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Metro Storage Solutions and Shelving - Chef's Deal

Metro Storage Solutions & Innovative Storage Methods

Metro Storage Solutions are considered a household name in the storage product market. They have done their job so well that the brand’s name became a synonym for shelving. A long history of experience in the field and numerous success stories in different areas of the sector made Metro a trustworthy brand in the eyes of a wide range of customers.

While they serve various needs, it is safe to claim that Metro Storage Solutions is a topic of its own, not just by name but also by the service they offer. Thanks to the brand’s creative and innovative methods, most business owners manage to find a storage solution suited to their business model.

Metro Storage Solutions and Shelving History 

Metro Storage Solutions have a long history dating back to 1929. What started as a project of a self-made engineer named Louis Maslow ended up introducing wire products to the food industry. As a game-changer in its field, the Company claims to exceed expectations in every sense and has over 200 patented products to back up its claims. Their first patent was a wire whisk; from then on, the brand developed and grew rapidly.

Over the years, they have expanded into non-wire products to improve their reach and continue to work towards being an indispensable brand on the market. In fact, their long-lasting success and commitment to improvement have earned them a spot as an industry titan already, and in 2015 Metro was acquired by Ali Group.

Metro Storage Solutions Products

As the global leader in storage and shelving, Metro Storage Solutions’ products can be found in various environments ranging from restaurant kitchens to healthcare clinics. 

1. Metro Shelving and Racks

Metro Storage Solutions-Metro N456BR Wire Shelving Unit- Chef's Deal

Metro’s official title is not Metro Storage Solutions and Shelving for nothing. The service they provided over the years redefined the brand’s name to mean shelving and made it impossible to separate these two things. They have over 20 different types of shelves and racks. The primary types are as follows:

  • Wire Shelving Units were first introduced by Metro Storage Solutions. They are specifically designed to maintain airflow within the shelf and minimize dust collection on the stored items. They also provide the benefit of a more accessible storage unit since it is easier to see around the shelves. 
  • Plastic Shelves are usually preferred for their low price and ease of cleaning. Yet, Metro Storage Solutions carried the function of these types of shelves a step further. Using advanced polymer increased the durability of plastic shelves significantly to the point that they can compete with metal shelves. Some of these shelves have a holding weight of 800 lbs, and they are classified as heavy-duty despite being plastic.
  • Wall Shelving is not based on material but the form. These units are built for small spaces and installed on the walls to not take up much-needed floor space. 
  • Track Shelving is a method of increasing capacity or rather using a given space more efficiently. These models are uniquely built by Metro Storage Solutions to increase capacity by as much as 50% while keeping your floor space open. There are different constructions that grant mobility and ease of access to track shelf units and make them very appealing choices for small areas. 

In addition to these forms of shelving, Metro Storage Solutions have a 3D shelf-building tool that you could use to communicate your needs and get a custom product for your establishment. 

Most Prominent Shelving And Rack Products of Metro Storage Solutions

Metro Storage Solutions - Metro RE3S Mobile Utility Rack - Chef's Deal

It is noteworthy to mention some of the most prominent shelving and rack products from Metro.

