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Hotels are the backbones of the tourism industry, and more and more entrepreneurs are aspiring to become hotel owners and looking to find out more about hotel supplies. Some might deem the idea of opening your own hotel nearly impossible and consider hotel supplies to be an extremely complicated topic. Still, with a bit of guidance, there is nothing a person with a dream cannot achieve. Whether you plan to start a hotel business from scratch with the best hotel supplies possible or you want to renew your hotel, we have the guidance you need.

Hotels are more than rooms and clean sheets; you need to pay attention to every little detail to ensure the comfort of your guests, and the majority of comfort comes from food. By the end of this article, you will read everything there is to know about commercial hotel kitchen equipment, hotel supplies in general, and how to provide the best food for your guests, from room service to breakfast buffet.

We’ll dive into the information you need when it comes to hotel supplies in three categories; hotel restaurant supplies, hotel room supplies, room service equipment, and hotel kitchen equipment.

Hotel Restaurants Supplies

Hotel restaurants or hotel cafeteria are where your guests will dine, so it is extra important that you pay attention to how this area is designed and maintained. To have a fully-formed restaurant area, the hotel supplies you will need are as follows;

Hotel Restaurant Furniture

Hotel restaurant furniture is the first thing you will want to cross off of your hotel supplies list. While buying a bunch of restaurant chairs and tables might seem like an easy task, there is a lot to consider.

Hotel restaurant furniture needs to fit the hotel’s ambiance; it needs to be functional in terms of height and weight and be suited to your space. To find more information about choosing the best restaurant furniture for your hotel restaurant, check out our article specifically dedicated to the topic (https://www.chefsdeal.com/blog/how-to-choose-restaurant-furniture .)

Silverware And Dinnerware

Silverware and dinnerware are hotel supplies that are pivotal to defining your brand and showing your guests that you are professionals. Whether you are planning on opening a small motel or a luxurious hotel having clean and beautiful dinnerware will elevate your brand. Also, make sure that the dinnerware you invest in is appropriate to the food you are planning to offer at your hotel’s restaurant.

Details such as sauce cups and salad bowls might go overlooked if you don’t plan it out carefully, and while it might be okay to serve your specialties on all sorts of plates, having the right cup will enhance your guests’ experience. 


Menus are also crucial in the building of a hotel restaurant. While the contents of the menu board are up to the chef, the design is an aspect you need to consider. You could go with natural colors and create an elegant outlook or choose more vibrant colors and go down a more playful path. It all depends on the type of hotel restaurant you want to own.

Menu creation is one of the most fun parts of opening a restaurant and certainly one of the most colorful hotel supplies you will be browsing. Play with the colors, see what you like best, and enjoy the process!

Hotel Restaurant Serving And Display Area

The next step is to design and create the serving and display area. Whether it is a breakfast buffet or a self-service area, it needs careful planning. Decide on the type of restaurant you would like to have and invest in one or more of the following hotel supplies to bring your plans to life.  

Hotel Supplies-Buffet Table
  • Heated display cases and merchandisers are particularly nice choices if you would like to keep your food hot and delicious for your guests to come and get as they please. You could invest in a countertop heated display case to showcase the food in the serving area. Plus, having a heated case would ease your staff’s job and reduce the waiting time of your guests significantly. 
  • Refrigerated display cabinets will prove to be very useful to store the desserts and cold dishes for any restaurant. Thanks to their function to store and display simultaneously, allowing your guests to reach in and grab what they like, they are perfect for self-service areas. You could get a countertop display cabinet or a floor model based on the capacity you need, but it is a fact that you cannot exclude this from your hotel supplies list. 
  • Hot food serving counters are suitable hotel supplies for cafeteria-type restaurants. They will help you serve and store the cooked food efficiently. You could even invest in a mobile model and use these counters at events you host in your garden or lobby. 
  • Cold food serving counters basically serve the same purpose, but they are used to store and serve foods that need to be preserved in cooler temperatures. 
  • Buffet warmers come in different models, such as service or self-serve, which defines the design of the warmer. If you wish to offer a buffet option to your guests, there are many buffet warmers you could choose from.
  • Refrigerated cold beverage display cases, hot beverage dispensers and cold beverage dispensers should also be in the must-have column of your hotel supplies shopping list for any hotel restaurant. Having access to your comfort drink alongside your favorite meal is the closest a person can get to home, and what are hotels but temporary homes for the travelers. 

