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Stainless Steel Underbar Equipment For Perfect Solution for The Best Bar Service - Chef's Deal

Stainless Steel Underbar Equipment: A Perfect Solution For The Best Bar Service 

Stainless steel underbar equipment is a keystone that will make your bar thrive if considered and purchased attentively. Many bars’ fundamental problem is maximizing service efficiency within a limited space. Even though not all bars have the same requirements and spaces, stainless steel underbar equipment provides facility to every bar by optimizing the area in the most efficient way. High-quality stainless steel underbar equipment chosen carefully and considering your bar’s requirements will make your business run more effectively and serve more clients by producing exceptional drinks. 

Stainless Steel Underbar Equipment List 

1. Underbar Dishwashers and Glasswashers 

CMA Dishmachines H-1X Undercounter / Underbar Glasswasher- Chef's Deal

An indispensable of every food-service operation, underbar dishwashers and glasswashers come first in stainless steel underbar equipment essentials. Glasses are the fundamentals of bars in serving drinks, and keeping them clean and ready to use should be the staff’s priority to keep the work flowing. 

The difference between a dishwasher and a glasswasher is the water flow velocity. Glasswashers are designed specifically with a gentle water flow to prevent the thin stems of the drink glasses from breaking. A glasswasher ensures you never run out of glassware while providing the necessary hygiene in a little time and with little labor.  

Underbar glasswashers come in low and high-temperature types. High-temperature glass washers disinfect the ware at 180° F, which is ideal for maximum hygiene, but since the high temperatures will create vapor, you need to install a condensate hood. But the high temperatures will remove the need for chemical sanitizers that can break the glass.  

On the contrary, low-temperature dishwashers require chemical cleaners since 120-140° F is insufficient to sanitize the dishes. You do not need a condensate hood with a low-temp glass washer, but the cost of the cleaning chemicals may overtake its price in time.  

Blue Air BLUR72-HC 72" Three Solid Door Undercounter Refrigerator, 20.2 cu. ft.-Chef's Deal

2. Underbar refrigerators 

Aside from drink coolers, refrigerators are needed in a bar for storing various items, from bottled drinks to garnishes. Additionally to kitchen refrigerators, underbar refrigerators greatly facilitate the bartenders’ work and save time by providing garnishes for cocktails or snacks near the drinks within easy reach. The compact size of an underbar refrigerator lets you fit it anywhere you want, and they are economical therewithal. 

3. Keg Coolers/Beer Dispensers 

Blue Air BDD90-4B-HC 90" 3 Door 2 Tower Keg Cooler, (4) 1/2 Barrel - Stainless Steel Underbar Equipment - Chef's Deal

Keg coolers or beer dispensers let you serve beer directly from the barrel. Barrel beer contains active yeast in contrast to bottled beer, making the beer more flavorful and rich. Since the barrel beer has to be kept at specific temperatures, beer dispensers have their own refrigeration, where you place the barrel in, keeping the beer at the right temperatures. You can find dispenser units with a capacity of one to five kegs to meet your needs. The beer is pushed up by carbon dioxide through a beer tower and served by the faucets. More faucets will let you serve more beer at once.  

4. Bottle Coolers/Holders 

Adcraft USBB-6928G 69" U-STAR Back Bar Bottle Cooler with Glass Door, 23.3 cu.ft.-Stainless Steel Underbar Equipment - Chef's Deal

Bottle coolers or holders are a convenient alternative to underbar display fridges. The cool air blowing through the unit keeps the drinks at optimal temperatures with their air circulation system. They feature solid doors which keep the cold air inside, saving energy, or glass doors for displaying and seeing inside without having to open the door. There are non-refrigerated coolers as well. These insulated units use ice to keep the drinks cool and are perfect for outdoor use, such as in pool bars where you don’t have an electric outlet to plug. 

Commercial wine coolers are stainless steel underbar equipment designed specifically for cooling wines since the temperature of standard coolers is not suitable for them. Wine must be kept at between 45 to 65° F to retain its quality and flavor and at %30-%40 humidity levels to prevent the cork from drying out. Wine coolers are designed with inclined shelves that hold the bottles to the side, providing an easy display.  

Glastender F1SB48 Glass Froster- Chef's Deal

5. Glass Frosters 

Chilling the glasses is a great idea to keep the drinks cool for longer. You can simply place the glasses in the froster machine and take out the frosted glasses when you need them. Glass frosters & chillers They come with either lift-top, swinging, or sliding doors for easy reach.  

