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Hobart: High-Quality, Consistency, and Unmatched Servis

Hobart is a leading manufacturer in the commercial kitchen equipment industry, and the Company has been around for over a century. In their long years of service, they proved themselves to be a reliable brand and are dedicated to good food and its power to bring people together. Their mission to provide great food for great people reflects on the high-quality products they manufacture. From famous dishwashers and mixers to various cooking and weighing products, Hobart carved a steady place in the industry with their diverse collection.

Hobart Brand History 

Hobart was founded in 1897 in Ohio. Over a century ago, they set out to provide top-notch support to food service establishments of all kinds. The Company is divided into two main branches; manufacturing and service. Hobart Service is the backbone of the brand, keeping quality and efficiency superior. You can reach Hobart Service in 125 locations across the US and Canada and benefit from their expert teams to ensure you are always up to the task. In addition to an excellent support network, it is worth noting that Hobart is an ITW Food Equipment Group LLC family brand with Baxter, Traulsen, Vulcan, Wolf, Berkel, Gaylord, Kairak, Somat, and Stero.

Hobart Products

Hobart has a wide range of products that can give your kitchen an expert touch. Dishwashers, food prep equipment, and various products for cooking, weighing, and wrapping food can be found under the brand’s name. They all offer unique features and benefits to your business, and it is worth looking into what you can acquire from such a well-established name in the industry. 

1. Hobart Dish Machines

Hobart dish machines might be the most famous of the batch. They are popular due to the fact that they produce outstanding results with very little energy and water consumption. They are preferred for their efficiency and reliability. Also, The Company likes to define their dishwasher performance as “Hobart Clean,” coining the brand name as a form of certification. There are five pillars Hobart holds supreme in their dishwasher standards:

  • Wash performance standard ensures your dishwasher is delivering on its promise to be Hobart clean. It creates spotless dishes for a spotless reputation. 
  • The food safety principle makes sure each wash is up to NSF standards. This is achieved through various features such as temperature assurance and onboard safety guarding. 
  • Operational efficiency means ease of use. Dishwashers are easy to operate, and they are capable of handling hard dishes.
  • Lifetime value truly sets Hobart apart. These dishwashers use the least energy and water while producing the best results, making your investment worth every penny. You can rest assured that a Hobart dishwasher will last a long time. 
  • Teamwork is the last but not the least of what the Company believes in. With its nationwide service system and digital guidelines, Hobart has your back from the moment you choose to be a part of the family. 

In line with these values and standards, Hobart offers a range of dishwashers for different environments. You can make a choice based on your space, budget, and overall needs. 

  • Hobart flight-type dishwashers significantly reduce energy spending and installation cost. They are very effective and will save you a lot in the long run. They will be extremely useful in fast-paced environments since they are very efficient and fast.
  • Hobart conveyor types are also energy-star qualified and can be relied on in big commercial kitchens. It is interesting to note that Hobart dishwashers have the highest recorded uptime in the industry, which means they will not let you down in the middle of a busy day. 
  • Hobart door-type dishwasher series includes models that have the lowest operating cost available. They are highly durable and also energy efficient. 
  • Hobart undercounter dishwashers are the most famous and popular among commercial kitchens. Its form is suited to many different environments, and its spotless operation solidifies its spot on top. 
  • Hobart glasswashers are specifically designed to wash glassware. To protect glass products, these models are gentler and ensure no chemical residues are left on the dishes. 
  • Hobart pot, pan, and utensil dishwashers are the result of insightful manufacturing. Although these products are used the most and needed the fastest, the Company offers a way to clean them quickly. Like their counterparts, these models are energy efficient too.
  • Hobart industrial dishwashers are manufactured for more intense environments. Dishwashers are needed to clean many different types of materials. These industrial models offer a thorough sanitation process that can take care of more than basic food stains. 

2. Hobart Cooking Equipment 

Cooking equipment is an essential piece in a commercial kitchen. It would help if you had longevity and reliability when it comes to these products. Hobart cooking equipment offers both and more. In case of a mishap, having Hobart service at your disposal is a major plus. There are two major pieces you should look into:

  • Hobart convection ovens are good for high-demand environments. They offer high-quality results but more than that, they deserve praise for energy efficiency. It will reduce your energy bills, and if you choose to invest in an electric model, your carbon footprint too. Though, Hobart also offers models powered by gas and electricity.
  • Hobart steamers are made with seafood and deli products in mind. Designed to accommodate the treatment of such types of food, these steamers are highly sought by delis and seafood restaurants. They reduce cooking time significantly and are very easy to operate and clean. The design features include an auto-drain JetDrain system that allows constant steaming and easy cleaning, which are both very important features.  

3. Hobart Food Prep Equipment

Food prep includes various stages, such as chopping, mixing, or processing. With Hobart food prep equipment, you can cover almost all bases. There are three major equipment categories you should look out for: 

  • Hobart mixers are incredibly useful products. Whether you need a mixer for some dough or cream, you will find a suitable one from Hobart. You can invest in a floor model or a countertop based on your space.
  • Hobart food processors are well-designed and efficient. They can dice, shred, and process your products quickly, saving you time and energy. They produce consistent and unified results, which matters most in a food processor. Plus, they are equipped with a patented Hobart feature called SureSense, which helps you control the speed.
  • Hobart meat slicers are quite versatile. Heavy-duty models can handle various types of food, such as cheese and veggies. You are bound to find a model suited to your business, and if you need help figuring out what you need, you can look into our article about meat slicers. 

4. Hobart Weighing and Wrapping Products

Precision in the kitchen is an essential consideration. It would help if you were thorough with the amounts you use. Wrapping and packaging require equal attention too. The Company also offers a few solutions in these areas:

  • Scales by Hobart are quite innovative. There are different models you can pick from. HT Service Scale is a popular option. The fact that the data of the scale can be accessed remotely makes data management easier. Self-service machines are also quite common in places with self-service business models.
  • The wrapping products of Hobart are designed to make wrapping as fast and sanitary as possible. To recognize its customers’ needs, Hobart offers wrapping machines in different sizes to fit every kind of business. Depending on your needs, you can select from automatic machines or manual wrappers. 


Hobart is a titan of the industry with its long history and unmatched services. There is much to be gained from investing in their products since they prioritize energy saving, high-quality work, and the customer. If you choose to purchase Hobart products, you can rest assured that they will be durable and reliable.  

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