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How to Choose The Right Restaurant Furniture

How to Choose The Right Restaurant Furniture


Restaurant furniture is an indispensable item for a restaurant that creates a stylish atmosphere and impresses the customers aside from just creating a place to eat. There are various restaurant furniture styles; choosing the one that sets the tone of your business is essential. Find the restaurant furniture items which are a mix of function and style and perfect for your place, either for indoor or outdoor use.

Before choosing restaurant furniture, you should consider some points, such as the type of restaurant and the theme you want to set, available space, customers’ staying time, or restaurant furniture features. Depending on the restaurant type you own or want to own, the steps below will easily help you choose restaurant furniture.

Restaurant Concept

A restaurant’s type, name, menu and food style, design, and decor are everything that makes the concept of a restaurant.  Different concepts require different elements, and restaurant furniture is an essential part of it. After deciding the concept you want to have you can go ahead with the restaurant furniture choice.

Choosing The Right Restaurant Furniture

Restaurant Furniture Styles

Restaurant furniture plays an important role in setting your restaurant style and ambiance. We’ll discuss here the restaurant furniture styles according to the restaurant types.

1. Fast-Food Restaurant Furniture

Fast food restaurants usually include an order counter and a seating area consists of casual restaurant chairs and tables. While choosing restaurant furniture, considering everything such as cuisine, brand, and logo and ensuring they are all related is essential. Modern-designed, functional and durable restaurant furniture are what you need for a fast food restaurant because of its large flow of people. And because of high traffic, a chair that is not much comfy will be great not to make customers stay for a long time. In that case, wood or metal chairs are what you need.

2. Casual Dining Restaurant Furniture

The family’s first preferred places to eat are casual dining restaurants with an enjoyable atmosphere, comfortable area, and good food at low prices. Using the restaurant furniture that fits the colors of the other aspects of the restaurant and the furniture that meets the requirements will create a harmonious ambiance and provide frequenters. Having high chairs will give extra contentment to families with children.

3. Cafe Furniture

One of the students’ and workers’ most preferred places, cafes, provide a sitting area and offer take-out food and drinks. Most people opt to work and relax simultaneously for a few hours or meet with friends having a cup of coffee, drink, or something to eat. Providing a variety of seats like bistro tables, compact chairs, bar counters, bar stools, and couches, creating a warm and personalized atmosphere is a good idea. Consider choosing small and neat furniture such as compact models to use your space efficiently. Plus, having a wifi connection will attract more customers. 

4. Bar Furniture

Bar furniture has to be more durable and resistant to heavy usage and spills. Wooden or iron furniture will be great for it. Bar stools are the main elements of bars, and there are many options for bar stools; considering table and counter height, deciding the style of furniture, and fitting the bar’s concept will help you choose the right furniture for your bar.

5. Cafeteria Furniture

Cafeterias are the places at schools or companies where people can rest and enjoy food. So to have durable restaurant furniture for a place with high traffic and short visits is a must. Compact and various seating options may help to meet the crowds’ requirements.

Restaurant Space

Before purchasing restaurant furniture, you must consider your restaurant’s space. If you have limited space, foldable furniture can be a good option. So when you need extra space or need to move something around, folding chairs and other suitable restaurant furniture will ease your work.


Of course, you need to have beautiful furniture for your restaurant. But functionality and coziness are the other main things restaurant furniture should have. If you can not sit properly and feel uncomfortable, what is the matter with having beautiful chairs? Or similarly, a huge table that is extremely heavy and can not be moved. So the functionality and purpose are the points you should take into account while purchasing commercial furniture. 

Customer Staying Time

Customer staying time has an important place in choosing restaurant furniture. As we mentioned in restaurants furniture styles above, the furniture determines the staying time for customers. Cozy and soft chairs or sofas are usually used in casual or high scale restaurants where customers are expected to stay for a long time.

Setting a modern style and choosing high-quality and comfy restaurant furniture will make customers want to visit. Conversely, in fast-food restaurants, where there is high customer flow, durability is the main thing for restaurant furniture. Usually, wood or metal restaurant furniture is preferred for this kind of places.

