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National Coffee Day and 13 Ways to Celebrate It - Chef's Deal

National Coffee Day and 13 Ways to Celebrate It

National Coffee Day marks our calendars on the 29th of September each year. Dedicated to a drink of great value, it is a whole day celebrating all shades of coffee. It has been there for us on our busy work days or while cramming for a big exam. It had woken us up when we needed it or offered us some comfort when we felt down.

As the most popular beverage in the united states, coffee is drunk by 62% of the population daily. National Coffee Day unites the devout coffee lovers and offers them a chance to profess their loves the best way they know how; by drinking, thinking, and doing all things coffee. 

History of Coffee

Coffee is as rich in history as it is in flavor. Oral accounts of it go back centuries and centuries, while the evidence points to the 15th century specifically. It is believed that it first emerged around modern-day Ethiopia and spread out from there.

national coffee day- chef's deal

Trade routes and wars had a big role in its spreading. While there are no definitive accounts of how coffee was first discovered, some people claim that it was by travelers who noticed birds with extreme vitality. By observing the birds feeding on coffee seeds, the travelers tried the same and discovered coffee. Through trial and error, they eventually learned ways of brewing it. Towards the 17th century, “coffee houses” started to appear in Europe, and these places can be considered ancestors of modern cafes. 

History of National Coffee Day 

National Coffee Day has a vague history. Before the US declared its own National Coffee Day, coffee addicts all around the world united on International Coffee Day, which marks the 1st of October. Around 2005, the US gathered around the idea of a national coffee day, and the 29th of September ended up being the date for it. In the early 2000s, many other countries did the same, and now there are many countries all around the globe celebrating coffee officially, not one but two days a year. Not to mention the daily rituals of coffee lovers, of course. 

Celebration Ideas for Individuals on National Coffee Day

National Coffee Day is dear to our hearts, and there are many cool ways to celebrate it. Whether you are aiming for a quiet, cozy night or an all-out celebration, there is something for you on this list. 

  1. Go to your favorite coffee house to enjoy your favorite cup of coffee. This low-key activity is a perfect way to take a quiet moment to appreciate coffee on National Coffee Day.
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  1. Try a coffee you have never tried before. Coffee has many types, and most of us keep to our usuals. You can use National Coffee Day as an opportunity to discover a new favorite order.
  1. Try to make your coffee order. Coffee machines for home use can do wonders for you. Invest in one and try to create your flavors.
national coffee day- chef's deal
  1. Try different methods of coffee making: cold, hot, filtered, cold drip, and many more. Have your pick and try it on National Coffee Day.
  1. Try to do some latte art. There are many tutorials online. You can try to imitate those or create your pattern. 
national coffee day- chef's deal
  1. Make your loved ones a cup of coffee and enjoy the warmth of the drink and the company. Coffee is the star of dates and meet-ups, after all. You can have a date with it on National Coffee Day.
  1. Attend a coffee-tasting event or a coffee-making workshop. It is possible to find such events on this special day, and it can be a great chance to immerse yourself in the scent of your favorite beverage among your fellow coffee addicts.
  1. Invite all your friends over to have a day over coffee. You can even tell fortunes from your coffee cups if you make Turkish coffee!

Celebration Ideas for Businesses on National Coffee Day 

Businesses can thrive on special days, and National Coffee Day is perfect for cafes all around. Take this opportunity to highlight your flavors and attract more customers. 

  1. Organize an event for your returning customers to meet each other. Such warm events that unite people over their common interests will increase their loyalty and create a more vibrant environment for you and your workers.
national coffee day-chef's deal
  1. Create a new flavor of coffee for National Coffee Day. It might be a hit or miss, but it is an adventurous take and one your customers will appreciate.
national coffee day- chef's deal-Unic TACE Espresso Cappuccino Machine
  1. Offer discounts or campaigns special to National Coffee Day. Show your customers you care and attract more customers with your prices.
  1. Invest in a new commercial coffee machine. It might be time you upped your game. A good machine will greatly improve your coffee’s taste, and your customers will surely notice. Coffee is a need for many and one they will not tolerate if it is not good. You need to ensure you are on top of your game in terms of taste. National Coffee Day can be the perfect opportunity to serve your good but improved flavors.
  1. Share a post dedicated to National Coffee Day on your social media accounts. Your appreciation will reach a wider audience, and you’ll be spreading the love of coffee. 


National Coffee Day is a special day for many people both around the globe and across the US. It is a chance to celebrate everyone’s favorite drink while having a great day dedicated to it. Take this day to reflect on what coffee means for you and enjoy your cup with your loved ones for a beautiful day. Happy National Coffee Day!

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