Commercial Sink Parts & Accessories

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Commercial Sink Parts and Accessories Improve Efficiency and Maintenance

Commercial sinks constitute one of the most valuable components of a restaurant kitchen setup. They accommodate almost all the rinsing and food preparation operations, from handwashing to filling pots. Commercial sink parts and accessories help maintain a restaurant kitchen in working condition with spare parts to repair or update sinks. A sink not functioning correctly causes downtime in such tasks, lowering the quality of workflow in your kitchen. With commercial sink parts & accessories, your kitchen sinks can offer uninterrupted service.

What are Commercial Sink Parts and Accessories?

Failure to access a sink would create disastrous consequences, so it is crucial to stockpile or find available commercial sink parts for repairs or replacements when needed. Here are some of the commercial sink accessories you may wish to store.

Problems with a sink drain shut off the sink, not to mention the laborious results of possible overflows. Commercial sink drains at your fingertips function as a preventive measure. By purchasing a bar sink overflow tube that drops in the drainpipe, you can eliminate the possibility of overflowing. It helps the sink flush faster even when the water is left running. The removable sink strainer baskets and pre-rinse sink baskets are also essential commercial sink accessories by fitting in a sink and avoiding food particles from making their way into the drainage system, which would otherwise get clogged.

Another precaution against overflows and clogging is lever/twist waste valves. You can easily access the sink drain and flush away the water quickly with a lever manipulation. Employees won’t have to handle the dirty water in a sink to check the drain. Commercial sink splash guards can prevent water splatter onto food contact surfaces and minimize the likelihood of cross-contamination. Attaching a sink undershelf to your existing sinks, you can have your stuff within easy reach.


Commercial sink parts and accessories can relieve you from costly repairs in case of emergencies. Chef’s Deal has a wide selection of durable parts and accessories from trusted manufacturers, FMP, T&S Brass, Krowne, and more.