CMA Dishmachines

CMA Dishmachines

CMA Dishmachines are reliable commercial kitchen equipment to wash, clean, and sanitize all types of serviceware, cookware, and food preparation utilities to ensure compliance with the FDA regulations duly while providing clean and shiny plates, glasses, pots, and other tools for service of food prep. read more

CMA Dishmachines: Commercial Glasswasher & Warewashing

CMA Dishmachines are reliable commercial kitchen equipment to wash, clean, and sanitize all types of serviceware, cookware, and food preparation utilities to ensure compliance with the FDA regulations duly while providing clean and shiny plates, glasses, pots, and other tools for service of food prep.

CMA was founded in 1976 to manufacture high-quality warewashing and glasswashing equipment with low energy consumption. Initially operating in a relatively smaller 2500 square feet (232.25 m²) production facility, the company gradually expanded into one of the most prominent and well-known brands of dishwashing and now has 100,000 square feet (9290.30 m²) of manufacturing area in Garden Grove, California, to keep the industry supplied with efficient and effective CMA dishmachines.

Why Choose CMA Dishmahines?

CMA Dishmachines are top-notch products of strict dedication and loyal commitment to smart design, innovative engineering, and premium manufacturing to provide lower water and energy consumption, longer durability, and efficient use with state-of-the-art commercial glasswashers and dishwashers. CMA products have NSF, UL, and cUL certifications. You can also choose Energy-Star equipment of CMA Dishmachines to decrease energy consumption and have environmentally friendly kitchen equipment.

CMA promises constant support to customers when you search for a new commercial dishwasher or glasswasher for your establishment. CMA Dishmachines manufactures commercial warewashers and glasswashers from stainless steel to make them last longer in commercial settings and provide trouble-free operation. You can rest assured that the company supplies CMA Dishmacines parts, which you require to fix your unit quickly to continue your workflow.

What is CMA Equipment?

CMA equipment includes commercial dishwashers and glasswashers that are engineered for durable use in commercial dishwashing pits. With both low- or high-temperature options, CMA equipment is widely used in restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, and caterers to keep their kitchen equipment, dinnerware, and flatware clean and sanitized.  

What is The CMA Dishmachines Product Line?

CMA offers conveyor-type, door-type, undercounter dishwashers, glasswashers, and pot, pan & utensil washers. CMA Dishmachines has built an extensive dishwashing product range to address the needs of high-traffic restaurants and caterers with high-capacity dishwashers and offers compact commercial undercounter dishwashers for use in small-scale restaurants and cafes. You can find detailed information about the dishwasher collection of the company below to decide what best suits your needs.

CMA Dishmachines Conveyor Dishwashers

The company presents high-temperature and low-temperature conveyor dishmachines that offer top-notch quality with entirely stainless steel construction and a remarkably high dishwashing capacity of up to 249 racks per hour. Furthermore, these units, like the CMA dishmachines EST-44 offer 0.46 gallon (1.7 liters) water consumption per rack to lower your cost. CMA dishwashers can also be upgraded with CMA stainless steel dishtables to extend the area where you can store the clean racks and leaven drying.

CMA Dishmachines Door Type Dishwashers

Door-type dishwashers are upright commercial dishwashers that can handle medium-sized restaurants and diners' dishwashing needs, with their capacity between 40 and 80 racks per hour. They are available in both low-temp and high-temp units. In addition, they offer cheaper operation with 0.82 gallons of water consumption (3.1 liters).

CMA Dishmachines Glass Washer Machines

CMA commercial glasswashers are engineered to accelerate the washing cycle with high-efficiency cleaning, requiring less water. These units, like the CMA Dishmachines L-1X, need 1.19 gallons (4.50 liters) of water per rack and can handle 40 racks per hour. Additionally, the company offers larger units such as CMA GW-100 with 1000 glasses capacity per hour and features cool rinses to shorten the time which is needed to chill the glasses for service.

CMA Dishmachines Undercounter Dishwashers

CMA Dishmachines also have compact units to allow you to create efficient and quick dishwashing stations in limited spaces. CMA Dishmachines UC50E and CMA Dishmachines 180UC are the two popular models with 33-1/4" (84.45 cm) height and 24" (60.96 cm) depth which can easily fit undercounter areas. However, they are still sufficient for commercial needs with up to 30 racks per hour dishwashing capacity and 0.75 gallons (2.84 liters) water consumption.

CMA Dishmachines Pot, Pan, and Utensil Washers

CMA pot and pan dishwashers feature larger front door clearance (27” (68.5cm)) to allow you to wash tall cooking pots, pans, and other tall utensils in seconds. Their average cycle time is around 90 seconds; thus, they can handle 80 racks per hour (double rack units only).

What Other Dish Room Equipment Does CMA Offer?

Apart from the commercial dishwashers, CMA Dishmachines offer stainless steel dishtables and shelves, which are compatible with the CMA dishmachines.

FAQs About CMA Dishmachines

What is the difference between a high- and low-temperature CMA dishmachine?

The primary difference between the high and low-temperature CMA Dishmachines is their method of sanitation, which is the use of very hot water or chemicals. CMA high-temperature dishwashers utilize hot water, which is heated up to 180°F-195°F (82°C-90°C) by a booster heater to terminate the bacteria and gems, while the CMA low-temp dishmachines use sanitation chemicals.

What are the most common CMA Dish Machine Troubleshooting suggestions?

Despite all their high-quality construction, you can still encounter problems when operating your CMA dishmachine. If your dishwasher does not start, check the switches (table limit, door reed, auto/manual switch) and replace them if necessary. Additionally, if the water does not heat, you are recommended to check the settings first. If your problem persists, check the float switch or thermostat and replace them with the suitable CMA Dishmachines part. Additionally, do not forget to contact the CMA Dishmachines customer support since all CMA dishwashers are under a one-year parts and labor warranty.

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