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Mexican Restaurant Equipment

Mexican Restaurant Equipment in 4 Categories

To increase the profit rate of your food business, having the right Mexican restaurant equipment for preparing, cooking, preserving, or serving food is essential. In many situations, purchasing the right Mexican restaurant equipment is vital to provide durability and high-quality outcomes with minimum effort ensuring continual success. After getting everything done to start your business, let us give you a hand in choosing the right Mexican restaurant equipment. All you are looking for, from taco equipment to other Mexican restaurant supplies, is here.

Mexican Restaurant Kitchen Equipment List 

1. Mexican Food Prep and Cooking Equipment

Mexican foods are made with fresh ingredients, intense flavors, various tastes, and spices using different cooking technics such as frying, gridding, or steaming. Various equipment and tools are used in this Mexican kitchen, and some are special just for this cuisine. Please take a look at the Mexican kitchen supplies and Mexican restaurant equipment list we prepared for you. 

Tortilla Machine

Tortilla Press: Tortilla is the main ingredient of Mexican cuisine. For making corn tortillas easily, a tortilla press is what you need. Also, a tortilla press can be used to press any dough required, such as dumpling dough or pie shells.

Tortilla Machine:  What else would we expect from a Mexican restaurant rather than a Mexican dish made with a homemade, fresh tortilla? To make perfect tortillas serially, a tortilla machine is what you are looking for. Some tortilla machines can produce up to 800 tortillas per hour to catch up on and satisfy your customers.

Tortilla Warmer: A tortilla steamer or tortilla warmer is the best way to heat tortillas in a few minutes.

Vegetable Prep: A kitchen that uses almost all vegetables in everything without a vegetable prep is unimaginable. You should have a vegetable dicer, slicer, cutters, and food processor among your Mexican restaurant equipment that will speed up prep work to a considerable extent.


Cheese Dispenser: Because cheese is one of the most used ingredients in Mexican cuisine, a cheese dispenser is necessary for Mexican restaurant equipment. Heating systems make the cheese hot and melty and ready to eat. You can control the amount of cheese easily with dispensers.

Cheese Melter: A cheese melter can instantly improve the appearance and temperature of food, and melting cheese adds the final touch. Maximize the small space with the minor size melters.

Commercial Food Processor: To prepare the delicious sauces of Mexico, you need a food processor. Make fresh guacamole or mole blending evenly and smoothly.  

Blender: A bowl of guacamole or salsa made freshly is what a customer firstly wants coming to a Mexican restaurant. A blender is the perfect Mexican restaurant equipment to make a huge amount of sauces just in a minute, especially for busy restaurants.

Chip Warmers A bowl of crispy chips with various sauces is what the customer looks for entering the restaurant. Hence, a chip warmer is another piece of Mexican restaurant equipment needed in the kitchen. You can keep freshly fried chips warm all the time until being served.

Deep Fryer: Being the main item in the Mexican kitchen, make taco shells and tortilla chips using a commercial fryer.

Commercial Range, Griddle: Various sauces such as queso dip require ranges to cook. And to cook ground beef or saute veggies, you can use a griddle. There are also ranges with griddle tops that are perfect for saving money and space.  

Charbroiler: A charbroiler is another essential piece of Mexican restaurant equipment for your kitchen. It gives the food smoke flavor and grill marks on veggies or bread. Whether a modular, countertop or floor model, you will cook most of the meat on the charbroiler.

Electric Tilting Skillet Braising Pan

Tamale Steamer: They are to steam tamales, but they are very helpful to steam a large amount of food that needs to be steamed, such as vegetables.

Tilt Skillets: A tilt skillet can be used as a kettle for rice, soups, or sauces, as an oven to bake or roast meat, as a pan-fry, and as a grill. It is such versatile Mexican restaurant equipment that you can use in many various ways.

Cook and Hold Cabinet: A cook and hold cabinet is necessary Mexican restaurant equipment, especially for dishes that require long cooking times. It saves your time and labor with cooking overnight, and the installation is so simple. Either bake or roast your food and keep it warm all the time.

Rice Cooker: Most of the food in the Mexican kitchen has rice, so a rice cooker is essential to cook a huge amount at once. A rice cooker cooks rice quickly and keeps it warm without overcooking. 

Dough Sheeter: Everyone loves fresh tortillas, especially if it’s homemade. Make your tortillas easily and quickly and in perfect thickness using a dough sheeter.

Deck Oven

Meat Prep: Meat has an important place in Mexican cuisine. Using slaughter knives, cutting boards, and meat grinders, you can prepare the meat with ease.

Deck Oven: Multi-deck ovens can also be used in Mexican restaurants since they offer performance and provide space-saving.     

2. Mexican Food Holding and Display Equipment

Souce Warmers: Keep the delicious sauces and toppings at warm temperatures. For example, keep the cheese warm and melty for various cheesy food. With the ladles or dispensers, quickly serve all the sauces.

Ramekin and sauce cups: Add the final touch with delicious sauces and sides using sauce cups.  They come in various materials such as aluminum, plastic, or glass; you can choose those that suit your restaurant’s look and theme. 

Fajita skillets: Serve your tasty dishes in fajita skillets from the oven to the tables. Giving the food a smokey effect will leave a good impression on customers. 

Nacho trays: They are ideal for serving nachos at take-out places. You can put nachos and sauces in separate parts made especially for it. They are easy to carry, making them perfect for taking on the go. 

3. Mexican Beverage Equipment

Margarita Machines: It is a need in a restaurant that sells a large number of frozen beverages. Shake and mix frozen drinks easily and save your time leaving the work to margarita machines.

Frozen Drink Machine-AMPTO-Bowl Type

Frozen Drink Machines: Frozen drink dispensers are perfect for cold drinks like slushies or frozen cocktails. With faster freezing times and continually mixing the beverages, you can have drinks with a perfect texture.

Blenders: Aside from making salsa or guacamole, a blender can also create an icy drink, from smoothies to frozen cocktails. No one can say no to a cup of cold smoothie on a hot day or after eating hot and spicy Mexican dishes.

Cocktail Shakers: A bar is not complete without a shaker. Let the bartender shake, mix, stir and amaze the customers with his skills.

4. Mexican Restaurant Smallwares

Tortilla Servers: You can keep your tortillas warm and ready for service with tortilla servers.

Margarita Glasses: Serve your drinks in margarita glasses made especially for cocktails.  

Tequila Glasses: As tequila is a Mexican drink, a tequila glass is a needed piece of Mexican restaurant equipment. Tequila can be drunk either shuts or in margaritas, and there are many different styles of tequila glasses. You can choose whichever you want depending on trends and your liking.

Molcajete Bowls/Dishes: Made from volcanic rock, these Mexican restaurant equipment help you blend and mix spices and avocado easily for making guacamole.

Salsa Bowls/Dishes: These serving bowls are perfect for fresh salsa with crisp chips beside.

Taco Holders: You can prepare and serve tacos efficiently with a holder and prevent spills while serving.

Wooden Spatula: Being another supply needed in all kitchens, a wooden spatula helps serve hot meals easily. 


With such a healthy, diversified, and loved kitchen, you’ll make a hit with your Mexican restaurant. Whether you’re renewing your gadgets or building a new restaurant, the importance of having suitable and first-class Mexican restaurant equipment is undeniable for long-term success. Amaze your customers with your enticing menu and the appetizing dishes made using the perfect Mexican restaurant supplies.

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