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Deli Meat Slicers - Chef's Deal

Deli Meat Slicers Buying Guide

Deli meat slicers are designed to simplify meat slicing in commercial kitchen environments. Offering a fast and easy solution to cutting meat, these machines are capable of producing unified and consistent results for your establishment. Whether for a quick sale in a butcher shop or for a presentation on a fancy charcuterie board, your chosen piece of equipment will offer efficiency and functionality.

Deli meat slicers are varied, and you need to have a good grasp of their machination before you make a purchase. Getting the right slicer can influence your work pace and profits and create a more professional image with standardized product output. 

What is a Deli Meat Slicer? 

deli meat slicer-Berkel 330M-STD Manual Food Slicer- Chef's Deal

Deli meat slicers are pieces of equipment that slice meat in a unified manner. They are utilized in many settings, from home kitchens and small businesses to large, fast-paced restaurants and butcheries. There are different types of slicers, and based on your needs, you can invest in three main types: light duty, medium duty, or heavy duty.  

Deli Meat Slicer Sizes

1. Light-Duty Deli Meat Slicers

Generally, smaller establishments prefer light-duty models of deli meat slicers. They can handle 1-2 hours of work per day, and Their blade sizes are usually around 9-12 inches. While they are not the most versatile pieces, they will be sufficient for slow-paced kitchens with limited needs. You cannot utilize light-duty deli meat slicers to slice cheese or any other type of food. You need to be aware of how much you use them because overworking machines beyond their capabilities can harm their longevity and efficiency. These models are cheaper and will get the work done as long as you don’t push them over their capacities. 

2. Medium-Duty Deli Meat Slicers

These models are good for many commercial kitchens. They can take on more than their light-duty counterparts and usually have more safety features. They are equipped with more power to withstand longer use, and some medium-duty models might be suited for cheese slicing. You would need to consult the distributor or the brand before you try processing different products. 

3. Heavy-Duty Deli Meat Slicers

Many butchers and big restaurant owners prefer heavy-duty deli meat slicers for their capacity. These types of deli meat cutters process more meat within a day, and some models are equipped with a versatility that could accommodate cheese and vegetables. The design of these machines helps produce smoother slices faster, and due to their production rate, these models have more heightened safety features to prevent any harm befalling the staff during long work hours.

Deli Meat Slicer Features and What to Consider 

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In addition to capacity, there are several more features you need to examine when buying a meat slicer. A careful look into your needs and characteristics of deli meat slicers will give you a clearer view before purchasing.

  • The horsepower of a deli meat slicer shows how much and how fast the machine can slice. The higher the HP better. With more horsepower, you will be able to operate the machine longer within a day.
  • Blade size is another factor that affects the output of a deli meat slicer. While 12 inches is the most common size, heavy-duty models can have larger blades up to 14 inches.
  • A blade guard is a piece that protects the blade of the deli meat slicer. If you purchase a model with a movable guard, you can, later on, remove it for cleaning.
  • The sharpener is a piece of the machine that is designed to keep the blade sharp. This built-in feature allows you to keep your blade strong without needing to remove it.
  • Automatic or manual are the two main options when buying a deli meat slicer. While manual models might have a lower price tag, automatic models save you time and energy on busy work days.
  • Product carriage/ tray is the part of the deli meat slicer that allows you to place the food to be sliced. The tray size should be suited to the capacity you are aiming for.
  • The kickstand is a feature that helps with the cleaning process. Ensure your machine has it, so you don’t struggle cleaning it after use.
  • Gravity feed is a feature designed to minimize the physical effort that pushes the product into the slicer. With the angle this feature offers, it is easier to move the product into the machine. 

This overview of features can give you a glimpse of how the machine operates, and in light of these facts, you can find what you need. Make sure you know what you want from your deli meat slicer. To figure that out, you can pay attention to the following.

Bizerba GSP HD I W-90 Electric Food Slicer-Deli Meat Slicer - Chef's Deal
  • Functions: If you wish to use your deli meat slicer for multiple purposes, you need to make sure it can accommodate it. Some models will be able to cut cheese, veggies, and bread too. Some models have a wider range of slice thicknesses. Depending on what purpose you intend it for, invest in a model with proper tray size, horsepower, and blade size. 
  • Longevity: The longevity of any piece of equipment is ensured through the material used in its making. For deli meat slicers, you should opt for metal over plastic. Stainless steel is especially recommended for the blade. Stingy in the initial stage might cost you in the long run, so try investing in a sturdy machine. 
  • Noise: If you have a smaller kitchen space or can’t stand the noise, you can invest in a model that makes less noise than others.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance: Cleaning is an important element in the kitchen. Meat processors and other kitchen equipment need to be cleaned thoroughly and regularly. If your deli meat slicer has removable parts, you will have an easier time cleaning it. The kickstand is another feature that helps with cleaning. Also, some models will have pieces you can toss into the dishwasher. To minimize your efforts, you can opt for a model with many removable bits that a dishwasher can clean. Plus, the ease of disassembling will come in handy for maintenance works. 
  • Safety: Safety is a major consideration when it comes to deli meat slicers. These machines work fast and possess sharp blades. Safety locks are important features that ensure the blades stop once the device is out of use. Blade guards and such protective elements are also important. They provide the sharp blades of the machine that do not injure anyone and protect the blade against external factors. If you are purchasing a heavy-duty, large machine, ensure the slicer has steady and non-slip feet, so it does not endanger anyone while working.

Safety Measures You Should Take While Handling a Deli Meat Slicer

  • Read the manual thoroughly to familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of the machine.
  • A good understanding of its operation can save you much trouble.
  • Wear cut-resistant gloves and such protective gear when operating and cleaning the slicer.
  • Wear goggles and hair nets. Cuts are not the only possible danger when operating a deli meat slicer. You should protect yourself and the product from cross-contamination.
  • Ensure the safety locks work when the meat slicer is not in use.
  • Blade guards should be in place to protect both the knife and the user.
  • Gauge plate interlock is a measure the producer takes to protect the user. This feature ensures that the tray is unremovable till the gauge plate is set to zero. Extra steps placed between possibly dangerous actions and the operator minimize accidents. 

FAQ About Deli Meat Slicers 

Should the blade of the deli meat slicer be serrated or flat?

Flat-thin blades are best for meat slicers. Serrated pieces are usually utilized in models that focus on bigger chunks of food. 

How often should I clean my deli meat slicer?

While it does depend on how much you use it, you should wipe it after each use to prevent cross-contamination, and you need to clean it properly once a day. It will take about 15 minutes. Make sure you reach all the nooks and corners to avoid health hazards. 

How often should I sharpen the blade of my deli meat slicer?

As mentioned, some models come with sharpeners to internally deal with this problem. If that is not the case for your machine, try to sharpen the blade once a week. Especially heavy-duty models will require some care for longevity. 

Can I use a deli meat slicer to slice other products?

Not all meat slicers will accommodate other foods, but if you have a heavy or medium-duty machine, you might be able to utilize the slicer for cheese, bread, and veggies. Check-in with the distributor to make sure your model can accommodate such versatility. 


Deli meat slicers are remarkable pieces of equipment. They are quite functional, and thanks to their many features, you can easily slice your meat. Investing in a commercial meat slicer will take a significant step for your business and open the door to new possibilities in the services you offer.

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