Maintenance and Care

Durability is a crucial point that should be considered when purchasing restaurant furniture. Durable furniture pieces will ease maintaining and last longer. Indoor restaurant furniture generally needs to be stored away from direct sunlight, moisture and heat. Metal and wood furniture requires little maintenance practices like cleaning with water and detergent, but a vacuum is needed to blow away the dust for fabric chairs and couches.

Restaurant Furniture Categories

Restaurant Seating

High Double Alex Style Standard Booth

A vital restaurant furniture item is a chair for a restaurant, letting your customers sit and spend their time while enjoying their meal.  You can find all the commercial restaurant seating you need below, from stackable chairs to bar stools. Take a look and let your customers be satisfied and comfy with the perfect seating furniture.

Restaurant Chairs  

Indoor Side Chair

Restaurant chairs are the most used restaurant seating and come in various shapes, colors, and styles. They can be made of wood, iron, or plastic and are easy to clean. An armchair is a cozy and contemporary option usually preferred in upscale restaurants. Classic wood chairs create a perfect atmosphere and are generally used in most casual restaurants.

Cafeterias or fast-food restaurants prefer solid plastic chairs, and folding chairs are an ideal option for restaurants with limited space, or they can be used for rush hours, allowing you to get extra seats or move easily and quickly. While buying commercial restaurant chairs, pay attention to durability and to match your restaurant’s ambiance.      

Bar Stools

Bar Stool

Bar stools are a piece of bar furniture that is higher than ordinary stools and designed for bars and counters to be used in clubs, at home, or anywhere there is a bar counter. There are many options you can pick in bar stools. Numerous shapes, styles, and materials such as vinyl, metal, wicker, or wood are available. You can create a stunning look for your bar or restaurant with high-quality bar stools.

Backless Bar Stools

A bar stool with no backrest lets you sit and get up at any angle if it has a flat seat. And if it does not have a swivel, that is not important because you can turn in any direction without turning your seat. Backless bar stools are the most common ones in pubs and clubs.

Swivel Bar Stool

Swivel bar stools are perfect in terms of height and ability to turn around. You can raise it to any height, turn it the way you want, and easily talk to your friends or see other people or directions.

High-Back Bar Stool

High-back stools give you the chance to lean back and rest and prevent back pains if you spend much time on them. Plus, they are great for children, preventing them from falling off. Comfortably lay back and enjoy your drink.

Armchair Bar Stool

An armchair bar stool is a bar stool with armrests which can be a high-back or low-back stool. Armchair stool provides customers enclosed space and gives them the chance of relaxing and feeling cozy. It can be a bit larger than other bar stools, so consider your space before choosing it.

Low-Back Bar Stool

Low-back bar stools have a small backrest that offers a little back support to prevent falling off. It can be better than a stool with no backrest that does not have any back support or a high back that can be uncomfortable for some.

Pedestal Bar Stool

Pedestal bar stools have one supporting pole under the seat, and the seat can be in any shape. It is heavy, so hard to move, and mainly has a swivel feature.

Folding Bar Stool

Folding bar stools are perfect because they can be easily removed and reduced in size that provides more space. And they are helpful on busy days giving extra seats.

Restaurant Tables

Restaurant tables are another primary restaurant furniture item.  They can vary in shape, size, and material.

restaurant table
  • 2-4 Person Tables

Two-four-person tables are one of the most common ones. They usually come as separate parts as tabletop and base. Optionally you can design the tabletop or choose the one you want from the shape and material options such as laminate, resin, granite, wood, or rectangular, square or round.

  • Bar Height Tables
pedestal indoor table

Bar height tables are usually used in clubs or pubs with bar stools. You may choose square or round tops, and they generally come with a footrest.

  • Familly Dining Tables

They can efficiently serve up to ten people, making it a perfect option for large families or a group dinner. They are mostly round or rectangular shaped and used for special days, celebrations, or banquets.

Standard Height Outdoor Table
  • Outdoor Tables

To make outdoor dining spaces for restaurants or gardens, consider installing a weatherproof table and chair set. Do not forget to consider the size of the area and weather conditions before choosing a table. Folding outdoor furniture will be helpful because of being able to be stored when needed.

