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How To Choose The Best Commercial Deck Oven

A commercial deck oven uses radiant and conductive heat to cook and bake, and it is one of the most used ovens in industrial kitchens. Radiant heat is the heated air created by the baking chamber, and a baking stone creates the conductive heat. The constant heat provides even cooking, and because it is easier to control conductive heat, commercial deck ovens are perfect for baking and can cook more variety of food. They are great for pizzerias or bakeries since they are composed of metal, brick, stone, or ceramic tiles that efficiently transmit heat. To choose the best commercial deck oven, you should know the features of each type and select the one that suits your needs the best. 

6 Commercial Deck Oven Types

There are a variety of commercial desk ovens for different requirements, each with special functions. Some of them have extra features such as moisture control, indication lights, and stainless-steel constructions. Here we have listed them for you.

commercial deck oven with steam- Chef's Deal

1. Commercial Deck Oven With Steam

A commercial deck oven with steam creates steam and distributes it through tubes into the oven. The steam will make the perfect crust for bread and keep the flavor. After using the oven, the cooled steam will be transformed back via tubes or turned into water, which will be used later for the next baking.

2. Commercial Cyclothermic Deck Oven

Commercial cyclothermic deck ovens bake with the heat created by a gas burner and fans that circulate hot air through each oven deck. The recycling of the heated air consumes less energy, which makes these ovens cost-efficient.

3. Thermal Oil Commercial Deck Oven

A commercial thermal oil deck oven bakes with the oil heated in the heating unit, generally apart from the oven. The heated oil is pumped and distributed into the oven. Because it can retain heat in the oven for longer than other types, it uses less energy but needs significant maintenance.

commercial brick oven- Chef's Deal

4. Commercial Brick Ovens

Commercial brick ovens are commercial deck ovens commonly used for baking pizza in pizzerias. The brick ovens are heated by wood, giving a smokey flavor to food. It is hard to heat brick ovens, but it maintains a high temperature once heated for an extended period of time. It can hold ten to twelve pizzas at once.

commercial multi-deck oven- Chef's Deal

5. Commercial Double Deck and Multi-Deck Oven

A commercial double or multi-deck oven can be heated by electric, gas, or thermal oil. A double-deck oven has two decks, and the multi-deck is more than two, letting you cook various food simultaneously in each deck.

6. Commercial Built-in, Standalone, and Countertop Deck Oven

commercial countertop deck oven- Chef's Deal

You can turn your baking process into an attractive show for your guests by building your commercial deck oven on the wall.

Standalone ovens typically have more variety of sizes than built-in ones, and they are not designed for display. Instead, they are less expensive and more portable, thanks to casters on their legs.

The commercial countertop deck oven is another alternative if you do not need a large production of baked goods or pizza, depending on your menu. Additionally, it will be more affordable and won’t occupy space in your kitchen.

7 Advantages of Commercial Deck Ovens

  • Commercial deck ovens are the finest in terms of baking. So they are the favorite of bakeries and pizzerias.
  • Regarding heat control, commercial deck ovens are superior since it has two separate slobs. With these slobs, you may set different temperatures for the bottom and top of the oven.
  • Energy efficiency is another plus of these types of ovens. Using a commercial deck oven can save up to %75 on fuel compared to other types. 
  • A commercial deck oven allows you to cook a greater variety of food than conveyor ovens.
  • Commercial deck ovens may have longer recuperation times, but it is easier to keep them in order if you clean them daily, and they are easy to clean and have long maintenance times. 
  • The ability to control the cooking process produces perfectly cooked food no matter what. 
  • These commercial ovens provide an attractive display of cooking with brick, stone, or tile facades.

6 Key Points to Consider Before Buying a Commercial Deck Oven

It is not everyday work to choose and buy a commercial deck oven. Considering its cost, you should decide everything before buying. Here are the things that will help you while choosing.

1. Electric or Gas Commercial Deck Oven?

Before buying a commercial deck oven, the most important thing to consider is whether you need a gas or electric oven. They both have pros and cons, so your last decision will cover your personal needs.

commercial electric deck oven- Chef's Deal
  • Electric Commercial Deck Oven

Electric commercial deck ovens use electricity as a power source. It requires little maintenance and is less expensive than gas models. Electric commercial deck ovens produce crips outside and fluffy inside bread. Multi-decker electric commercial deck ovens feature different temperature settings to bake various goods simultaneously on each desk.

commercial gas deck oven- Chef's Deal
  • Gas Commercial Deck Oven

Gas commercial deck ovens bake with the heat created by gas. They are generally larger than electric models and equipped with different features such as the number of decks, different levels of power, and different widths. Gas deck ovens are usually used for baking pizzas.

2. Size of Commercial Deck Ovens

Before purchasing a deck oven, choosing the size that best suits your baking demands and the available baking area is critical. Your business’s volume will determine the capacity of your commercial deck oven. If you need to produce a large amount of baked food, a multi-decker oven will do the job.

3. Deck Number of Commercial Ovens

As well as the size, the number of the decks determines the capacity, so it depends on your business volume. To decide how many decks will let the process keep on flawlessly is another essential point before buying a commercial deck oven. Buying a multi-deck oven will fasten the cooking process by baking more food simultaneously without taking up too much space. The ability to set different temperatures for each deck allows you to bake a different kind of food on each.

4. Material of the Deck

Commercial deck ovens are the imitative version of wood-fired ovens, which are the traditional way of baking pizza or bread. There are two kinds of material from which the deck can be made.

  • The crispness and brownness of the crust of pizzas and bread come from the stone deck. A stone deck distributes heat evenly and provides an authentic way of baking.
  • Stainless steel decks are less expensive and lighter than stone decks as an advantage, but they cant distribute heat evenly and produce the crispy texture as stone decks do. 

5. User-friendly

Commercial deck ovens typically require expertise to use, but not every worker in your kitchen will be an expert, so considering if your deck oven is user-friendly is essential. The temperature control and easiness of using the oven make it user-friendly, facilitating the staff’s work.

6. Assembling

Another thing to consider before the delivery of your commercial deck oven is whether you want it already assembled or not. Generally, electric ovens are delivered assembled, but gas deck ovens may require a professional to install.


A commercial oven is the hearth of a professional kitchen. The controlled cooking process, different models meeting different requirements, and the high performance make a commercial deck oven exclusive. Whether in a bakery, restaurant, or pizzeria, a commercial deck oven will flawlessly assist you in cooking and baking various food to perfection. If you want more information about commercial kitchen ovens, please read our commercial kitchen ovens guide and commercial combi ovens article.

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