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Banquet Kitchen Equipment List - Chef's Deal

Banquet Kitchen Equipment List

Whether for a special day celebration, a party, a work dinner, or a wedding, planning a banquet is not that easy. The organization is the critical issue to make it successful. From the food menu to furniture and the layout, making everything in order will make the banquet unforgettable. Therefore, the first step in the plan is to decide what banquet kitchen equipment is needed to keep everything organized and neat.

Which Equipment is Appropriate for Banquet Kitchen?

1. Commercial Refrigerations

commercial refrigeration - Banquet equipment list - Chef's Deal

Commercial Refrigerations are indispensable in the food business. A high-volume refrigerator is a must to keep all the food fresh and prevent any spoils in a banquet. Different types with different capacities and features are available. Considering the needed capacity, the available space, and necessary features, you may choose the proper refrigeration model of commercial cooler and freezers such as reach-in, walk-in, pass-thru, undercounter, or prep tables.

2. Commercial Ranges

commercial range - Banquet equipment list - Chef's Deal

A commercial range takes the lead in banquet kitchen equipment because it takes on most of the work. A heavy-duty range will be needed to cook the huge variety of food for the banquet. The stovetop ovens are versatile banquet kitchen equipment, allowing to cook many dishes in one unit. You can steam, boil, fry, or grill foods on the stove while the models with ovens give a baking facility.

3. Chafing Dish

It’s a stove that keeps food warm by the heated water inside the pan. They are ideal for buffets to display the food while keeping warm at the same time. It’s an economical and portable way to display and hold food warm. A chafer dish is composed of a frame, a lid, and a water pan. A chafing dish can either be electric or fuel-powered. In both, chafing fuel or electric induction heats the water, and the heated water keeps the food above warm.

4. Heated Holding Cabinets and Banquet Cabinets

commercial holding cabinet - Banquet equipment list -Chef's Deal

Heated holding cabinets are perfect for keeping food at safe temperatures until serving. They are ideal banquet kitchen equipment as you can prepare the food, place it in the holding cabinet and serve warm when finished in the buffet.

Heated banquet cabinets serve the same purpose. They are designed with heated and insulated doors and chambers to keep the food warm and fresh. And they have casters to provide easy serving and operation by rolling them wherever needed. Depending on your needs, you may select various sizes, shelve, and electric or fuel-powered options.

5. Tabletop Displays

commercial display case - Banquet equipment list - Chef's Deal

Display cases are another necessary banquet kitchen equipment that keeps food at safe temperatures while providing an attractive food presentation. A good display and layout is an essential part of a banquet, and tabletop display cases full of delicious-looking food will fascinate the guests. They are designed in various sizes and shapes, such as front opening models to provide self-service to guests.

6. Commercial Steam Tables

Steam tables are another banquet kitchen equipment for keeping food warm until serving. They are not intended to bring food to serving temperatures, but they are designed to keep food warm, which is already in safe temperatures. Steam tables work by heating water to create steam which heats food evenly. They can be either gas or electric powered and with two or more compartments. 

commercial buffet warmer - Banquet equipment list - Chef's Deal

7. Countertop Buffet Warmers

Countertop buffet warmers are another banquet kitchen equipment designed to keep food warm during the serving period in a buffet. Buffet warmers can use either direct heat or heated water baths to provide safe temperatures for food. Induction warmers use direct heat, and they are energy efficient and simple types of warmers. Considering the amount of food you want to keep, you may choose the size and choose from a dial or thermostat using models.

8. Commercial Ice Machines

commercial ice machine - Banquet equipment list - Chef's Deal

No matter what the banquet is for, ice will always be needed as it can be used to cool beverages, prepare milkshakes, smoothies, or cocktails, and even keep seafood fresh. There are various types of commercial ice machines like modular, countertop, undercounter, or combination. And there are different types of ice as well as machines for other usage areas, such as the most common one, ice cubes, which is ideal for liquors or cocktails. Undoubtedly, guests will constantly need ice for their drinks, so installing a commercial ice machine will be befitting as banquet kitchen equipment. At this point, you can purchase or rent a commercial ice machine due to your budget, needs, and plans.

9. Commercial Grills

Including grilled fish or meat on the menu will certainly please the guests, so installing a commercial grill will be reasonable. A commercial grill uses either induction or flame heat to cook, but a salamander boiler will be great to broil food, and it will keep meats moist.

commercial beverage equipment - Banquet equipment list -Chef's Deal

10. Commercial Beverage Equipment

Guests will undoubtedly look for commercial beverage equipment for hot or cold, non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks in a banquet hall. This banquet kitchen equipment is for storing, cooling, and dispensing various beverages. With self-service dispensers, guests can take their glasses whenever they want.

11. Commercial Microwaves

Commercial microwaves can be used for heating, cooking, or steaming food, depending on the type. Some models have extra capabilities and features that will facilitate the work. A heavy-duty microwave will be proper for a high-volume kitchen.

12. Commercial Dishwashers

commercial dishwasher - Banquet equipment list -Chef's Deal

Things get a little more challenging when it comes to cleaning up after a banquet. The number of guests, the size of the banquet, and the available space in your kitchen will decide the size and power of your commercial dishwasher. A conveyor dishwasher is ideal for large volume applications, so for a banquet hall. They can be low or high temperatures. Low-temperature models use chemical sanitizers to clean dishes, while high temperature uses hot water to sanitize.

Conclusion for Banquet Equipment List

Various delicious-looking dishes are lined up in the buffet, music is going in the background, and everyone wants to start filling their plates. Hardworking employees and banquet kitchen equipment are what lies behind that scene. The design, theme, and layout of an organization, from furniture to food menu, these all want a solid plan. A banquet is not as easy as pie; from setting up a menu to preparing and cooking all that dishes and serving organized and knowing what banquet kitchen equipment you need will take you one step ahead in the back of the house.

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  • Wow, I didn’t know that there were so many different types of equipment you would need for a commercial kitchen. I think that it is important to do your research and make sure you are getting all the right equipment for your business. It would be smart to discuss your options with a restaurant supplier so you can get the best equipment for your needs.

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