Restaurant Booths

High Double Deuce Booth

Restaurant booths are a cozy option for families or groups. They are generally arranged back-to-back throughout the wall with tabletops secured to the wall or used with chairs and tables in front of them.

Restaurant booths are perfect restaurant furniture not just for the space they provide with expanded seats but also for creating a private room for families or groups, making them feel more comfortable. You can choose whichever you want from available color and fabric options.

Commercial Outdoor and Patio Furniture

Square Outdoor Table

Outdoor furniture should be weatherproof and resistant to sun and rain. Outdoor tables are available in metal, stone, or wood tops, and some have holes for patio umbrellas which is a perfect furnishing that will protect the customers from rain and sun. All commercial outdoor furniture, including chairs, bar stools, and benches, is made to withstand the weather conditions.

The chairs are usually stackable, letting you store them when not needed. If you want to keep your patio open in cold weather, a patio heater will be great to keep the customers warm. They come in floor or wall options and can be heated either with electricity or gas.

Restaurant Tabletops and Bases

Table Base

Tabletops and bases are another restaurant furniture item that is an alternative for all-in-one tables. The advantage of having table tops and bases instead of classic tables is that you can choose between many tops and bases separately and replace pieces without buying a new table.

Tabletops are available in numerous materials, sizes, and shapes. If you do not have enough space for large ones, such as six-person tables, rectangular or square tables will be handy to push together and multiple when needed.

Safety Shields

Safety Shield

In such a period of a global pandemic, hygiene and safety are everything for both business owners and customers. Using safety shields is a simple but effective solution to keep the restaurant hygienic and provide a safe distance. Either face shields for workers and countertop shields on service counters, hosting areas, or large tables will be protective in this regard. Make your restaurant complied with hygiene regulations and create a comfortable area where customers can enjoy their food peacefully.

Podiums, Stands, and Cabinets


Podiums and host stations or stands are the first points where staff meets customers. As the first impression left on customers is essential, greeting them professionally and gently will positively affect them.

A podium that matches the interior design of the restaurant and other furniture will look good. Similarly, wait station cabinets come with counters and cupboards where waiters can keep the items and easily find them when needed, which will ease waiters’ work and give a neat look to the area. They are large enough to fit pos systems or even a computer suitable to be a cash desk.     

Office Furniture

Offices require many different furniture from seats and tables to safes and lobby furniture. Purchasing office furniture is not only to buy desks and stools, but you also need to consider the furniture type suitable for you and your office space.

An office chair, where people spend most of their time, should be ergonomic and make them feel comfortable all day long. Adjustable chairs will be perfect to set the proper height, and back support is a must. Another important office furniture item is the table.

An office table should be large and curved to get closer, work comfortably, and have a keyboard tray and a footrest. You may choose the ones between various options depending on your space and fit the office’s design. Functionality and comfort should be taken into account as well. While selecting office furniture, do not forget that you’ll spend most of your time at work. 

Not to forget lobby furniture for the guests. Because it will be the first place your guests see when they enter the office, creating a pleasant environment is easy with the right lobby furniture. Benches, modular seatings, and decor items are what you need for a waiting area. With a coffee table, modern-style lamp, plants, and magazines, which will make the waiting time entertaining, you can create a stylish room.

Two Compartment Safe

Safes are vital office items as well. We generally do not use safes for money since the banks emerged, but surely there will be important and private documents or other valuables which should be safe. Even there are no risks, we all know the feeling of “peace of mind,” and be sure that your valuables are safe.


After understanding what customers expect from a restaurant, you can choose a concept to build your restaurant furniture design. Do not forget the ambiance is the thing that impresses people and makes them return as well as food. Especially in this age where people take and share photos of everything, a classy environment will whip this will which will be an advertisement for you at the same time. Purchasing durable and stylish commercial restaurant furniture will be your biggest step to start a restaurant business. Make the customers feel comfortable and unique with the right restaurant furniture and give them an unforgettable experience.

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