  • Drying Racks of Metro Storage Solutions are designed to promote fast drying. What’s good about these units is that they have room for removable pans in their design which you could use to prevent dripping from upper shelves to the lower ones or the floor. 
  • Can Storage Racks are usually high-capacity units holding about ten cans a rack. Metro Storage Solutions also have its unique spin on these products with the adjustable design. The patented corner releases, which could be found in many other products, allow you to adjust the racks without a hustle. Also, these units are highly adaptable and can be used for multiple purposes.
  • Utility Racks are rather basic units. Metro Storage Solutions offer mobile units with proper airflow and accessible cleaning features. These products can be used in many establishments with their sturdy structure, and they are usually found in hospitals and cannabis facilities as well as commercial kitchens.
  • Tray Racks are standard pieces of equipment in various fields. Metro Storage Solutions tray racks are particularly popular thanks to their pass-thru design, a feature that allows users to load the unit from one side and unload it from the other. This little detail comes in handy in fast-paced environments.
  • Security Shelving is a more specialized unit in its function. Primarily used in storing dangerous or pricey items, these are designed to protect the products from harm and theft. The unit’s structure still allows for visibility yet does not allow access without unlocking the door. The material used in construction is sturdy enough to withstand damage and breaks. Metro Storage Solutions have three different types of finish for different environments and products when it comes to security shelving. You can either go with stainless steel for regular settings or choose from dry or damp environment-oriented units. 
  • Basket Shelving is a logical alternative to plastic bins to store loose items. What makes this useful is primarily its ease of reach and the fact that dust accumulation will be minimized. You can keep a range of products in these units, such as condiments and small tools for various uses.
  • Dunnage Racks are simple racks to keep products off the floor. Health codes require you to keep your stored items at least 12 inches off the ground, and Metro products are in line with this rule to keep you and your items safe.
  • Pan Racks are essential commercial kitchen products and can be found in all sorts of environments. Going with a Metro product is especially wise if you run a bakery since you need adjustable shelves to let your dough rise.
  • Lug Racks are similar to the other racks and mainly differ in terms of their capacity. They can be used to carry bulkier products.
  • Keg Storage Racks are some of the strongest racks of Metro Storage Solutions. They are built to withstand the weight of full kegs and remain unharmed during loading and unloading. 
  • Slanted Shelving is suitable for merchandising purposes. The shelves are at a 45-degree angle in most models, which provides proper visual access for browsing. These can be used for sale purposes and ease of organization in storage rooms. 

2. Metro Storage Solutions Carts 

Metro Storage Solutions aren’t limited to shelves, even though that’s what they are most famous for. They have numerous products to help with different types of storage needs. Carts and dollies are vital to their operation since many other sectors require them for simultaneous storage and transportation. There are two main types of carts: Utility and medical.

–  Utility Carts

Metro Storage Solutions - Metro MQUC2436G-35 Plastic Bussing Utility Transport Cart - Chef's Deal

Utility carts are more commonly used in commercial kitchen environments and have three main variations. 

  1. Plastic Carts are made for everyday use and have a simple structure that can adapt to different environments and tasks. You can choose from several color options and customize your cart with the storage accessories Metro Storage Solutions offer. 
  2. Insulated Plastic Food Carriers are pretty helpful products. The plastic containers keep the food safe and warm for 5+ hours, and they have an ergonomic design for ease of transportation. 
  3. Wire Carts carry Metro Storage Solutions’ signature design to a mobile medium. Wire carts are usually heavy-duty and quite sturdy in comparison to their plastic counterparts. They can be utilized in different environments, too, without an issue.
  4. Housekeeping Carts have many different models ranging from cleaning carts to laundry carts. Hotels especially prefer these models to carry around housekeeping and cleaning equipment. Their design makes it easy to push these carts around without interacting with the carried items (whether laundry or dangerous chemicals). It offers an opportunity to organize the cart as you wish. You can opt for polymer carts if you want to have more durability. 
  5. Restocking Carts could be considered a type of housekeeping cart. They are used to restock minibars and contain various compartments to carry different items. Drawers are spacious and have self-closing slides for ease of operation. 

–  Medical Carts

Medical carts are more varied than their utility counterparts. While some of the utility models can be used in medical environments, healthcare clinics and laboratories can have more nuanced needs. Metro has a wide selection to match the demand and ensure you are covered.  Most models have Basix, Flexline, and Starsys options.

