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As seasons change, your restaurant or café also need change. We as Chef’s Deal aim to meet your needs, all seasons. Because we aim for the best, we bring you the best. If you are looking for an ice maker for sale, Manitowoc is one of the best options for you in the ice maker machine industry. Maniwotoc ice machine is one of those products that will ease your burden during the hot hours. Though the demand for ice is much higher in the hotter seasons, you should never think of it as a seasonal helper. Even during serving water before the menu order a customer might demand ice. The point is to be ready at all times. Happy customer means more happy customers are to come!

An Effortless Workflow

One might think, do I really need an ice maker machine? Well, the ice maker machine brands we provide you with combine their years of experience of engineering with functionality. Other than usual need for ice you should always have your back covered. Whether you need a professional ice maker or a commercial ice maker machine the one you choose is sure to meet you requirements due to our fine range of products at Chef’s Deal. The foodservice business is high on demand, but with the right helpers, you will not feel the slightest hitch during operation. With all this information, lets break it into steps for you to really analyze and understand what you need. The first step of choosing an ice maker is to know the space you have in your kitchen and the customer capacity of your restaurant or cafe. Because you might be a small scaled cafe by the beach with 50-100 visitors a day or a  luxurious restaurant overloaded with reservations. Or maybe you’re in the industry, making mass production and are looking for a commercial ice maker. After determining what you need from an ice maker by means of size that will take up in your kitchen and capacity that will provide for you, it is time to start your research on our site.

At Chef’s Deal we bring you the best ice maker machines that are at a good price and functional with maximum production that will meet the demand. The Maniwotoc ice maker for example,  can produce up to 727 - 771 kg of regular dice size cubes in 24 hours. These variables change according to the ice cube maker models. With lower energy consumption, increase in ice production and reduction in condenser water usage, the ice maker machines we provide you are the ones to help you out in your business. Caring for these qualities in a machine is also undoubtedly good for the environment and for your electricity and water bills. The whole product is an all in one package that will help you out in many ways.

As you are going through the best ice maker models we have gathered for you on our page, you will come across two different types: commercial ice maker and restaurant ice maker. Here the important thing is to know your need, meaning your customer density to choose from our ice cube maker range. As the first one calls for mass production for industrial consumption, the latter is for a niche crowd, that being your customers.

Some models might interest you and serve you in a way you haven’t thought of before. As you go through our website we would advise you to go through the details of the products as well. A model that can be paired with any multiplex beverage dispenser might just be the one you need but wasn’t aware. If you are a small scaled restaurant or cafe, purchasing one of these models for an unbeatable soft drink experience will surely satisfy your customers and you as well.

The One You Need Is The One We Have

Going through our rich catalogue, with different price range and many options of qualities to choose from, you might realize you actually need an ice maker with a bin! Or an ice maker machine that makes ice in the form of cubes or flakes. With all this overwhelming detail and much needed qualities you might think that the price range could be stretching out far from your budget.

We know you go around the internet searching ice maker price! We have good news for you. With product range more than 100 and 7 categories in the related field, we are here to give you whatever it is that you are looking for. The price might differ but we assure you the quality does not.

Going over many models while looking for the cheap ice maker that meet your needs might be tiring and time consuming. At this point where you are confused with a lot of information, the best thing to do might be to consult us. As Chef’s Deal we are online for you 24/7. We are more than happy to help you and meet your needs. That is why we have teamed up with the best brands in the market to give the quality at a good price.