil dishwashers are specially designed industrial dishwashers for cleaning the cookware that is used all day for food preparation. These utensil washing machines can wash, rinse and sanitize the commercial pots and pans, commercial trays, saucepans, sheet pans, buckets, or other cookware.

When you imagine you are standing up in front of a commercial sink washing the baked-on industrial cooking pots, you will realize that it will take too much time to remove the stubborn stains and cooked food residues. Additionally, you have to spare some personnel constantly to get things done.

The commercial kitchen with a high workflow volume necessitates readily available pots, pans, trays, and bowls to streamline its operations. Pot, pan, and utensil dishwashers provide these rapidly and cleanly just in minutes.

How Do Pot, Pan, And Utensil Dishwashers Work?

Pot, pan, and utensil dishwashers work similarly to the other type of commercial dishwashers. They are equipped with spray arms that rotate to clean the maximum space with utmost efficiency. These spray arms start the cleaning process by jet-spraying water onto the cookware. Afterward, a chemical aid is applied to loosen the residues and baked-on stains. Lastly, the utensil washing machine completes the cleaning by rinsing the cookware and sanitizing them per the FDA regulations.

The Design of Pot, Pan and Utensil Dishwashers

As these commercial tray washers are required to work under busy kitchen conditions, they need to withstand long and heavy use. Thus, these commercial utensil washers are made of stainless steel to create a robust structure to ensure durability. Additionally, pot, pan, and utensil washers come with higher door clearance and a larger washing room to handle even the sheet pans, commercial trays, pots, and pans.

Pot washing machines generally feature digital controls that are mounted on the easily accessible front sides. Thanks to this feature, your staff can easily reach the control panel and operate the machine without bending or wasting time. In addition, some models of the pot, pan, and utensil washers that we carry are Energy Star qualified and NSF listed.

The vital factor determining the suitability of a pot, pan, and utensil dishwasher for your food servicing establishment is their load design and capacity. These pot cleaning machines come in different styles to perfectly match your business needs. You can make a selection from the front-loading commercial dishwashers, straight-thru, or corner dishwashers, depending on the kitchen layout.

The capacity, as well, is a  significant factor to be considered when buying a pot, pan, and utensil dishwasher. Their capacity ranges from 15 racks an hour to 80 racks per hour. Moreover, you can also choose between the single rack, double rack, or triple rack dishwashers.

Pot, pan, and utensil dishwashers will be an ideal investment for a high-volume commercial kitchen that will pay off soon. These utensil washing machines can save great labor and time by cleaning your cookware. While providing clean pots, pans, trays, and bows, they will also contribute to your business with Energy Star certified electricity consumption and minimum water use.


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