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Commercial Exhaust Hoods

Guide For Commercial Exhaust Hoods

Commercial exhaust hoods ensure a clean and odor-free environment for your staff and patrons, so they are essential for both safety and functionality. From enhancing air quality to meeting stringent health codes, choosing the right ventilation solution is more than a decision—it’s an obligation.

Whether opening a big restaurant or planning on getting a food truck, commercial exhaust hoods are the one essential piece of equipment you cannot do without. Ventilation seems like a basic detail, but it requires special attention and has rules you must follow. Some codes and regulations dictate how your ducts and hoods need to be installed, and there are details you need to remember based on your business model.

You need commercial kitchen exhaust hoods to open and maintain your kitchen. So you must choose the best model for your business and know everything there is to know about commercial kitchen exhaust hoods, commercial restaurant exhaust hood cleaning, and commercial kitchen hood manufacturers.  

What is a Commercial Exhaust Hood, and Why Do You Need One?

Commercial Exhaust Hoods

Commercial restaurant exhaust hoods are machines hung above the cooking area to remove smoke and grease from the air and ensure your kitchen is soundly ventilated and safe from any possible fire hazards. It is a must-have for a commercial kitchen because it ensures clean air and safety for your employees and the food and is required by fire and health codes. So before you open your restaurant, get the proper commercial exhaust hood for the type of food you offer at your establishment and make sure everything is up to code. 

After discussing the general idea of commercial exhaust hoods, let’s explore the types. Knowing which hood suits your business model will simplify your buying decision and ensure you adhere to local regulations.

Types Of Commercial Exhaust Hoods 

You can choose from several types of commercial kitchen exhaust hoods based on the food you offer at your establishment or the kind of business you run. They are mainly classified as type 1 and type 2 hoods. 

Type 1 Hoods

Type 1 hoods are focused on removing the grease and the smoke; thus, they are placed above friers and commercial kitchen equipment. They are also called grease hoods since their primary function is eliminating the grease produced by the food you cook. Their cleaning and maintenance require special attention, yet it can be considered pretty easy with some practice.

Type 2 Hoods

Type 2 hoods are installed to remove the heat and vapor from equipment that produces steam (not grease!) They are placed above ovens, dishwaters, and similar commercial kitchen equipment. These types usually utilize a standard design and also can be found under the name of condensate hoods.  

Commercial Hoods Based on Their Design Features and Purposes

Exhaust design hood packages have fans to maintain ventilation in your kitchen. Still, they are insufficient for a commercial kitchen since they lack the filtration system to remove grease.  

Make-up Air Hood-Captive Air

Standard exhaust packages are the most common hoods out there, and in addition to removing vapor and heat, they are helpful when it comes to grease, too, thanks to their filters. 

Makeup-Air hood packages operate slightly differently than the other commercial exhaust hoods. They remove the excess heat and bad smells and release fresh air to maintain the air quality. If you don’t ensure the removed air is replaced, your kitchen will suffer from poor air quality, which can harm the staff and the food.  

If you don’t have access to an external ventilation system to connect your hood, you should consider getting a ventless exhaust hood. Ventless exhaust systems are self-sustaining commercial exhaust hoods that do not require to be connected to a duct to operate. Just keep in mind that these models will require extra care for their cleaning. 

Pizza Hood - HoodMart

Commercial Exhaust Hoods Types According to Your Business Type

Pizza hood packages are specifically made to be placed on top of your pizza oven or pizza cooking equipment to remove the heat and the grease produced by making pizzas. Most states require you to have a commercial pizza hood to let you open and run a pizza shop. So ensure you get the right hood for your pizza business to avoid any legal problems in the future.

Food Truck Hood System With fire Suppression

Food truck concession hood packages are designed for food truck businesses. Food trucks are small spaces that need good ventilation to protect the workers and the food. Plus, food truck concession hoods will ensure you don’t run into any problems due to weather since they are manufactured to be prepared for any problems a business on the wheels might encounter. 

