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10 Types of Ice, 10 Ways to Cool Down

Many types of ice can be used to cool down on a hot day. Ice is the solace we all seek and a true source of comfort, whether in a pack to cool off your skin or in a drink to take the heat off your mind.

Not only does it help you lower the temperature for a while, but it also enhances the tastes of your beverages and even helps you take care of minor injuries. In this sense, ice is a multi-functional delicacy that we benefit from all year round, and it comes in many forms.

Especially in America, ice holds an important place. Establishments and individuals both invest in ice machines to make sure they have access to this significant product at all times. Regardless of the type or the shape, it is a fact that Americans cannot live without their ice.

While the types of ice might not appear to be a significant consideration point at first, upon a closer look, you will realize that the types of ice and their functions are intertwined, and different forms contribute to various aesthetic and functional purposes. Let’s dive into these types of ice to see their specific uses and to cool down.

1. Full Cube

types of ice-Chef's deal

Full cubes are some of the most common types of ice. They are the big cubes you usually encounter at hotels and in your favorite summer drinks. These ice types melt slower than other forms due to their large size. This is why they are mostly preferred in alcoholic beverages and such. Slow melting means less dilution, and it is important that the ice you count on to cool down your drink isn’t watering it down and taking away from its taste.

2. Half Cube

Types of Ice- Chef's Deal

Half cubes are some of the most convenient and versatile types of ice on the market. They can be found in many areas ranging from commercial kitchens to ice packs. Their primary benefit is their quickness to fulfill their goal. Thanks to their relatively smaller surface area, they take up less space and cool down drinks faster than a full cube would do. They are considered the standard types of ice since a home freezer generally produces half cubes. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that half dices will melt quicker and run the risk of watering down your product.

3. Nugget Ice

Nugget Ice - Chef's Deal

Nugget ice is quite popular among types of ice for several reasons. First of all, nugget ice is airier than other types of ice. Their crunchy form and not-so-dense structure allow them to soak up the flavors better and become a more active part of the drinking experience. Most people will even eat the ice and enjoy its cold texture infused with delicious flavors. You will be surprised to see how much flavor nugget ice can hold and enhance your experience. These types of ice are especially good with slushies and frozen drinks.

4. Flake Ice

Flake ice - Chef's Deal

Flake ice is considered to be one of the most functional types of ice. They are used in many sectors for many different purposes. They are pretty soft and easy to work with. You can see healthcare clinics utilize flake ice to apply cold to injuries. Fish markets also use flake ice to store their products and keep the fish in top condition. Of course, flake ice is popular with bartenders too. Many drinks such as margaritas and Pina Coladas owe their signature aesthetics to this specific type of ice.

5. Crescent Ice

Crescent ice gets its name from the unique shape it possesses. While they are as big as half dices, their shape differentiates them from different types of ice of similar sizes. Crescents are, as the name suggests, crescent-shaped. This structure allows them to fill the cup they are put into evenly and cool down the drinks relatively fast. Also, you will notice that these types of ice are prevalent in dispensers thanks to their half-moons shape, which works smoothly within the ice dispensers.

6. Pebble Ice

Pebble Ice - Chef's Deal

Pebble ice is also known as crushed ice. They are beaten down to tiny pebble-sized pieces from ice cubes and used in many settings. You can easily prepare them at home or your workplace and use them in your drinks. They are particularly used in beverages such as mint juleps. While they might appear identical to nugget ice, keep in mind that these two are different. These types of ice will melt slower than a block of nugget ice and prove a little harder too.

7. Shave Ice

Shave ice - Chef's Deal

Shave ice is the type of ice used in snow cones. If you wish to serve snow-like, flavored ice to your customers, shave ice is the way to go. Unlike pebble ice, these types of ice aren’t crunchy or sharp. They are pretty soft and easy to eat.

8. Dry Ice

Dry ice - Chef's Deal

Dry ice is a highly unique form of ice. These types of ice can be used in science fairs or drama projects thanks to their lack of a liquid state. We mean that dry ice directly transitions from solid form to gas form and creates a dramatic atmosphere in the process. Most establishments utilize dry ice during special events or themed parties to add a little flair to their beverages. The gas spilling over the drinks gives the impression of mysterious potions and makes dry ice one of the most remarkable types of ice. If you are throwing a Halloween party or love a dramatic aesthetic, you can invest in dry ice to help you achieve your vision.

9. Wet Ice

Wet ice - Types of Ice - Chef's Deal

Wet ice is more nuanced than a type of ice. These “types” of ice are any shape of ice that has been left to melt a little. The logic behind this practice is sound: Ice that has already started melting quickens the cooling process significantly and proves to help during an extremely hot and humid day. 

10. Gourmet ice

Gourmet ice - Chef's Deal

Gourmet ice is arguably the most aesthetic and rich form of ice. This type of ice is deemed a sign of luxury and is often seen with expensive glasses of alcohol. Thanks to their clarity and density, they are preferred in whiskeys and similar drinks to cool down the beverage while protecting its unique flavor. They come in different shapes ranging from octagonal to cylindrical. Investing in these types of ice will elevate the appearance of your beverages and complement your high-end aesthetic.

To Sum Up Types of Ice

There are many types of ice; therefore, many ways to cool down yourself or your beautiful drinks. You can choose one or more of these ice types for your home use or business with the ice maker machine that will produce it, and you can start to benefit from all these flavors it offers. You’ll be surprised to see how big of a change something as small as ice can do for your life and your business.

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