Commercial Crepe Makers

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Commercial Crepe Makers: Lower Cost, Better Taste, Faster Service

Commercial crepe makers are great additions to restaurants, cafes, and other food serving establishments due to their practicality and versatility. These crepe griddles will help you or your personnel to prepare a delicious crepe rapid in higher volumes.

Commercial crepe makers are also versatile commercial kitchen equipment as they can be used to cook pancakes, blinis, Mexican tortillas, or Indian chapatis. These crepe maker machines will facilitate the cooking and serving of these delicacies in your restaurant or help you enrich your menu with diverse tastes.

Features of Commercial Crepe Makers

Commercial crepe machines are manufactured from durable materials and are protected from heavy working conditions in a stainless steel housing/protective box/can. Furthermore, all models boast a sturdy cast iron, ceramic, or steel cast cooking top, which provides a heated, smooth cooking plate to evenly distribute the hotness to cook all parts of the crepe equally.

These crepe maker machines are equipped with a heating indicator to allow you to see whether the crepe cooker is on or off. You can also monitor and control the cooking surface temperature through the built-in thermostatic controls. Some models also arrive with a batter spreader and a spatula to enable easier crepe making.

Types of Commercial Crepe Makers

Commercial crepe machines are of various designs and styles which offer different features. You can get insight into the available versions to find the best option for your need.

  • Gas Crepe Machines vs. Electric Crepe Maker

    Commercial gas crepe makers require a gas or propane connection and can get ready quicker than electric crepe makers. However, electric crepe makers can be easily transferred anywhere in the restaurant or outdoor events, which provides an extra advantage over the gas-fuelled crepe machines.

  • Single Plate or Double Plate Crepe Maker

    Commercial crepe makers present a cooking surface around 16 inches. Therefore, increasing the available cooking surface can be more beneficial by purchasing a commercial double crepe maker to serve more crepes in a shorter period.

Advantages of Commercial Crepe Makers

Commercial crepe machines offer clear advantages for the restaurants and cafes as they;

  • Facilitate crepe making process with a smooth and evenly-heated cooking area,
  • Let you cook many crepe, pancakes, and tortillas,
  • Fit in a smaller space with their compact size,
  • Allow you to cook pancakes as commercial pancake makers,
  • Can be easily cleaned after use thanks to their non-stick coating,
  • Increase customer satisfaction with consistent taste and texture,
  • Are offered at low prices.


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