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How To Start a Sushi Restaurant in 9 Steps - Chef's Deal

How to Start a Sushi Restaurant

Sushi is a Japanese delicacy made of rice, raw fish, seafood, veggies, and nori, an edible seaweed sheet. There are a dozen sushi types, some made with veggies or tropical fruits and sometimes cooked or served raw. This healthy food is very versatile; you can find one that will suit your taste, and because it is a light meal, you can eat it at any time of the day. Since this food has lovers worldwide, sushi restaurants can be found in almost every country. And because of the rising demand for this delicate cuisine, following the `how to start a sushi restaurant‘ steps, you have a high chance of success in this business type.

How to Start a Sushi Restaurant- Chef's Deal

9 Steps For Starting A Sushi Restaurant

1. Feasibility Report

Making a feasibility report is a good idea before starting a sushi restaurant. What exactly is a feasibility report? It is the local business market information’s complete collection. Making a feasibility report will assist you in knowing the potential challenges the concept may occur and if the business will be successful. This research may help you save money in the long run and ensure you’re making the best business decisions possible. A feasibility study contains information on the area’s demographics, busiest places, local competitors, and other topics.

2. Make a Plan

Before beginning any work, making a plan allows us to see every aspect and requirement of the job, removing confusion and failure. Making a plan includes creating a brand for your operation, the design and appearance of your restaurant, and the necessary equipment. You will need to find employees and a source of fish for your sushi restaurant. Making a detailed plan will help you find a fund to start your sushi restaurant.

3. Finding Capital

The next step after making a plan is finding capital If you are not putting all the money when starting the sushi restaurant yourself. You can request loans, seek investors, or even start your business as a food truck and raise capital to start a brick-and-mortar sushi restaurant like most people.

4. Finding the Right Location

The busiest locations are the best for food service businesses but are mostly the more expensive ones. Do not forget to consider available parking, the size of the place, and surrounding companies. Ensure the surrounding matches the concept and aesthetic you want your restaurant to be. Researching the competitors and the successful and failed businesses in the area will help you gain important information.

5. Know Your Target Market

Sushi admirers are increasing all the time. People of all ages and cultures enjoy sushi’s unique and diverse flavors. Sushi is popular for a variety of reasons. Some like the taste while others prefer it for being a healthy meal. Throughout the years, chefs created new combinations that impressed the rise in the popularity of the sushi concept.

Your target market is, of course, those who love sushi, but not all sushi lovers prefer eating in sushi restaurants. Some people like to do it on their own or order from a store. So, you can organize DIY sessions on special days at your restaurant and make arrangements to provide service for home orders. Your target market generally includes young people or families who want to eat healthy, experience new tastes, or value fine food and are ready to pay for it. Additionally, young people love the experience of eating fine-looking and delicate sushi at a restaurant while socializing with their friends.

6. Provide Authenticity

There are a hundred types of sushi, and sushi fans, or experts,  give importance to authenticity. As well as the connoisseurs of sushi, some people try it for the first time or eat it to have a different experience. You can provide authenticity not just with the food but also with the ambiance and decoration of your sushi restaurant. Offering various types of sushi and achieving authenticity means you are doing great with your sushi restaurant.

Provide Authenticity- How to Start a Sushi Restaurant- Chef's Deal

7. Marketing Strategy           

Developing a marketing strategy is a part of your plan and will determine your target group. Depending on your marketing strategy, you can either have an economical sushi restaurant catering to families and serving for 7/24 or a fine dining sushi restaurant with delicate and unique sushi types and east Asian cuisine. Using social media as an advertising tool is a good idea in the current digital age, or running promotions will be helpful.

8. The Chef

After developing a detailed business plan, from the location of the sushi restaurant to its decoration, it is time to find a chef or be the chef who will make the sushi. If you serve both as the owner and the chef of the operation, you need to be an expert in making sushi (if you are not already). The right chef is a win-or-lose choice for a sushi restaurant. Additionally, it would be best if you learned various types of sushi, which fish are the best for sushi, and where you will get the fish from.

9. Hiring Employees

Employees are another essential part of a business that will affect the effective workflow and the success of your operation. Trained employees will serve precisely and provide customer satisfaction, which is an essential point for the future success of your sushi restaurant.


Sushi is a popular delicacy worldwide, and starting a sushi restaurant will be a profitable enterprise. You will know how to start a sushi restaurant after making a detailed plan and ensuring you have the right sushi equipment and quality ingredients, no matter where you are.

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