6. Cocktail or Work Stations 

Glastender ALL-72A 72" Blender Station Underbar Ice Bin/Cocktail Station - Stainless Steel Underbar Equipment-  Chef's Deal

Cocktail stations and workstations are great stainless steel underbar equipment that efficiently uses the constrained area behind a bar. Workstations are designed to keep the cocktail and drink items and tools together in one unit. It allows the bartender to speedily prepare drinks and cocktails with the tools and ingredients in easy reach and create an organized area crucial for the back bar area. Most stations come with a sink providing extra efficiency and ease to bartenders. You can place mixers on the side rails of a cocktail station and a compartment for putting ice.  

Cocktail stations may be either standard or cold plate types. Cold plate cocktail stations have a circuit chilled by the ice in the central compartment. Standard cocktail stations employ an insulation system with foam to keep the ice cool and are a more economical option. Some of them come with ice bins, bottle troughs, and glass storage for the additional facility. 

Follett UMD425A80 Nugget-Style Ice Maker with Bin- Chef's Deal

7. Ice Makers 

As it is not possible to imagine a cocktail without ice, we can not think of a bar without an ice machine the same. Investing in a heavy-duty ice machine will ensure that you have ice all the time you need.

Ice makers are available in modular types or models with built-in bins or dispensers. You need to purchase an ice bin with modular types to hold the ice it makes. But if you don’t already have an ice bin, purchasing an ice machine with a built-in container is a better choice. Another point to consider when buying an ice machine is the type of ice. Full and half-cubed ice is the most used one, but most cocktails or unique drinks will require flake and nugget ice. 

8. Ice bins 

Maxximum MIB580 Ice Bin for Ice Machines- Chef's Deal

Having ready ice is essential for fastly serving cold drinks, so this is where the ice bin enters. Underbar ice bins are compact-sized counterparts of the standard bins and are made of stainless steel, which prevents the ice from melting. Having an underbar ice bin will fasten the work significantly.

There are also freestanding models and portable ice bins which can be placed anywhere and move easily, and some have a bottom drain to facilitate the emptying process at the end of the day. Bottle wells are designed to keep the bottles of ingredients organized. Some ice bins are designed with bottle wells to keep the ingredients in bottles cool.  

9. Glass Storage 

LaCrosse CL24GR Underbar Glass Rack Storage Unit- Chef's Deal

Unquestionably, glassware has a significant place in a bar, and storing breakable glassware is of the same significance. Breaking glasses may not seem vital at first, but it will cost you considerably if you don’t have proper storage for glass maintenance.  

Storing glasses in underbar cabinets or underbar glass rack units will be super-efficient since the staff will have them in easy reach when needed. Staff can easily place the glasses after washing and leave them to dry in underbar glass racks. Some have sliding trays that will provide easy stacking. They also come with different tops, such as a worktop for extra efficiency or a drainboard top that keeps the kitchen clean during a spill. 

Krowne KR24-18BD 18" Underbar Blender Station- Chef's Deal

10. Underbar Blender Stations 

The first point to keep a bar running profitably and coordinated is to keep it clean and organized. Every item that takes up redundant space in a kitchen will slow the employees down and harden the work. Underbar blender stations provide a wide space to put your blender while providing a worktop for making various drinks.  

11. Liquor Displays and Bottle Troughs 

LaCrosse CL24BSD Underbar Bottle Storage Display Unit- Chef's Deal

Speed rails, or liquor displays, are designed for storing liquor bottles. In addition to bottle storage, they display the drinks and offer customers options. They are available in different sizes, and underbar bottle troughs come in handy for bartenders.  

12. Underbar Drainboards 

Detachable underbar drainboards provide extra space for drying the glassware, while the bottom cabinet can be used to store a variety of things, from glass racks to cleaning chemicals.  

LaCrosse SD53C Underbar Sink Units- Chef's Deal

13. Underbar Sinks 

The underbar sinks provide easy handwashing and pouring of leftover drinks in the limited area behind the bar with their small size, facilitating the bartender’s work considerably. Models with one to three compartments enable washing glasses in hand. The models with drainboards provide a space to dry the dishes.  

Considerations Before Buying Stainless Steel Underbar Equipment  

  • The volume of your business and the size of your kitchen and bar is the first thing that determines the stainless steel underbar equipment you need to buy.   
  • Considering district health codes is a must for all food service businesses. 
  • For extra storage, drainboards with cabinets underneath will be efficient. Also, you can add various-sized cabinet bases under your bar. 
  • Maintenance is everything to prolong the life of your stainless steel underbar equipment. You should pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance requirements of all your stainless steel underbar equipment and keep your kitchen sanitized and organized.  
  • Craft beers are easy and better to pour when the glass is wet, so investing in a glass rinser will be a reasonable choice. 


Stainless steel underbar equipment is not designed only for limited spaces but comes in handy in prep and serving processes by providing organized working areas and keeping everything within reah. From displaying coolers to beverage dispensers, stainless steel underbar equipment is designed considering every little detail to facilitate the work and provide maximum efficiency in a bar.  

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