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Blue Air Commercial Refrigeration: An Expert in Food Service Industry

Blue Air Commercial Refrigeration has been offering reliable food service to countless businesses since 2003. While they only started out with refrigerators, they became a one-stop shopping address for many entrepreneurs in time. You could find all sorts of commercial restaurant equipment for your establishment and join the Company’s customer base.

Blue Air Refrigerator Glass Door Merchandiser, Three Glass Door

Blue Air Commercial Refrigeration offers access to many benefits that could help you elevate your brand’s quality in terms of commercial restaurant equipment and reputation. To find out more about the qualities that set Blue Air Commercial Refrigeration products apart from their counterparts on the markets and the ways they could contribute to your establishment, please read on. By the end of this article, you’ll know everything there is to know about the beauties of having a respected, high-quality brand at your service. 

There are countless reasons to choose Blue Air Commercial Refrigeration products, but some of them stand out more than others. While you could check below to find out more specific information regarding the Blue Air Commercial Refrigeration systems, here are some standard features that make the brand shine compared to its competitors and prove that they are in the foodservice industry. 

  • Offering the most extended standard warranty is Blue Air Refrigeration’s most significant point of pride. By having your back for longer than any other brand on the market, not only do they guarantee excellent customer service, but also they prove their dedication to you and their trust in their products. So, investing in Blue Air Refrigeration will mean both you and your machinery will be safe and sound.
  • Excellent customer service is a subject not many companies can boast about, but as with many areas, Blue Air is an exception. Blue Air Commercial Refrigeration is quite ambitious at ensuring customer satisfaction on all fronts, which is why you can count on them to pick up the phone and help you out with whatever you need. Don’t underestimate the value of good customer service! You never know when you will need help, so make sure the companies you place your trust in will be responsive and helpful when you need them.
  • Budget-friendly prices are hard to come by nowadays. Still, Blue Air Commercial Refrigeration, in line with its customer satisfaction mission, has been doing its best to keep the prices affordable for those who do not wish to part with quality merely due to financial obstacles. While they may not be “the cheapest” on the markets, with a bit of research, you will see that for the quality and benefits they offer, Blue Air is quite affordable. 
  • Experience in the field is an invaluable aspect Blue Air Commercial Refrigeration excels at. The components that make the Company bring 125 years of experience to the table, and to put it simply, you are bound to receive excellence from experts. 
  • Innovative and visionary are two words you will always hear when Blue Air Commercial Refrigeration is mentioned. In the age of technology, it is important to go with a brand that is looking forward. Blue Air is always after the next best innovation. Aligning yourself with such visionaries will carry your establishment into the future and ensure longevity in the face of the fast-paced, changing nature of the business world.
  • Being environmentally friendly and energy-efficient is your primary concern in this age when we face a global climate crisis. Though note that not all brands can offer efficiency and eco-friendliness at the same time. Blue Air Commercial Refrigeration is one of the brands which deals with this challenge masterfully and ensures both the environment and customer are okay.

Blue Air Refrigeration Products

Blue Air has outstanding commercial refrigeration products and the Company has recently added commercial ice makers to its product line, as well. Here you can find Blue Air’s commercial refrigeration products that we listed for you.

Blue Air Commercial Refrigerators

Blue Air Refrigerator, Glass Door Reach in,  2 Door

As the first piece of equipment Blue Air has presented to the markets, Blue Air commercial refrigerators hold a special place both for the Company and for the loyal customers base. Refrigerators are naturally the backbone of many businesses, not just restaurants, and having a dependable refrigerator at your disposal is essential for your business to stand tall and rise above the competitors in your area.

Blue Air commercial refrigerators are considered to be the most reliable fridges out there. Moreover, Blue Air aims to offer machines that fit your business like a puzzle piece, which is why it is no problem at all to find a model that perfectly suits your needs and the space you have. You could choose to go with a glass door commercial refrigerator or a solid one; you could get a commercial under-counter refrigerator if you have limited space or a big reach-in refrigerator if you need lots of storage room. To put it simply, Blue Air Commercial Refrigeration has whatever you need and wish in a refrigerator :-). 

Blue Air Commercial Freezers

Blue Air Freezer, Reach-in, Three Solid Door

Blue Air commercial freezers are similar to refrigerators in terms of design and offer reliable, high-quality service. You have the freedom to customize the size depending on the capacity your establishment is aiming to serve. You could choose glass door freezer models or open models if you want to use your freezer for displaying too.

Whether you are running a commercial kitchen or a supermarket, there is no doubt owning a Blue Air freezer will ease your job and give you the peace of mind that comes with being confident in your commercial kitchen equipment. After all, buying a cheap unreliable freezer will always have you wondering whether your perishable goods are safe or not.

Keep in mind that buying a freezer is a small step for you but a big step for the longevity and sustainability of your business. So, make sure to do thorough research and be clear about what you need from your freezer in terms of capacity and model, etc. Meanwhile, note that Blue Air Commercial Refrigeration is as reliable as it gets in this industry cause it offers excellent insulation, a beautiful finish, and, in the long run, the safety of your business. 

Blue Air Ice Machines

Bue Air Ice Machine, Ice Maker With Bin, Crescent Cube

A lot of consideration goes into or should go into the purchase of a commercial ice machine. However, after your brief research, you’ll realize that Blue Air ice machines are perfect for many businesses. They can produce up to 900 lbs of ice and offer different shapes of ice. Blue Air Commercial Refrigeration had their customers in mind when they made these ice makers, and it shows :-). You could get perfect ice cubes for your cocktails or crushed ice for your health center, all from the Blue Air ice machine.

Investing in a good, reliable ice machine will be one of the best choices you’ll ever make. However, keep in mind that 900 lbs might not be sufficient for a very large business such as a hotel, so make sure to estimate the capacity of your business right and invest in a suitable commercial ice machine. 

Blue Air Prep Tables

Bue Air Sandwich Prep Table, Two Section Mega Top

Blue Air Commercial Refrigeration has been doing its best to provide the customers with every kind of product they might need to achieve their beautiful dreams, and Blue Air prep tables are one of the best results of this vision.

Whether you want to purchase a sandwich prep table or a pizza prep table, you can find an excellent one by Blue Air Commercial Refrigeration. The Company offers so many options, from refrigerated models to store the ingredients to under-counter space-saving prep tables. Plus, Blue Air Commercial Refrigeration is one of the best brands when it comes to being environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. Considering the fact that we don’t have a planet B, it is best to go as ecologically friendly as possible. Thanks to the innovative engineering of Blue Air, you won’t even be sacrificing efficiency in the process!


Blue Air Commercial Refrigeration has proved to be one of the most innovative and customer-friendly brands on the market. They set the bar high for other brands with their premium and efficient machinery and brought an air of quality to the world of refrigeration. While the task of shopping for your dream business’ refrigeration products might be tricky, Blue Air Commercial Refrigeration is ready to provide you with all that you might need in the best way possible. So, lose no time and get in touch with your local distributor to get your very own Blue Air Commercial Refrigeration product!

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