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9 Ways to Celebrate National Beverage Day

The 6th of May marks National Beverage Day in America. An unofficial day to celebrate the best and the brightest part of our diets: beverages. While it’s unofficial, the lack of formal recognition does not take anything away from its value. If anything, it gives each individual a chance to shape their own holiday and center it around their personal favorite drinks; therefore, National drink day is the day of joy and unlimited drinking.

There are many ways one can enjoy National Beverage day. Ranging from appreciating each sip you take on the 6th of May to organizing or attending a full-blown National Beverage Day party. Read on to gather ideas for your very own celebration of this joyful day, and make sure to savor each idea, one sip at a time, before you make your selection!

History of National Beverage Day

It’s significant to note that National Beverage Day does not have a concrete historical background. While drinks of many varieties have been celebrated over the years, this inclusive day has no official story to be told. However, it holds a special place in people’s hearts. National Wine Day, National Coffee Day, and similar celebratory marks on your calendars have been recognized and upheld for many years, but National Beverage day, despite being unofficial, granted people much-needed flexibility and freedom. By being vague in its objectives, all this special day asks of you is to take a moment to recognize the blessing of beverages in your life and spend a day appreciating your selection of drinks. 

9 Celebration Ideas for National Beverage Day 

We have eight celebration suggestions for you, ranging from easy and manageable to complex, fun ideas. Choose whichever feels the closest to your heart, and start enjoying National Beverage Day.

National Beverage Day - Enjoy Your Drink- Chef's Deal
  1. Do a “beverage” crawl. While the term is usually used for hitting as many bars as you can in one night, you can adapt this activity to your celebration. First, choose the drink or drinks you would like to sample throughout the day, and then start making your way across the city, drinking your choice of beverage to your heart’s content.
  1. Go to a special place to enjoy your drink. National Beverage Day is about taste but also aesthetics. Whether it’s a mug of hot chocolate or a glass of red wine, you can take some and drink it all up at a lovely location. You can have a little National Beverage Day picnic with several drinks or watch the sunset over the ocean with a good bottle of wine. This celebration method is bound to leave you with beautiful pictures for your social media account. Consider your aesthetic choice and plan a day out with your chosen beverage. 
  1. Take a mixology class! Many workshops are offering intensive courses on beverage making. On National Beverage Day, you can learn how to make your number one drink or create entirely new beverages. These classes are adored by many, and the skills they teach prove very useful when you need to show off a few party tricks. After learning the tricks of the business, you will impress your friends and guests with your colorful drinks. 
  1. Try out new beverages! Even though this sounds fairly simple, you would be surprised to see how many drinks there are that you haven’t even heard of before. National Beverage Day is an opportunity to expand and enhance your palette and discover new beverages to cherish. 
  1. Go to ethnic restaurants to try out beverages from different cultures. National Beverage Day is a day of inclusivity. The multicultural fabric of the USA offers a unique chance to immerse yourself in different cultures and learn about their national beverages. You might become one of the regulars at some of the restaurants you visit. 
National Beverage Day, 6th of May - Chef's Deal
  1. Go to a National Beverage Day party or organize one. In recent years, people started to throw parties to commemorate National Beverage Day. These parties include insane amounts and varieties of drinks and a gathering of beverage enthusiasts. If you don’t happen to have a party around your location, throw one yourself. You can either choose a specific theme and focus on a certain range of drinks or try to include as many options as possible and unite fellow National Beverage Day fans in your party. It is bound to be fun regardless of your decision.
  1. Have a small gathering of friends to chat over some drinks. Beverages are usually the mediators of fruitful conversations. You can use National Beverage Day to recognize this important aspect of beverages and enjoy some fine drinks in the company of your best friends. 
Eurodib USA MEGA BOWL - Chef's Deal
  1. National Beverage Day is fun and can be more by boosting your business. The beverage industry is expanding every day, and new generation consumers are eager to look for new tastes. You can turn today into an opportunity by having a piece of suitable commercial beverage equipment. Having a wide beverage selection on your menu can boost your business. (You can also find more information about beverage machines for your business in our blog post.)

  2. Make a playlist! This might sound like a strange method, but music is a massive part of our lives, and there are so many songs about different types of drinks. Making a National Beverage Day playlist can help you discover some great songs such as lilac wine and provide you with good tunes to accompany your day.


National Beverage Day 2022 is one of the most light-hearted and fun days on the calendar. It is an opportunity to celebrate many categories of beverages in the world. Tea, coffee, wine, smoothy, cocktails… Local or international, there are countless types of drinks to be loved and cherished in the world. Take this opportunity to appreciate and spread your love of your chosen drink, embark on a journey to acquire more beverages for your pleasure, or use this fun day as a boost to expand your business to include more beverages in your menus. Regardless of the celebration method you choose, don’t forget to have fun!

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