Worktop Refrigerators

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Worktop Refrigerators: For a Smooth Workflow

Worktop refrigerators are must-have additions to any pizzeria, concession stand, or restaurant with their versatile design. These commercial kitchen equipment are of great use with their flat surface enables you to carry out your duties in a robust place, while the built-in fridge just under the working top presents a secure place to store the chilled products.

Worktop refrigerators feature a food-safe working space made from high-quality stainless steel. You can make pizza, assemble sandwiches or tacos, or prepare the necessary ingredients for dishes. The fridge provides a cooled storage area where you can keep condiments, sauces, meat products, veggies, or other temperature-sensitive ingredients.

Features of Worktop Refrigerators

Worktop refrigerators in our inventory come with smartly designed features to streamline your kitchen work and maximize efficiency.

  • Commercial kitchen work table refrigerators are made from stainless steel, and therefore, they offer sturdiness which will make them highly durable for commercial kitchen conditions.
  • The stainless steel working counter of the worktop refrigerators presents a smooth and easy-to-clean surface on which you can safely prepare the meals and clean it afterward to prevent bacteria growth.
  • Many of the worktop fridges are built with a backsplash with a height of about 5 inches to keep your walls free from splashes and splatters.
  • Most worktop refrigerators come with LED lighting to clearly see the products inside.
  • The multi-purpose design of the worktop refrigerators bringing a flat surface with a commercial cooler increases the work efficiency by keeping the necessary ingredients within your reach in a cooled place.
  • Worktop fridges enable you to save space by harnessing the same floor space for a commercial grade cooler and a sturdy working counter.

Features to Pay Attention While Choosing Worktop Refrigerators

  1. Compressor Type of Worktop Refrigerators

    To ensure the consistent workflow of air into the cooling system, you should spare enough space for the worktop refrigerator on your floor. You can make a selection among the side-mounted or rear-mounted models depending on the conditions in the area where you intend to place the refrigerated work table.

  2. Access Type For Worktop Refrigerators

    Worktop fridges are available with different access types to address different needs in your business. The models with hinged doors like the 3-door worktop refrigerators are designed to store jars or ingredient boxes with a larger cavity, while the units with drawers are suitable to store pans.
  3. Worktop Refrigerator’s Capacity
    The amount of products that will be stored in the worktop refrigerator is significant to determine the suitable size. So, you should carefully assess your needs to make sure that you have enough space for all items and avoid unnecessarily getting a large unit that will cause energy and money waste.


There are various sizes of worktop refrigerators to handle varying storage volumes, and this is generally classified by the number of doors or drawers. You can find smaller units with a single section like the Delfield worktop refrigerators or 2 drawers for low volume needs. At the same time, there are 5-section or 8-drawer worktop refrigerators to accommodate more extensive storage needs. Or, you can also choose the owns with a different number of drawer and door models like the several Turbo Air worktop refrigerators.


Chef’s Deal is a reliable restaurant supply store and retains a large inventory of top-notch and high-quality worktop refrigerators from the leading vendors. You can find Continental, Beverage-Air, True worktop refrigerators, Atosa worktop refrigerators, and many others.