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extending commercial kitchen equipment lifespan

5 Tips for Extending Your Commercial Kitchen Equipment Lifespan

Commercial kitchens work like clockwork to establish a smoothly running operation and boost production. Commercial kitchen equipment is undoubtedly the most valuable and indispensable item in commercial kitchens, handling the biggest part of the job. Many things can affect and shorten or extend commercial kitchen equipment lifespan, affecting the overall operation, kitchen workflow, and product quality. To keep them working properly and extend their lifespan, we listed 5 tips for you in this article.

1. Regular Cleaning and Maintenance

Regular cleaning and maintenance keep everything working accurately and well as in the commercial kitchen equipment. It prevents grease buildups from causing any malfunctions of the equipment, while maintenance ensures little issues are fixed before becoming serious problems. Here are 4 cleaning and maintenance tips to extend commercial kitchen equipment lifespan.

Cleanings On A Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Basis

Cleaning the little stains and crumbs from commercial kitchen equipment daily will avoid grease buildups and hardened stains, easing your job, preventing health concerns, and prolonging the life of commercial kitchen appliances. Establishing an everyday cleaning plan for the staff will make it easier to follow. You can set your schedule, including daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning tasks.

Some of the examples you should add to your cleaning list are brushing and wiping the stains and crumbs from the equipment daily, washing the racks and interior of the oven, cleaning out refrigerators and deep fryers weekly, and washing behind and underneath the fryers and ovens; sanitize ice machines; and washing vent hoods monthly.

Replacing Broken Components

When a part of your commercial kitchen equipment is broken, replacing it immediately is another point that will extend the lifespan of the equipment. Worn or broken parts may cause more damage to the equipment and reduce performance, requiring more money to replace.

Cleaning Vent Hood And Ducts

It may be overlooked, but the cleanliness of the vent hood and ducts can’t be neglected. Cleaning the grease and residue inside the hood, and scrubbing the ducts, daily or weekly, depending on your choice and the business volume, ensures hygiene and safety and meets health regulations.

Cleaning Grease Filters

Grease fires are one of the common dangers of commercial kitchens, and it is simple to avoid grease fires just by cleaning the grease filters regularly. You can establish a cleaning plan considering the usage frequency.

If the machine runs at %50 capacity in a week, making a weekly cleaning schedule will be enough. But if it’s used more constantly or you prepare more oily products, you can make a more frequent cleaning. Cleaning grease filters regularly reduces the amount of grease and dirt that accumulates in the duct and prevents blockages, extending the lifespan of commercial kitchen equipment.

Regular cleaning and maintenance keep your commercial kitchen equipment working accurately and well as in the extend the lifespan.

2. Proper Use and Handling

Using commercial kitchen equipment properly is another point that extends its lifespan. Knowing how to use each piece of equipment properly and ensuring little yet important maintenance points greatly affect the performance and lifetime of the equipment.

  • Proper installation is a crucial point affecting commercial kitchen equipment lifespan. It is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when installing or even hiring an expert if it’s too complex.
  • The simple the gaskets of the freezers and refrigerators look, the more essential they are. This little part that lines the edges of the freezer door greatly helps keep the cold air inside. When the gaskets are worn or get slits, the equipment works harder to maintain a safe temperature inside, shortening the commercial kitchen equipment lifespan. Wiping the gaskets once a week and inspecting for damage will contribute to lifespan extension.
  • Friers are one of the most used equipment in commercial kitchens that needs to be cleaned frequently. A comprehensive clean-out is essential for both the fryer and the hygiene of the food produced. Before renewing the oil, giving it a full clean, also known as boil out, will extend the lifespan of the equipment preventing accumulations. To boil out your fryer, you should first scrub and remove the accumulation from the walls of the fryer, then boil a mixture of water and detergent inside. After draining and giving a final brush, you can add new oil.
Proper Use and Handling extends your commercial kitchen equipment lifespan. A cook bakes food in an commercial oven in a restaurant kitchen.

3. Timely Repairs and Servicing

No matter how small the problem is, it can lead to bigger and more serious issues when not fixed. Inspecting your kitchen equipment regularly will help to detect the damages or issues earlier, saving money and extending commercial kitchen equipment lifespan. Checking through twice a week is ideal.

Every kitchen equipment may need repair after long use because of the wear and tear of the components and parts. Undoubtedly timely repair extends restaurant kitchen equipment lifespan and saves money that you could spend on new equipment if the current one is not serviced and fixed. Don’t forget to get professional help to ensure it’s done properly.

4. Train Staff on Equipment Usage

Training staff on equipment usage will make them handle the equipment properly, preventing possible damages and extending the lifespan of commercial kitchen equipment. Each employee should be instructed on each piece of equipment’s usage, maintenance, and cleaning. Assigning employees to learn using different equipment will make it easier and ensure they understand it thoroughly. Training with displays on handling complex equipment will ensure better learning and proper use, extending commercial kitchen equipment lifespan.

Training staff on equipment prevent possible damages and extend the lifespan of commercial kitchen equipment. Restaurant staff are on equipment training in a kitchen.

Invest in High-Quality Equipment

When you select high-quality equipment, you choose durability and reliability. These superior products are built to withstand the demanding conditions of a busy kitchen, ensuring they can handle heavy usage over an extended period.

Investing in such equipment can avoid frequent breakdowns and premature replacements, extending your commercial kitchen equipment lifespan. High-quality restaurant equipment is often constructed using advanced materials and innovative technologies, resulting in enhanced performance and efficiency. This means the equipment operates optimally, reducing wear and tear and contributing to its longevity. Overall, investing in high-quality equipment is a smart decision that improves the lifespan of commercial kitchen equipment and leads to smoother operations and increased cost savings in the long run.


Commercial kitchen equipment is a large-scale investment that should be chosen carefully since it affects the whole performance of operation and production. After purchasing, the next and essential point is to establish practices that will extend the lifespan of your commercial kitchen equipment. Maintaining, cleaning, inspecting, and training the staff are some of the simple tips for kitchen equipment care. Remember, keeping your commercial kitchen equipment will save you money and extend its lifespan and meet the required health and hygiene regulations.

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