Installation and Fire Codes

As with many commercial kitchen equipment, commercial exhaust hoods also have codes that must be followed when installing and cleaning to avoid potential accidents and create a safe working environment, while codes and regulations vary from state to state, they follow the same international structure and rules. You can ensure you don’t encounter any legal problems by paying attention to the details below. Check with your local government to determine the required ranges for your specific location.

  • Install the hood at least 6 inches above the cooking area, but do not exceed 3.5/4 feet. The elevation range depends on your cooking area type and hood. Each model has its specifications set by the local codes. 
  • Fire suppression systems are a must-have if you want your exhaust hood to operate safely. The law usually requires vent hood fire suppression systems; you cannot open your restaurant without one. If you are unsure which fire suppression is proper, consult the company from which you buy the exhaust hood.
  • Make sure the joints are appropriately sealed during installation. Leakages can cause your kitchen to become stuffy and might harm the food you prepare. 
  • Utilize a makeup-air system to safely filter and displace the air in and out of the building.
  • Make sure to use high-quality material in producing the hood and the ducts. Once again, your local government might require specific materials (such as stainless steel of certain sizes), but using high-quality materials, in general, will ensure you don’t face sudden problems in the middle of a busy day. 

Commercial Exhaust Hoods Cleaning Tips

Due to their function, commercial exhaust hoods attract smoke, grease, and dirt particles. They require thorough and regular cleaning. Remember that commercial kitchen hood cleaning is an important task that must be taken very seriously. Unless you clean restaurant hoods regularly, they might start malfunctioning and cause many problems. Plus, cleanliness is an essential aspect of a restaurant’s reputation. No one would want to dine in a stuffy place with poor ventilation. Follow the simple steps below, and you won’t encounter any problems!

  • Decide on how frequently you need to clean your hoods. The more actively it is used, the more frequent cleaning it will require.
  • Invest in an easy-to-clean model. Some designs might prove difficult to clean depending on the amount of space you have. Make sure you get a model you are comfortable working with.
  • Disassemble the pieces as much as possible to ensure no build-up products are left in the ducts or the filters.
  • Use protective gloves and clothing to avoid health hazards.
  • Clean the filters of grease and dirt. Be careful not to spill the grease and not to pour it down the drain since it might cause blockages, which is certainly not environmental. 
  • Clean the fans to ensure they work properly. 
  • Check regularly to see if any broken pieces or filters need replacing.
  • Make sure you reassemble the hood carefully to avoid any air leakage. 
  • Keep track of your cleaning dates for possible inspections. 
  • Schedule for a professional kitchen hood cleaning. The help of a professional now and then can prove to be a real game-changer. They could help you with upcoming inspections and ensure you aren’t missing anything during your regular cleanings. 

Best Commercial Exhaust Hood Manufacturers 

The brand is important to consider when purchasing a commercial kitchen hood for your business. Luckily for you, there are several brands you can choose from. In a world of options and possibilities, here are some safe bets that will help you start your business from a strong point of view. 

  • CaptiveAire
  • HoodMart
  • Bakers Pride
  • Bizerba
  • Univex
  • Cadco
  • Equipex
  • Moffat
  • UNOX


From understanding the nuances of Type 1 and Type 2 hoods to evaluating essential technical specifications, we’ve covered commercial kitchen hoods to enable you to make an informed decision. Investing in the right exhaust hood system not only adheres to stringent health and safety codes but also enhances the overall efficiency and atmosphere of your commercial kitchen. Don’t compromise on quality or compliance—ensure your kitchen is equipped with the optimal ventilation solution for both your staff and customers.

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  • Turan, this is an excellent post! Because of the diversity of cooking equipment and greasy materials used, commercial hotel kitchens are designated as a higher fire risk zone. As a result, an exhaust hood system is necessary to remove excess heat and other airborne particles like grease-filled air. Removing oil-laden air and other buildups from the kitchen is a simple way to reduce the fire risk.

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