Commercial Cotton Candy Machines

Make Events Extra Sweet With A Commercial Cotton Candy Machine

Commercial cotton candy machines are countertop concession equipment designed to spin fluffy candy floss. The eye-popping pink gloss paint on these food display and merchandising units create a stylish look. Plus, the sweet scent and cotton candy cones will make people line up around your snack stand. Therefore, candy floss machines are perfect for candy shops, carnivals, birthdays, weddings, sports events, and more. They make special events extra sweet and memorable.

Tips For Buying Commercial Cotton Candy Machines

Commercial cotton candy machines feature a straightforward design for easy operation. They have a base with a removable bowl on top and two switches on the front panel. Most cotton candy vending machines need around three minutes to heat. When you start them, the spinner head spins sugar to make a fluffy texture that sticks around a cone or stick. This simple design is common to all commercial cotton candy makers. Subtle differences exist in size and capacity. 

  • Size: You need to consider size and capacity together because the size of the spinning head determines the output volumes. Although various bowl sizes exist, 21-inch has almost become the standard in commercial cotton candy machines. A 21-inch bowl can hold 4 ounces of floss sugar and produce up to 2 cones per minute. 
  • Bowl Material: Available options are plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel. While a plastic kettle makes your commercial cotton candy machine lighter and easier to transport, aluminum and stainless steel are better in heat and odor retention. Four clips hold the spinner head in place on industrial cotton candy machines. You can easily remove the bowl for cleaning.
  • Drawer: Some commercial cotton candy makers have a supply drawer. This will give you extra space to store cotton candy cones or floss sugar packs. 
  • Floss Bubble: A floss bubble is often a clear acrylic dome that matches the spinner bowl in diameter and sits on top of it. Your cotton candy vending machine may not include a floss bubble. It is advisable to buy one because it protects the cotton candy from germs or dust. 
  • Trolley: You can use a professional cotton candy machine on a countertop or with a trolley. Commercial cotton candy machines with carts create a stylish look and provide ample work and storage space. They usually have two side shelves – one with a push handle and the other with slots to hold cotton candy cones. Large spoked wheels spread a nostalgia effect and can entice more customers.
  • Extras Features: Most industrial cotton candy machines have a belt-driven motor. Some units have two spare belts to keep your equipment running for years. Other accessories are sugar scoopers, cones, floss sugar, or serving bags.


Commercial cotton candy machines will impress customers and help build impulse sales at a confectionery or catering event. You can choose from reputable brands at Chef's Deal, Adcraft, Omcan USA, Winco, and more. You may also wish to see our other concession equipment to complete your stand and create a profitable business.