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13 Essential Mediterranean Cooking Equipment 

Mediterranean seascape

Mediterranean cooking equipment is a collection of kitchen utensils needed to properly capture the essence of Mediterranean cuisine. If you wish to serve Mediterranean food in your restaurant or dedicate a business to this particular culture, you need to attain certain materials. Spread over a large area, this cuisine has much to offer and requires keen attention to get right. An understanding of the cuisine itself and Mediterranean cooking equipment, in general, can help you build your kitchen area accurately and ensure your customers feel the Mediterranean sea’s salty breeze in the air even if you are miles away. 

Mediterranean Cuisine

Mediterranean olive oil in bowl

Mediterranean cuisine is an exquisite expression of flavor and color, as varied as the countries and regions surrounding the mediterranean sea. Many people across the globe embraced this cuisine as their favorite, and now it is possible to find a Mediterranean restaurants in all parts of the world. While the geographical breadth of the area is a lot, ranging from Turkey and Greece to Italy and Morocco, the cuisine is unified through the unique treatment and use of herbs, vegetables, fruits, and spices of the region.

Prosperous lands around the mediterranean sea provide many delicious ingredients, and it is quite fascinating to see the different foods made with the same or similar components. It can be reasoned that the region owes its colorful dishes to the vibrant trade and interactions of individuals as well as nations throughout history. Home to the empires and cities of antiquity, the shores of this sea have accumulated a dynamic culture reflected in what people eat. 

Mediterranean Cooking Equipment 

The following equipment is classified as Mediterranean cooking equipment due to its functions. Whether it is to make a whole meal or just prep some ingredients, these will be needed in your kitchen. 

  1. Mortar and pestle are used to grind spices and herbs. Often made of stone or wood, these basic utensils help prepare the herbal elements freshly. 
  • Spice grinders are technological versions of mortar and pestle. This upgrade will match the fast pace of certain restaurants better and grind more with less energy. Fresh ingredients are key to Mediterranean cuisine; buying whole herbs and grinding them later will prove very beneficial. 
  • Citrus juicers from commercial juicers are used to squeeze lemon. As a local ingredient, lemon is used in various recipes ranging from marinating fish to salads. Having a juicer at the ready will save you the trouble of picking the lemon seeds and help you quickly add the necessary amount to your food.
Countertop Food Processor
  • Commercial food processors are useful for many types of commercial kitchens. As a piece of Mediterranean cooking equipment, they serve to prepare paste-like spreads and complicated sauces for meals. All you have to do is add the ingredients to the processor and wait. Products like hummus and various pasta sauces can be acquired this way. 
  • The garlic press might seem like a minor detail in a big kitchen, but it is essential among Mediterranean cooking equipment. Garlic is proven to be a very healthy ingredient, and it is used in all sorts of Mediterranean meals to add flavor. Make sure you always have some minced garlic around. 
Ibrik coffee maker
  • Ibrik coffee makers are traditional Mediterranean cooking equipment to make coffee. They are fairly more common in Turkey and Arabian countries as well as Greece. You will need an ibrik coffee maker to nail down the taste of the region’s traditional coffees.
  • Sharp knives and chopping boards are indispensable to many kitchens. Mediterranean cuisine requires a lot of chopping and dicing to melt the ingredients together. A good set of knives and a couple of chopping boards will go a long way in helping your staff.
Traditional clay dish
  • Traditional clay dishes are used to enhance the tastes of many types of food. Whether that be a meat-based meal or a dessert, clay pots and dishes are quite common. While they are serving equipment, some recipes will have you use them during the cooking process since they are usually oven and microwave safe. 
  • Steel paella pans or shallow pans are considered a piece of Mediterranean cooking equipment. They are especially useful in keeping the heat in, so most restaurants use them for cooking and serving. This way, the meal arrives and stays hot for the customer, not to mention the aesthetic appearance. In fact, most restaurants started to adapt shallow pans for cooking and serving regardless of their cuisine. 
  • Wooden cooking spoons and utensils are very interesting. Besides being traditional Mediterranean cooking equipment, wooden utensils are very smart choices for commercial kitchens. Wood does not conduct heat, so it won’t burn your hand like metal or melt into the pot if forgotten there. They are very durable, and they won’t scratch your pots. But most importantly, they are free from harmful chemicals some metalware might contain and are recyclable. So make sure to get a set for your business regardless of your cuisine choice. 
  • Seafood equipment, in general, constitutes a big portion of Mediterranean cooking equipment. Surrounded by a vast sea, many countries of the region found ways of cooking or grilling fish. Mostly marinated with herbs, lemon, and oil, there is usually a very simple cooking process. Acquiring the basic seafood equipment will be enough to match the requirements of the cuisine.
  • Commercial pasta cookers are more specific. As an Italian dish, pasta is loved by all and sought in many types of restaurants. You can acquire pasta cookers as part of your Mediterranean cooking equipment purchases and make fresh pasta with fresh sauces in your restaurant. 
  • Bread and pastry equipment can also be considered Mediterranean cooking equipment since the region is rich in wheat-based products. There are many types of bread and dough-based foods like bruschetta and pizza. The proper bakery supplies to handle dough will allow you to broaden your menu to new levels. Good bread will enhance the experience of other meals.


Mediterranean cooking equipment is a title that encapsulates pieces and items as varied as the countries the cuisine rose from. It isn’t easy to nail the entire culture down in one set of utensils or one food category. However, you can cover many bases by paying attention to Mediterranean cuisine’s preparation processes and key elements.

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