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National Waffle Day

Without trying, one can’t understand the admiration for waffles. A waffle is a pancake-like snack that’s batter is made from sugar, flour, milk, yeast, and butter and cooked in various shapes and forms. A crispy, crusted waffle with a soft interior is an unforgettable snack with the potential of becoming an addiction. You can enjoy this crispy snack as a dessert, sandwich, hot dog, or breakfast with syrup. Since this delectable snack deserves to be celebrated, we have a special day for it- National Waffle Day!

National waffle day is celebrated on the 24th of August in the US. There are different waffle day celebrations in other countries, but the national waffle day is celebrated to commemorate the first waffle iron patent in the US. Let’s look at the history of this savory snack and the story behind national waffle day.

Belgian waffle on a beautiful day

History Of National Waffle Day

The present type of waffles we eat now originated in Belgium and France. But the first waffle-like food counted as the roots of waffles made with grain wheat and water appeared in ancient Greece. Greeks used to make obelios, which are flat cakes, between two hot metal plates.

Medieval people used to make wafers with plates with religious symbols on them. The materials and preparation techniques evolved over the years and took the shape that we enjoy today. Dutch are believed to be the first to bring waffles to us, and Cornelius Swartwout was the first to have a waffle iron patent. The waffle was not so popular, while it was known as the Brussels waffle in America. After a family selling Brussels waffles changed the name to Belgian waffles, the sales boosted.

Smiling girl playing with waffles

Celebration Ideas for National Waffle Day

And now it is the time to celebrate national waffle day! While waffle is an already enjoyable thing, you can make this day more enjoyable and fun by trying (or offering your customers) different and unique types of waffles.

You can eat waffles all day long! Try American waffles with maple syrup for breakfast. For lunch, a waffle sandwich or an American waffle topped with chicken, bacon, or even fish! We can not forget dessert. You can enjoy caramelized liege waffle or make a change and try a Hong Kong waffle flavored with honey melon or peanut butter.

You can celebrate national waffle day without going out too. Gather with your friends or family, bring the ingredients, turn your waffle maker on, and the stage is yours. There are numerous variations of waffles you can bake and enjoy. For instance, turn your boring batter into a color riot by making the batter colorful using food coloring or make a dish by topping waffles with chicken and sauces.

Types of Waffles

There are various waffle types to offer your customers on national waffle day. The different types of waffles take their name from other regions, each with a unique shape and flavor. Here we listed the most popular ones to help you decide which one you want to serve your customers.

American Waffles

American Waffles and berries on wooden board

American waffles batter is made using baking powder which makes the batter thick. The pockets on the grates of American waffle makers provide a perfect waffle that is ideal for holding syrup or sauces. Aside from serving it for breakfast, you can serve this kind of waffle as a dish with various toppings such as chicken or stew.

Belgian Waffles

Homemade Belgian Waffle

Despite its name, Belgian waffles are not created in Belgium but are American-style Brussels waffles. They are mostly made with baking powder and are thicker than American waffles in shape. With deep pockets similar to American waffles, Belgian waffles are consumed for breakfast and dessert.

Liege waffles are irregular-shaped waffles that are sweeter and thicker than Belgian waffles, made with yeast instead of baking powder. The specific feature of liege waffles is that they are coated in pearl sugar just before they are cooked to create a caramelized exterior. The caramelized crust makes them ideal for serving with ice cream since they won’t get sodden.

Brussels Waffles

Brussels Waffle with Blueberry and whipped cream

Rectangular-shaped Brussels waffles have a fluffy texture because the batter is leavened with either egg white or yeast. They have deep pockets, ideal for serving them as a dessert using fruits, ice cream, powdered sugar, and whipped cream.

Waffle Maker

woman taking fresh wafers out of waffle maker

To offer savory waffles to your customers on national waffle day in various ways, from deserts to sandwiches, all you need is a waffle maker. Various waffle maker types are available in light and heavy-duty models to choose considering your needs. If you serve crunchy waffles with syrup in breakfast or have waffle deserts on your menu, a heavy-duty waffle maker will have your back even on the busiest days, such as national waffle day. The size you want your waffles to be, how many waffles you need a day, and the durability and baking times of the machine will determine which waffle maker you need. Here are the factors that will guide you when choosing a waffle maker.


The required output is the first factor that will guide you in deciding the waffle maker type. You can choose single or double waffle makers to meet your operation’s needs and offer the best waffles to your customers on national waffle day.

Single Waffle Maker

Single waffle maker

You can make one waffle at a time using a single waffle maker with two grids, one on the bottom and one on top. Their output is generally 20-35 waffles per hour, so they are suitable for light-duty usage.

Double waffle maker

Double Waffle Maker

The output of 40 to 60 waffles per hour makes double waffle makers ideal for high-volume operations. Thanks to the separate temperature controls and timers, customers can easily customize their waffles in self-service.

Also, waffle makers have specific features to provide efficiency and facility.

  • They are mostly designed with cool-touch handles to avoid burn risks.
  • You can change and adjust the temperatures for different kinds of waffles using heat control.
  • The drip trays will catch the drips of batter that will keep the working area clean.


You can easily adapt commercial waffle makers into your kitchen with simple and user-friendly controls without much training. Accurate temperature controls are what you need for producing consistent products.


The plate material of the waffle maker is another essential factor that will affect the waffle’s flavor and form.

  • Aluminum plates are the least expensive type, but they are also hard to clean and not so durable. They reach the desired temperatures quickly and are lighter than cast iron plates.
  • Cast aluminum with anti-stick coating plates is easier to clean than aluminum ones and prevents waffles from sticking.
  • Cast iron plates have the highest durability and provide a nice flavor to waffles. They are the best in maintaining heat and even cooking. You need to season the plate well to prevent the batter from sticking.


National waffle day allows establishments to offer various waffles and customers to enjoy them. The waffle type, size of the business, and required output will determine which waffle maker will get through in your operation. Choose the most suitable and durable waffle maker for your kitchen and make the best waffles to provide an unforgettable experience to your clients on national waffle day.

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