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8 Meat Processing Products and Why You Need Them

Meat has sustained us for ages and has been stable in our lives. Throughout the long course of history, humanity has found many ways to shape and consume meat, and thanks to the new technological innovations, we now have access to meat processing products. These products have proved to be a game-changer in the meat markets; with their clean, efficient work, we are able to easily obtain many kinds of meat ranging from sausage to ground meat.

Meat processing products are varied in models and sizes, and they are indeed for everyone. Whether you are an individual meat-lover or a commercial meat shop owner, there are meat processing products you can invest in. Here we prepared a list of meat processing equipment that ease the workload in your butcher shop or restaurant kitchen and help increase the quality of your meat processing.

Meat Processing Product Benefits for Individual Buyers

If you love your meat and care about how it makes its way to your plate, then buying meat processing products as an individual is a sensible idea that you can do. Here are the benefits of having meat processing products at your disposal in the comfort of your own home. 

  • Knowing what goes into your meat is a huge perk. Many are concerned with how their meals are prepared, but only a few bother to take charge. When you operate the meat processing product, there will no longer be a question regarding your meat ingredients. It’s undoubtedly the healthier path considering the chemicals added to increase the longevity of mass-produced meats. 
  • You can adjust the seasoning levels to your liking. If you are not satisfied with the way your local shop seasons your sausages or jerkies, then being the person who prepares the meat can have its advantages. Total control over the taste of your meat is a luxury you will be glad to have.
  • Hygiene is a big concern for all of us, especially considering the food poisoning one might experience due to poorly handled meat. Buying a meat processing product due to your needs will ease your worries and help you prepare your food in the cleanest conditions. 
  • Cost-effectiveness is the most significant appeal of all. Meat processing products might prove a tad expensive at first sight, but it is a long-term investment. You will be saving a lot of money once you stop buying the pricy market products. 

Meat Processing Product Benefits for Businesses 

Whether you own a butcher shop or run the meat section for a market, you will most certainly benefit from having high-quality meat processing products at your disposal for several important reasons.

  • Efficiency is integral to keeping a business up and running, and meat processing products will help you adjust to the fast pace of the business world. You will hopefully have a lot of customers coming, and they’ll be looking for the freshest products with the quickest service possible. To keep up with the demand, you will need to utilize several commercial meat processing equipment and make sure everything is up to the task of serving fast and delicious meat.
  • No waste is a policy any establishment should adopt to be successful. Meat processing products will ensure you don’t throw away more than you have to and help you retain the majority of your ingredients. 
  • Consistent production is the core of standardized, high-quality service, and without meat processing products, it’s not really possible for you to attain similar results with each new production. Meat processing products will yield consistent results all year round and prove your business to be trustworthy in the eyes of your customers.

Meat Processing Products List 

There are many different types and models of meat processing products you can shop from. After deciding on the kind of meat you would like to make, you can choose one of the items from the list below. If you are a business owner, keep in mind that you will need almost every one of these meat processing products for your establishment to be a decent butcher shop/section. 

1. Commercial Sausage Stuffers 

meat processing products- Alfa International TS-15SSV Manual Sausage Stuffer- chef's deal

Commercial sausage stuffers are one of the most common meat processing products on the markets since sausage is one of the most popular processed forms of meat. These commercial food preparation equipment come in various sizes, and it is possible to get an electric sausage stuffer or a manual one. The flexibility of design allows a wide range of customers to find their preferred sausage stuffer. The funnel size defines the size of your end products, and after deciding which size of sausage links you want to make, you can get your stuffer. This product will help you achieve standardized results in your personal or commercial kitchens and bring an air of efficiency to your business.

2. Commercial Meat Grinders and Meat Choppers

Skyfood SMG12F Economy Meat Grinder, #12, 750W- Chef's Deal

Commercial meat grinders and meat choppers are the basis of all meat processing products. Their capacity and fastness will impress you and your customers. Being able to grind meat fast and with minimum waste is an important task. You will need this meat processing product to offer your customers ground beef or ground meat to turn into something different. There are manual options one could get for home use, but commercial environments will certainly be more demanding, and you will need a high-capacity electric meat grinder for your establishment. 

