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Why Do You Need Chef Base Refrigerators and Freezers - Chef's Deal

6 Reasons Why You Should Have Chef Base Refrigerators and Freezers

Time is of the essence when customers are waiting, and freshness is one quality you cannot compromise. So, what do you do to create and maintain this tricky balance in your work environment? You invest in equipment that is specifically designed for this purpose. Chef base refrigerators and freezers have become the staples of commercial kitchens upon this need, and they are what chefs rely on to deliver fresh and good results.

Chef base refrigerators and freezers are true game-changers in the sense that they resolve one of the biggest strains of working in a fast-paced kitchen; keeping food fresh and ready to cook. Yet, their benefits are not restricted to this; they have much to elevate you and your business.

What are Chef Base Refrigerators and Freezers?

Chef base refrigerators and freezers are stylish pieces of equipment that provide the chef with a well-endowed preparation and cooking area. Usually placed under a grill, they are meant to store the products that will be cooked very soon. Even though they are not meant for long-term storage, having a chef-base refrigerator and freezer allows the staff easy access to the products that will be cooked within the day while preserving the freshness of the food. Chef base refrigerators and freezers usually have two to six drawers and can contain many ingredients. 

The fact that these bases possess refrigeration functions distinguishes them from regular prep tables and equipment stations. It would help if you remembered that while they are useful, in hot and intense environments, you cannot keep many products outside waiting till cooking time. Meat and many vegetables are examples since they will rot away easily in a humid environment. So, if you are dealing with such products in a high-temperature environment, don’t take a risk and invest in a refrigerated chef base. 

Chef base refrigerator- Chef's Deal

What are the Benefits of Chef Base Refrigerators and Freezers?

While some of the benefits of chef base refrigerators and freezers are obvious, there are more benefits than meets the eye. Upon closer inspection, you will see that such an investment will gain you some or all of the following benefits;

  1. Efficient use of space is a satisfying benefit with chef base refrigerators and freezers. You get to maximize the use you get out of one small area by having it serve multiple purposes. The drawers at the bottom offer good storage space, while the top area is perfect for a grill or a cooking area. This is especially great if you are running a small business and can’t allocate too much space to storage. This will take a load off your mind.
  1. Convenience and pacing are important on a busy day. Hopefully, if busy days are all you got, you will be calculating every minute, and the convenience chef bases will bring will ensure time is your friend. It might not seem like much in theory, but having all your ingredients right under your hand is a great perk. Instead of running from one corner to another, you will have everything fresh and ready in a drawer. 
  1. They will keep things fresh for you. For a reason, these products are often found in grillers, burger shops, and similar establishments; to act efficiently since most cooks prefer to have everything on the counter for themselves. While it makes the prepping easier and faster, it can cause some products to wait out unnecessarily and lose their freshness. In some bases, you will see that drawers are divided into sections for the storage of different products. So, by utilizing this feature, you can have all you need in the same place without compromising the freshness of the ingredients. 
  1. The wide selection of sizes and capacity among chef-base refrigerators and freezers is a great perk. Based on your specific needs, you can find a base that fits your space and is capable of containing your products.
  1. The durability of the equipment is an important detail. Since most chef bases are used with cooking areas on top, they are quite resistant to heat and can function well under the demanding atmosphere of a commercial kitchen.
  1. Thanks to its sturdy design, the upper surface of the chef base can be utilized in various ways ranging from an equipment area to a griddle. Most buyers take this feature for granted since it is commonly used as a cooking area, but it is worth remembering that the space on top is quite versatile and can be used in different ways. 
Adcraft USCB-72 72" 4 Drawer Chef Base Refrigerator, 15 cu. ft. - Why Do You Need Chef Base Refrigerators and Freezers - Chef's Deal

Things to Consider Before Buying a Chef Base Refrigerator and Freezer. 

It would be best to consider several things before buying a chef base refrigerator and freezer. To find the right one for you, take the following details into account; 

  • Space is an important point regardless of your purchase. While this commercial equipment will increase space efficiency, it still needs considerable room in your kitchen. The width of the unit can range from 32 inches to 120. After assessing the area, you can allocate for chef base refrigerators and freezers you can make your purchase. 
  • Capacity in chef base refrigerators and freezers can be measured in drawers. While the width is an important factor, the number of drawers on the unit will give you a better idea. You can get a unit with 2 to 8 drawers based on your needs and allocate your products between these sections. The more drawers you have, the more products you can store. You can even dedicate certain drawers to certain foods and create an efficient system.
  • Demand is a crucial point in any purchase. How often will you use that product? If you have a big kitchen and a lot of customers, you might need a heavy-duty model to handle the heat. A regular model will suffice your need if you have a smaller customer base. A correct assessment of the demand will help you allocate your resources and energy in the right way.
Turbo Air PRCBE-48R-N 48" 2 Drawers PRO Series Refrigerator Chef Base, 6.83 cu. ft.-Why Do You Need Chef Base Refrigerators and Freezers - Chef's Deal
  • Ventilation is a big concern with any equipment that exudes heat. Ensure you have good airflow; otherwise, chef base refrigerators and freezers might not function as they should. 

Brands for Chef Bases

There are many brands that manufacture chef bases, but we have listed a wide range of considerable vendor names so that you can get an idea and see different models.

  • Adcraft
  • Arctic Air
  • Atosa USA
  • Beverage Air
  • Blue Air
  • Continental Refrigerator
  • Delfield
  • Dukers Appliance Co
  • Electrolux Professional
  • Everest
  • Hoshizaki
  • IKON
  • Imperial
  • Jade
  • Kelvinator
  • Kool-It
  • Maxx Cold
  • Migali
  • Montague Company
  • Norpole
  • Omcan USA
  • Serv-Ware
  • Southbend
  • Spartan Refrig
  • Tarrison
  • True
  • Turbo Air
  • U-Line
  • Valpro
  • Victory
  • Vulcan
  • Wolf


Chef base refrigerators and freezers are a great addition to your commercial kitchen. With the right decision, you can have one to support your needs, such as increasing space efficiency, providing stream workflow, saving time, enabling more storage space, and working with one of the top brand’s equipment.

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