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A Quick Guide To Beverage Machines - Chef's Deal

A Quick Guide to Beverage Machines

There are many types of machinery a business relies on, and beverage machines can be considered as the veins that support the whole establishment. Friends gather for a round of drinks, or people grab some coffee after dinner to chat and hang out, and it is the beverage machines that make it possible for a business to meet such popular and diverse demands.

Beverage machines are needed to maintain a good customer base and offer a diverse menu regardless of the kind of establishment you are running. People love their drinks; slushies in the summer, coffee in the morning, tea after a long day, and with a bit of care, you can be the address they pay a visit to enjoy their chosen beverage in comfort. Here is a quick guide to walk you through different types of beverage machines you can invest in based on the type of business you are running. 

Beverage Machines List

It’s possible to divide these machines into two subcategories as cold and hot drinks, and these hot and cold beverage machines are not interchangeable. So, determining your business’s needs is vital to choosing suitable beverage machines!

Beverage Machines for Cold Drinks 

Cold drinks are the refreshments our eyes search for during hot summer days or after a long workday. Many businesses can benefit from having a machine for cold drinks of various kinds. 

1. Bar Blenders

Skyfood Bar and Gourmet Blender TA-4.0MB, 1 gal Capacity- beverage machines- chef's deal

Smoothies are the trendiest, healthiest drink options for those who want to keep a close watch on their calorie intake. If you are operating close to a gym or a park, you might get many customers looking to cool down with a healthy glass of smoothie, and smoothie makers are the beverage machine for you. You will need bar blenders that can meet your capacity demands. If you have a small shop, you can invest in a model with an enclosure that significantly reduces the noise. 

2. Commercial Milkshake Machines

Hamilton Beach HMD400 Drink / Bar Mixer- chef's deal

Milkshakes are a mixture of ice cream, syrup, and milk. You will need a good beverage machine to blend these key ingredients proportionately and well, so you can invest in a heavy-duty or a light-duty commercial milkshake machine based on your needs.

You’ll need a heavy-duty milkshake machine if you would like to customize your milkshakes and add more ingredients, such as nuts, which might prove a little more difficult to blend. However, if milkshakes aren’t your main attraction and you think you can get by with a limited selection, then a light-duty model will work just fine for you. 

3. Soda Dispensers 

If you are running a cafeteria or a hotel restaurant, you will need to offer multiple cold drinks at the same time. Since you won’t have time to prepare them all separately, a beverage machine that can simultaneously serve different drinks can benefit your business.

Soda dispensers are built to contain your guests’ and customers’ favorite soft drinks in one place. They usually utilize push levers to pour out the products and are very easy to operate. You can either use them in your kitchen or place them in the dining area for self-service use. If you choose the latter option, you would also be saving a lot of energy on your employees’ part.

4. Commercial Frozen Drink Machines and Slushy Machines

Commercial frozen drink machines and slushy machines are the most commonly used beverage machines in entertainment centers. Thanks to the appealing colors and low cost of production, slushies are preferred by many businesses. There are several models you can choose from when it comes to these beverage machines. 

beverage machines-Donper USA XC336 Commercial Frozen Slushy & Granita Beverage Machine- chef's deal
  1. Powdered auto-fill slushy machines are great if you prefer to use powdered mixtures to prepare your slushies. These beverage machines let you store the mixture within the equipment and mix it up for you. 
  2. Liquid auto-fill slushy machines let you store your liquid slushy mixtures within the machine, just like the powdered models. 
  3. Standard pour-over frozen drink machines are easy to operate. You need to prepare the slushy on your own and then fill the equipment with the mixture. This option is easy but might not yield expected results over time since the employees do the mixing instead of the machine. 

You can also check our article solely dedicated to this topic for the details of these frozen drink machines.

Beverage Machines for Hot Drinks 

A hot drink can be just the thing to cheer you up on a cold winter day. It’s the idea of coziness at its best, and everyone would love to have a photo of their hot cup on Instagram. In the case of coffee, it’s the literal reason why some people manage to get out of bed in the morning. All in all, preparing these beverages requires utmost care and attention. Your business can thrive on the sales of good hot drinks, so consider which products you wish to offer and select the equipment you need from the list here. 

