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Industrial Undercounter Dishwashers - Chef's Deal

Industrial Undercounter Dishwashers

Industrial undercounter dishwashers are commercial equipment designed with high power to wash the high amount of wares in commercial kitchens. They are smaller-sized counterparts of commercial dishwashers designed to fit under counters. Industrial undercounter dishwashers are perfect solutions for small-sized establishments with limited space since the capacity is not the same as full-size units. But they have numerous advantages, such as being energy efficient and requiring less space for small establishments.

An industrial undercounter dishwasher may look the same as residential models. Still, it is designed to fit under the counter and stand commercial usage with a cleaning power almost equal to a larger commercial dishwasher.

The industrial undercounter dishwashers mostly have pull-down doors and have a cleaning capacity of 20 to 40 racks in an hour. There are two types, low or high-temperature industrial undercounter dishwashers. Here are the features and differences between the two.

High-Temp Vs. Low-Temp Undercounter Dishwasher

The temperature of industrial undercounter dishwashers can be either low or high. Low-temperature industrial undercounter dishwashers are capable of washing between 120-140°F, which is not hot enough to sanitize the dishes alone. So low-temperature industrial undercounter dishwashers require sanitizers to properly clean.

Fagor Dishwashing CO-500W Undercounter Dishwasher - Chef's Deal

Low-temp industrial undercounter dishwashers need to be refilled with chemical sanitizers once a week or a month. They use iodine or chlorine to clean the wares. They are safe and comply with regulations when used properly, but they may affect the flavor of the food items. And their cost can overrun the cost of the dishwasher in the long term. If you do not want to use chemicals for sanitation, you can turn your low-temp dishwasher into a high-temp by investing in a booster heater. Besides, the high-temp washers’ booster heater may cause higher utility costs since they consume more energy.

High-temperature industrial undercounter dishwashers do not require chemical sanitizers, thanks to the built-in booster heaters, which raise the heat of the warm water to 180°F, hot enough to sanitize dishes and kill bacteria. As a plus, this high temperature leads to evaporating, which shortens the drying time.

High-temp undercounter dishwashers do not have the risk of discoloring or corroding the materials of the cookware. Since they have a built-in booster heater to sanitize with high temperatures, they may seem costly upfront but often pay for themselves over time because they do not need a regular chemical supply.

Freestanding Vs Built-In Undercounter Dishwashers

CMA Undercounter Dishwasher, UC65E 24inc, High Temp - Chef's Deal

While freestanding dishwashers can operate by a hose connected to a sink, built-in industrial undercounter dishwashers require plumbing to your kitchen’s water line. Freestanding undercounter dishwashers are typically smaller than built-in types, but they are more flexible in terms of replacement. Built-in undercounter dishwashers have many advantages. They will occupy a little cabinet space but save you floor space simultaneously. Their integration with your kitchen’s cabinets will provide a seamless workflow and work more quietly, thanks to insulating padding. The plumbing system will simplify your work by removing the need to connect it to a sink.

What is a Booster Heater?

Jackson Steam Booster Heater, WWS 05700-002-98-86 - Chef's Deal

A booster heater is a kind of water heater that raises the temperatures of a dishwasher’s rinse water to sanitize the dishes properly. It increases the temperatures up to 180°F, which will produce hygienic and cleaner dishes. Using a booster heater will eliminate the need for additional sanitizing chemicals since the district regulations say they are unnecessary if the water reaches a temperature of at least 180°F.

Investing in a booster heater will prevent soapy flavors and impurities on dishes. As a plus, the high temperatures of a booster heater will make the dishes dry faster than the dishes rinsed in low-temp dishwashers and eliminate the water stains on glassware. You can place it easily anywhere near your dishwasher through its compact size.

Considerations To Decide For The Size Of Your Industrial Undercounter Dishwasher

You can consider these key points to decide if an industrial undercounter dishwasher will be enough for you or if you need a secondary dishwasher.

Jet-Tech Undercounter Dishwasher, EV18 , High-Temp With Booster - Chef's Deal

1. Dimensions

One of the most important parts to consider is the available space in your commercial kitchen. Is there enough space to fit a full-sized commercial dishwasher? Or, depending on the needed capacity, will an industrial undercounter dishwasher suffice? The dimensions of an average industrial undercounter dishwasher are W600 x D600 x H825mm, with 400×400 mm or 500×500 mm sized baskets.

2. Restaurant Type

Restaurant type is another factor to consider when deciding the size of your dishwasher. As well as the volume of your operation and size of the establishment, your restaurant’s type affects the amount of dishes since the table turnover times and quantity of dishes used by each client differs. For example, the table turnover time in a fine dining restaurant will be lower, while the ware number will be higher compared to a casual restaurant.

3. Busy Hours

Deciding which industrial undercounter dishwasher to buy will give better results on a busy day at your restaurant. Considering the capacity needed on most active days and choosing a dishwasher to handle it will succeed.

4. Dishes Of Kitchen

Not to forget that the plates and cutlery are not the only dishes that will go into a dishwasher. When choosing a dishwasher, you need to consider your kitchen dishes. Make sure your dishwasher can handle the cookware such as pans and pots additionally to the dining room dishes.

How To Install An Industrial Undercounter Dishwasher

Eurodib USA Undercounter Dishwasher, F92DYDPS - Chef's Deal

An industrial undercounter dishwasher is perfect for being a compact unit and saving floor space in commercial kitchens. It is not hard to install, but since it requires electricity and water to work, there is some plumbing job. You can simply install your industrial undercounter dishwasher by following the instructions below.

1. Before installing your dishwasher, you must shut the water and electricity off using the shut-off valves.

2. You need to drill a hole in the floor on the left, and two inches from the back wall using a 2-inch hole saw, hold the drill precisely upright, and drill applying pressure. 

3. You will use the existing water supply tubes, which lead to the faucet for your dishwasher. Connect the dishwasher tubes for the hot and cold water and direct them towards the dishwasher cabinet. You can position the pipes using elbows beneath the sink, where they will be laid on the floor.

4. Now it’s the turn of electrical connection. It would be best if you had a junction box near where you put the dishwasher, and you will connect the electrical harness to the box through the hole in the floor. Wire nuts are required to attach the power cables to the wires in the box. 

5. Use the hose clamp to securely connect the soft hose to a “T” fitting by cutting the sink drain above the p-trap. And to connect the water pipes to your dishwasher, place a compression fitting at the ends of the copper tubes. Connect the tubes to the dishwasher after covering the thread’s ends with teflon tape and tighten the compression nuts.

6. You are all done with the connection! Now you can move your industrial undercounter dishwasher in the place, ensuring no pipes or cables are disconnected or bent during sliding. And to test, turn on the electricity and the water. Then start your industrial undercounter dishwasher to see if there are any leaks.


Starting a food-service business may not be easy, and keeping it flowing is more demanding. A commercial kitchen has a variety of requirements, both labor and equipment, and a dishwasher is one of the most important points to keep everything in the groove.

An industrial undercounter dishwasher is essential for small businesses or as an additional unit to large-volume operations with multiple advantages. CMA undercounter dishwashers and Fagor undercounter dishwashers are some of the leading brands offering a selection of durable and energy-efficient undercounter dishwashers. Deciding what kind of dishwasher you need after considering the pros and cons of an industrial undercounter dishwasher and your kitchen’s requirements is simple: You can choose from low or high-temperature and freestanding or built-in undercounter dishwashers according to your capacity, space, and budget. 


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