  1. Anesthesia Carts are designed to accommodate everything anesthesia related in a sleek and accessible way. There are a variety of models you could choose from based on your capacity needs.
  2. Crash Carts of Metro Storage Solutions are suited to the urgent nature of their function. Built with a fifth-wheel steering system, it moves quickly and maneuvers easily. You can customize your cart to fit the code or the environment it will be used in. Also, these carts are highly durable and won’t easily get damaged even if tossed around frequently.
  3. General Use Carts are highly-adaptable models. They can be used for various tasks and can be found in different sizes and models, from durable metal ones to lightweight carts.
  4. Hospital Bedside Carts are quite popular for various reasons, but their flexibility is the most prominent. They come in many sizes and shapes and are open to customization. You can add as many accessories as possible to make it as useful as possible for your clinic.
  5. Isolation Carts have distinct features. Coming in many models, these carts will help you have PPE where you need it. Also, their distinct design will set the isolation rooms apart from the others.
  6. Procedure Carts can be used in different environments. They are customizable and contain features such as IV poles and medical waste bins within themselves to make your job easier.
  7. Medication Carts are a true storage solution. They are perfect for storing and transporting medication in a safe and clean manner.
  8. Pediatric Crash Carts are similar to the other carts mentioned above. Their color-coded drawers are very helpful in emergencies to find what’s needed.
Metro Storage Solutions - Metro DSD11 Dish Cart / Dolly - Chef's Deal

3. Metro Storage Solution Dollies

The Company also has storage products in the form of dollies, specifically to carry dishes and glass. Poker chip dollies are quite useful for clean organizations, and almost all models have built-in Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection, a feature installed to protect from bacterial growth and mold. This extra measure on Metro’s part makes their products appealing to a wide range of customers. Their dollies come in different shapes and sizes, and you are bound to find one fit to carry your dishes. 

4. Metro Holding Cabinets

Metro Storage Solutions - Metro C589L-SDS-LA Mobile Heated Cabinet - Chef's Deal

Metro holding cabinets were built with the customers in mind. Recognizing the value of a well-heated cabinet, the Company developed delicate moisture and temperature modules to ensure their machinery can match the need of the customer. Most of the products they sell have many energy stars to back their claims regarding efficiency. You can choose from different types of insulation to suit your business. Also, suppose you cannot afford a pricey cabinet at first; in that case, Metro has some options with low upfront costs, and they offer these models without compromising the quality of the material.

 5. Metro Workstations

Metro Storage Solutions - Metro MS1848 -PRPR Prep Cart - Chef's Deal

Metro Storage Solutions has produced many different types of workstations to help businesses organize their workspace in an efficient way.

Complete Workstation Kits are great products covering many types of tasks to utilize for storage and prep. There are heated models for an extra boost to your kitchen.

Adjustable Cantilever Workstations increase storage space and give easy access to the shelves due to their designs. You can get a base model and customize it to your liking.

Heated Shelving Workstations are much needed in bakeries, restaurants, and even school cafeterias. They are used to keep the food hot until it is delivered or picked off.

Prep tables of Metro Storage Solutions seek to resolve some serious issues that cooks and kitchen staff face. These tables are adjustable by design and can be adjusted to fit the height of the user. Making sure that the staff does not suffer from back pains and such, these tables also utilize stoppers to keep things in place. Ensuring the stability of items such as chopping boards minimize kitchen accidents and protect the staff. In fact, these prep tables are 20% more productive compared to other brands, based on a study conducted by Penn State University.

6. Insulated Food Carriers

Metro Storage Solutions have developed some of the market’s most functional and well-made insulated food carriers. They are distinguished by their lightweight structure and ergonomic design. They can keep products hot or cold for over 5 hours, and most models can accommodate full-size pans. Based on your needs, you can opt for top-loading or front-loading models and increase efficiency in your establishment.


Metro Storage Solutions is a trustworthy brand for many types of storage needs. Even though they are synonymous with shelving, they have much more to offer, ranging from dollies to medical supplies. Whether you run a kitchen or a medical establishment, you can assess your needs, and you see you will have some of your demands met by the detailed service of Metro. 

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