3. Meat Slicers

Globe FS12 Manual Food Slicer-Chef's Deal

Meat slicers are not exactly meat processing products, yet they are listed as ones thanks to their ability to transform your meat physically. Slicing the beef in uniform shapes is a must for any self-respecting business, and these machines give you the flexibility to cut your meat in various thicknesses (Most machines will let you go up to an inch but usually it’s better to stick with thinner slices.) In addition to uniformity, meat slicers, also called prosciutto slicers, also ensure the texture and flavor of the meat aren’t lost in “translation.” Thanks to their sharp and precision knives and robust structure, they slice the meat without crushing it.

4. Meat Smokers

Meat smokers are one of the most fun and interesting meat processing products. Not only do they help you meet the demands of the markets, but they also create a unique chance to play with the flavor of your meat. The things you use to fuel the smoking process have an impact on the taste. Wood, coal, and such will give undertones of earthiness, while electric meat smokers will ensure your meat’s flavor is intact after the smoking.

5. Commercial Food Dehydrators

Waring WDH10 Dehydrator-Chef's Deal

Commercial food dehydrators are one of the most valuable and multi-functional meat processing products. You can use them to dehydrate all sorts of things such as fruits and veggies and, of course, meat. Sucking the moisture out of the products; increases their shelf life, brings out their flavors, and retains the nutrients while removing the bacteria. So, all in all, commercial food dehydrators are bound to be beneficial to your business.

It would be best if you considered investing in a big dehydrator with several shelves to dry as much as you can in one session. The best temperatures to cook and dry meat are designated to be 165°F for the former and 130-140°F for the latter. You can try a batch with this arrangement and see for yourself how good your meat can taste after it has been adequately dehydrated. 

6. Jerky Guns

Jerky guns are the accompanying meat processing products to food dehydrators. They are basically designed to shape your seasoned meat and prepare it for the drying process. After getting your meat in the shape you want, you can get your jerky in a dehydrator or an oven too. These are easy to operate machines that will help you get very efficient. 

7. Meat Curing Chambers

Everest EDA2 54" Two Section Meat Aging & Thawing Cabinet, 50.0 cu. ft.- Chef's Deal

Meat curing chambers, or dry curing chambers, are designed to provide a cool, humid environment for drying meat. While most fridges and coolers can be used for this purpose, it is best to go with a specifically designed product. Consistency of temperature and other parameters matter a lot in the process of dry-curing meat, so you should make sure your machine is up to the task and working correctly. Meat processing products such as this will provide you with nicely flavored aged beef, which has been quite popular among the meat-lovers thanks to its tender texture and heightened taste.

8. Commercial Meat Tenderizers

Bizerba S 111 PLUS-1 Electric Meat Tenderizer - Chef's Deal

Commercial meat tenderizers are the core step at getting your meat juicy and tasty. Meat is tough to work with at first due to the muscle fibers that surround it. These commercial meat tenderizer machines help you get through the tough muscles and bring out meat’s soft and “tender” side. While there are cost-effective manual models, it is best to go with an electric commercial meat tenderizer in a food business. It’ll save you labor, energy, and time. Not to mention the praise you will get from your customers for the well-marinated and juicy meat you offer. 

Brands of Meat Processing Products

Meat processing products have a wide market plane parallel to meat’s prominent place in the food business. This is why it’s possible to find many brands that manufacture these much-needed commercial food preparation equipment. While having a wide range of options is undoubtedly good, considering space and budget, it would be best to decide which brand to go with. Below are listed some of the best meat processing equipment manufacturers in the commercial food prep equipment industry. Considering they are some of the best in their field, you’re bound to be happy with your purchases.

  • Doyon
  • Edlund
  • Eurodib USA
  • Everest
  • FMP
  • Globe 
  • Hamilton Beach
  • Hobart 
  • Nemco
  • Omcan USA


Meat has always held a special place in people’s hearts and stomachs. When people want to celebrate or treat themselves, they go out for a good plate of nicely cooked meat, bachelor parties are considered incomplete without a steak feast, and a good cook shows themselves through how they handle the meat. There are so many forms meat can take and so many ways to process it, which is why meat processing products are a blessing to both gourmets and business owners.

As a food so delicate and difficult to deal with, meat has been a challenge for years, but by investing in meat processing products, you can ease the process and heighten the pleasure one can take from meat. There is no doubt that meat is an indispensable part of our lives, and it is in our hands to transform it to its many colors and bring out the hidden flavors with meat processing products that will be a game-changer for your business.

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