RositoBisani SYNCHRO 3 GROUP Espresso Cappuccino Machine-Chef's Deal

5. Commercial Espresso Machines

Commercial espresso machines are the most significant pieces of equipment for many businesses. Whether running a coffee shop or a small cafe, you will need a piece of excellent equipment to meet your coffee demand.

Espresso forms the base for many types of coffee. With a simple addition of milk, sugar, or cream, you can transform your shot of espresso into an entirely different drink. The possibilities espresso offer are a blessing for your business, so you must choose a trusted brand and make sure you get a high-quality product. To get more detailed information on coffee shop equipment and espresso machines, you can check our article dedicated to that topic. Commercial espresso machines come in several forms; two of the most important ones are as follows:

  • Super-automatic models are perfect for new businesses since everything is automated and standardized. Consistent water pressure and seed grinding will yield consistent taste too. Consistency is the key to getting new customers and turning them into regulars of your shop. 
  • Manual models aren’t prevalent nowadays since they aren’t as easy to operate as super-automatic models. If you have a very experienced barista at your shop, you could invest in a manual model but otherwise, keep in mind that these machines might prove a challenge for you each day. 

6. Commercial Tea Brewers and Dispensers 

Iced Tea Dispenser by BUNN® | FMP #190-1237-Chef's Deal

Commercial tea dispensers can be found in many places ranging from hotels to school cafeterias. Tea is one of the most loved hot drinks in the world, and it is the go-to drink to get warm on a cold day.

These beverage machines are effortless to operate, and some models can even be used to store and dispense iced tea. If the model you choose has a hot water spout, you can make hot tea with it and even use the hot water to prepare instant coffee and similar drinks. If you simply want to make iced tea, disable the spout and use it as an iced tea brewer and dispenser. Many models can take up to a few gallons. Carefully consider how much capacity you need and invest in an appropriate model.

Grindmaster 3K-GB-LD Gb Hot Powder Cappuccino Dispenser, 2 Gallon Tank Capacity-Chef's Deal

7. Hot Chocolate Machines

Hot chocolate is a popular beverage across all nations and age groups, so it must be a part of every menu. To offer praise-worthy hot chocolate at your establishment, you need a beverage machine that yields consistent results in terms of taste and quality over time. These machines usually require you to put in the necessary ingredients, hot milk, the chocolate mixture in either powder or liquid form, and hot water, and mix it all up for you. 

Adcraft HCD-5 Hot Chocolate Dispenser with 5 liter Capacity- chef's deal

8. Hot Chocolate Dispensers

These beverage machines are utilized to dispense the prepared hot chocolate. While some models make the product for you, some are just used as dispensers. You can purchase a hot chocolate dispenser if you wish to offer a self-service option. Depending on the demand, you can invest in a single hopper model or a machine with multiple hoppers; if you choose to get a multiple hopper model, you can serve different flavors simultaneously and increase the options for your customers. 

9. Commercial Hot Water Dispensers 

Grindmaster HWD5-2401007 Hot Water Dispenser- Chef's Deal

Commercial hot water dispensers aren’t the fanciest beverage machines, but they are indispensable to any drinks and food business. A restaurant should always have access to water at a moment’s notice, and these products are the way to go. Whether it’s for the food you prepare, to make instant drinks, or to use in other beverage machines to make drinks, you will need hot water. You can invest in models that can support from 2 gallons to 12 gallons, depending on how much water you think you will need on a daily basis. 

Beverage Machine Manufacturers 

Beverage machines are an essential piece of equipment for many types of businesses, so it is a significant investment that you should handle carefully. We listed for you to find the top beverage machine manufacturers that can meet your specific business needs and budget.


Drinks can make your day and your business, too; therefore, it’s crucial to invest in suitable beverage machines and use them as efficiently as possible in your job. As a result, with the suitable beverage machines at your disposal, your cups will never be empty, and your business will thrive on an ever-flowing current of customers. 

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