Hotel Bar Supplies

Hotel bar supplies are slightly different than hotel restaurant supplies though they are similar in essence. You need a couple of additional pieces of equipment to create a decent bar for your hotel. 

  • Commercial ice makers are must-have hotel bar supplies. While a commercial ice maker is the first hotel supply you will need to invest in, you need to make sure that especially the bar always has access to ice. You could get a separate ice dispenser for your hotel bar or invest in a commercial ice bin to store the ice produced by your commercial ice maker. You can check out our article on commercial ice makers to make an informed decision!
  • Cocktail glasses are essential to a bar, and it goes without saying that you will need the proper glasses for the drinks you offer. 
  • Bar stools are also an obvious need. Each design choice you make influences how your hotel and brand are perceived. So make sure to choose functional and aesthetically pleasing hotel supplies for your bar and restaurant. 

Room Service and Hotel Room Supplies

It is important to provide self-sufficient rooms for guests who wish to stay for an extended period of time or for those who simply prefer to have everything they need in their room. You could place certain hotel room supplies and work on your room service to make sure the wishes of such guests are met. 

  • Coffee makers are one of the first hotel room appliances your guests will search for in the morning. It is universally acknowledged that a person in the morning will need a good cup of coffee before any human interaction :-). Investing in a countertop coffee maker will make your guests very happy and make you stand out among other hotels in the area. 
  • Electric kettles are hotel supplies that would prove useful for tea and instant food lovers. While you can offer hot water on each floor or through room service, placing a kettle in the room is a more popular option among the customers. 
  • Meal delivery tray cabinets are essential hotel supplies for room service. A good cabinet will help your staff efficiently distribute the orders of your guests.
  • Housekeeping equipment should be at the top of your hotel supplies list regardless of the type of hotel you are hoping to open. Cleaning products, vacuums, and sweeps, and paper towels are all the hotel supplies that simply a hotel cannot exist without. 

Hotel Kitchen Equipment

Last but not least, you will need to plan out your hotel restaurant kitchen. Hotel kitchen equipment isn’t all that different from a regular commercial kitchen’s supplies. However, there are a few details you will need to pay attention to when buying hotel kitchen equipment due to the capacity a hotel kitchen aims to serve.

Converyor Commercial Dishwasher
  • Commercial dishwashers are possibly the most crucial pieces of hotel supplies to have in your hotel kitchen. Considering that there is a constant circulation of dirty dishes and new orders, your dinnerware needs to be clean and ready to use at a moment’s notice. There are several types of dishwashers based on how they operate or are installed. You can choose the suitable one for you by paying attention to the capacity and space you have. 
  • Walk-in refrigeration systems for hotel restaurants are like water in the desert. They are essential for the commercial kitchen of any kind, and hotel restaurants are definitely no exception. You will need to consider the capacity and the space you have to decide which model you should buy. You can check out our article on walk-in refrigeration units to find out more and figure out which model is best for your business (https://www.chefsdeal.com/blog/walk-in-refrigeration-units .)
  • Commercial kitchen hoods are crucial hotel supplies since they provide ventilation and keep the air inside your kitchen free of dirt and grease. Since they are required by fire and health codes, you will need to pay extra attention to make sure everything is up to code and suitable to the kitchen you wish to have. 
  • Commercial Ovens will be your savior hotel supplies when it comes to serving fast, hot food. A standard oven could satisfy your kitchen’s needs, but as it is with everything, you need to keep the space you have and the capacity you need in mind before making a purchase. 
  • Commercial grills and commercial fryers are also pieces of equipment you shouldn’t overlook since you will be receiving a lot of fries and burgers orders from your little guests. 

To Sum Up 

Building a hotel from scratch and maintaining it is no easy task, but there is nothing a little research and planning can’t help. By choosing the right commercial hotel supplies, you can realize your vision, and your hotel can be the best in the area.

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