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Outdor Furniture Buying Guide - Chef's Deal

Commercial Outdoor Furniture Buying Guide

Creating an outdoor dining area is a creative idea that will appeal to customers. A cozy outdoor environment will offer a pleasurable eating experience, help customers socialize, and make them come again. Commercial outdoor furniture is designed to handle the weather conditions such as sun, rain, and wind and deal with a high number of clients each day.

Commercial Patio Tables &Tabletops and Bases

Outdoor restaurant tables in different shapes, sizes, and materials are one of the main furnishings that create a cozy outdoor eating area. With the models with umbrella holes, you can set up umbrellas on each table to protect customers from sun or rain. Most of the tables are designed at bar height, which provides flexibility to use them at the bar if you have an outdoor bar.

commercial patio table-Chef's Deal


Commercial outdoor tables are available in different sizes, models, materials, and shapes to ensure that there is one that suits the distinct ambiance of various establishments. Considering your establishment’s area and atmosphere, you may purchase end tables, coffee tables, or dining tables. 

commercial patio table-Chef's Deal
  • Table bases-tops: You can purchase table tops and bases separately instead of one-piece tables to find the perfect fit for your patio by matching different bases, tops, and frames.
  • Picnic tables- benches: A picnic-style outdoor table will be ideal for a buffet to offer customers a place to sit and enjoy their food, or a restaurant near a woodland will perfect its ambiance using picnic tables on its veranda.
  • Coffee: Coffee tables are a great option to invest in a coffee shop or restaurant patio to create little chat and coffee areas.
  • Counter: Counter tables will create the bar space you want near the pool in the back yard combined with the bar stools.
  • Bar: Bar tables are not only designed to be used in bars, but you can create a unique environment for a cocktail or a party using bar tables on your patio.


  • Round tables are ideal for two-person sitting, or the big sizes provide big groups to communicate effectively.
  • Square outdoor tables are perfect because of letting you create bigger tables by combining for celebrations or large groups of customers when needed,
  • Or you may opt for rectangular tables instead of putting the square tables together for large groups or events.
  • Combining the outdoor tables with the same styled chairs or stools will offer your customers a comfortable eating experience.

Commercial Outdoor Seating

As important as the patio tables, commercial outdoor seating is the next step in creating a patio area for a restaurant. For outdoor use, outdoor seating furniture is mostly designed without padding or cushions, but you can purchase additional cushions for extra comfort.

commercial patio sofa-Chef's Deal

Unlike indoor chairs, most outdoor chairs include arms, and the ergonomic design provides extra coziness. Choosing the same material chairs for your tables will accomplish the environment’s ambiance. Furthermore, folding chairs will be useful for additional seating in rush hours, or they come in handy to gather for temporary patio areas.

Sofas and rocking chairs are perfect additions to collapsible patios to create cozy and relaxing conversation and coffee corners or around a fire pit to gather with family or friends and enjoy the weather.

commercial patio sofa and coffe table-Chef's Deal

Adirondack chairs with deep seats provide clients to rest and enjoy their day in parks, hotels, or gardens.

Backless or with back bar stools will complete the bar area in the backyard. For further information about bar stools, look at our article.

Pool Furniture

Provide areas to rest after swimming for your customers near the pool with the right seating pieces. The pool seating items are designed specifically to withstand water and sun exposure for long times.

Chaise lounge chairs are a must for a pool area since most people want to rest and sunbathe after swimming. Chaise lounge chairs let the customers stretch their legs and lean back and feature adjustable backs, allowing customers to set them to the desired height for maximum comfort and relaxation. They can be made of wood, plastic, wicker, or metal and may or may not include cushions or coverings, depending on the type.

commercial chaise lounge chairs-Chef's Deal

Purchasing side tables will be in place to provide customers a place to put their drinks and stuff next to lounge chairs.

Lounge sets include sofas, coffee tables, and ottomans, additionally to lounge chairs and are a great investment to create coffee and chat areas near the pool area in hotels or halls. The chairs and sofas typically come with cushions for extra comfort. You can match different lounge items to design your own style lounge set that compliments the ambiance.

commercial umbrella and lounge set-Chef's Deal

Umbrellas are essential outdoor furniture items, especially near a pool or in verandas, providing customers shady spots to rest. Cantilever umbrellas are designed in an overhanging form that removes the hassle of a center pole and lets you use the shade more efficiently.

Materials of Commercial Outdoor Furniture

The material of commercial outdoor furniture might be the most characteristic feature that makes the furniture “outdoor.” Since commercial outdoor furniture will be used outdoors, the materials differ from indoor ones. Commercial outdoor furniture is made of durable materials that withstand weather conditions and outdoor usage.

commercial patio benches-Chef's Deal
  • Tables: Commercial outdoor or patio table frames are typically made of metal, wood, plastic, or melamine that are weather-resistant and reliable. The tabletops can be made of glass, granite, tile, laminate, or the same material as the frame.
  • Chairs: We know that durability is the key point for commercial outdoor furniture to last and serve longer, applying to outdoor seating. Metal chairs are the most affordable and dependable option. Plastic outdoor chairs are lightweight, and ones without armrests are easy to stack to store. Or wood chairs and benches will offer your customers superior comfort.
  • Synthetic materials: Commercial outdoor furniture made from plastics and resins is more lightweight and typically easy to maintain. Using synthetic materials in wicker-style commercial outdoor furniture instead of rattan makes them more durable to sun fade, wind, and rain. Nylon, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), and polyethylene are the most popular synthetic materials used in outdoor furniture. For enduring outdoor furniture that will last longer, consider purchasing items constructed of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) that are stronger and more durable than PVC. Since they come in various styles and colors, you can find the one suitable for your patio and ambiance.
  • Metal materials: Aluminum commercial outdoor furniture is the most lightweight metal option and is durable and resistant to rain, sunlight, and corrosion. Because the material is flexible, it can be cast in many shapes, providing you with many alternatives.

    Commercial outdoor furniture made of steel tends to be more durable because of its weight, and it won’t blow from the wind, unlike aluminum. If the steel is stainless or galvanized, it may withstand corrosion, but note that chlorine will rust steel in any condition, so it may not be a good idea to use it near the pool.
  • Fabrics: the commercial outdoor furniture upholstered with cushions is the peak in comfort. Most are made with polyester, acrylic, and vinyl threads and are mostly moisture-resistant.

How To Choose The Best Material For Commercial Outdoor Furniture?

There are some points to consider to know and selecting the best material for your commercial outdoor furniture,

  • Complement your ambiance with achieving harmony between your indoor and outdoor furniture. You can find different styles of furniture made of the same material in various colors and textures. Determine your style and match different furniture to fit your aesthetics.
  • If you want your commercial outdoor furniture to last longer and look new every time, you must properly take care of it. Most furniture may be cleaned using warm water and soap, but some materials require high maintenance. So before buying, it is important to consider how much time you will spend maintaining your furniture. 
  • Putting comfort first is an essential point you should make while purchasing commercial outdoor furniture. Soft textured materials will make the customers comfortable and spend more time on your patio. Choosing the chairs and seating at a height suitable for the table will make the customers’ back comfier since they will not have to bend to use it. 


A patio or veranda with comfy sofas to rest, benches surrounded by trees in a garden, and lounge chairs to lay and sunbathe near the pool… Doesn’t it all sound great and relaxing? You can turn your environment into a restful and comfy resting area, chat corners, or an all-night party garden or make the best use of your pool area by investing in the proper commercial outdoor furniture.

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