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Happy Thanksgiving Day 2022 - Chef's Deal

Happy Thanksgiving Day! 

Thanksgiving Day always marks our calendars on the 4th Thursday of November and the 23rd of November this year. It is a national holiday dedicated to celebrating the harvest and all the blessings in one’s life. As one of the biggest holidays celebrated in America, this special day is filled with lovely traditions. It is a date many people look forward to for family gatherings and fun activities.

As Thanksgiving Day is fast approaching, let’s briefly examine its history and the unique events and customs it brings into our lives. If you are grateful to have a day for family, friends, and fancy parades, there is so much to know about this day and how you can make it a special one this year!

What is The History of Thanksgiving Day?

This quintessentially American holiday has a long history behind it. Believed to have originated in 1621, the holiday marks the harvest festivities Plymouth colonists and Native Americans, the Wampanoag in specific, held together.

The Wampanoag, a sophisticated community of people who were familiar with the land of America since they inhabited it for centuries before the arrival of colonists, played a major role in the creation of this day. Thanks to their guidance, the pilgrims became accustomed to the nature of America and managed to have their first harvest. Their survival and the many meals that filled their dinner plates on the first Thanksgiving Day would not have been possible without this alliance.

While this diplomatic alliance and difficult attempts at harmony are often portrayed through an optimistic lens, it is important to acknowledge the colonial history and the fact that this peace was short-lived due to settlers’ aggression towards Native Americans.

Even though the holiday was celebrated among people, It wasn’t until 1863 that Thanksgiving became an official national holiday. Sarah Joseph Hale, a famous periodical author, petitioned for it to become an official holiday for years, and during the Civil War era, Abraham Lincoln declared it so.

What are The Thanksgiving Day Traditions?

Thanksgiving has transformed into a day of gratitude on a personal level since its first emergence and nationalization. We listed 6 important traditions of a large array that one can observe on Thanksgiving Day. 

  • Turkey is one of the most prominent images associated with Thanksgiving. Family dinners are expected to be crowned with a big turkey in the middle. The reason why turkey is the iconic Thanksgiving meal is that it is pretty common in North America.
  • Gatherings of family and friends are integral to many holidays, especially Thanksgiving. As a day of gratitude, loved ones are often the most important thing people are grateful for. You can be the guest or the host; either way, it is one of the biggest blessings in life and a great opportunity to recognize this blessing.
  • Watching the parade has been an inseparable part of the day since the early 20th century. What started as a celebration in the streets is now televised, and it is how almost every family in America starts their special day. 
  • Wishbones are an after-dinner tradition. The wishbone is separated once the turkey is eaten and left to dry. The dry bone is given to two people who make wishes. Whoever gets the longer side when they break the bone is believed to have their wish come true! 
  • Pumpkin or apple pies are also traditional pieces of the Thanksgiving Day meal. Since they are also the symbols of autumn, they are perfect additions to the cozy atmosphere of the day. 
  • Black Friday isn’t exactly a Thanksgiving tradition, but since it follows right after it, you should be prepared for it to catch the insane discounts. 

What are The Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner Meals and Sides?

Since Thanksgiving dinner is the most anticipated meal of the year, make sure to include some of the following 9 dishes on your dinner menu for the ultimate experience if you are hosting your first Thanksgiving meal:

  • Turkey
  • Stuffing
  • Yam
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Cranberry Sauce
  • Gravy
  • Pumpkin Pie
  • Apple Pie
A Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

9 Ideas How to Make Your Thanksgiving Day Special

We listed 9 options for you to make your Thanksgiving Day a special one this year:

  • Host your own dinner. If you have always been the guest till now, take on the responsibility this year and cook a meal for your loved ones. It may be tiring, but it will prove very rewarding once everyone you feel grateful to have in your life is gathered around the same table. 
  • Volunteering is a great way to get into the Thanksgiving Day spirit. It is all about counting your blessings; giving back is a great way to do that. Many local shelters work hard to deliver a hot meal to the less fortunate on this beautiful day. Join them to make a difference.
  • Arts and crafts can be fun to make keepsakes and introduce this day to your children. Online tutorials about making turkey-shaped items out of paper and similar materials exist. You can do this activity together and even decorate your house with what you have made.
  • A fall wreath for your door can be a great way to greet your guests on Thanksgiving Day. You can buy one or make one yourself. Since it is fall-themed, you can keep it throughout the season.
  • Make a list of all you are grateful for and share it with your friends. People can often get lost in the holiday festivities and forget the true meaning of it. Keep it in perspective and count your blessings. You can go around the table at dinner, and everyone can share what they are grateful for this year. It is the perfect conversation opener for Thanksgiving Day.
  • Visit a corn maze and get lost! These mazes are incredibly big and fun. If you have one nearby, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity. 
  • Go out for your Thanksgiving meal. While it may feel counter-intuitive, many establishments offer big Thanksgiving meals, which can be an enjoyable way of spending the day. If it is tiring to cook all those foods, take a break this year and go to a nice restaurant.
  • Join a Thanksgiving Parade, or go and enjoy watching!
  • Keep the leftovers and prepare sandwiches for the upcoming days. It is a nice way to carry the holiday spirit into your daily life. No need to mention the great lunches you’ll have for a while!

Thanksgiving Day Ideas for Restaurants

If you own a restaurant and wish to do something special for Thanksgiving day, you can consider the following ideas. 

  • Offer fully prepared Thanksgiving Day dinners. Most families don’t have the time to cook such big meals, and they might want to treat themselves on this beautiful occasion. By creating a Thanksgiving menu, you can get many customers and create lasting memories for them in your establishment.
  • Renew your restaurant equipment or add some items to prepare various Thanksgiving menus. You may benefit from discounts and available financing options that are settled for this special season and Black Friday.
  • Decorate your business according to the Thanksgiving spirit. More than turkeys and pumpkins, Thanksgiving is closely associated with autumn. Embrace this theme and create a cozy environment for your customers. Plus, these decorations can last you till winter.
  • Donate the leftovers to charities and commit to preventing waste for the rest of the year. This national holiday is an opportunity to remember our blessings and look out for those less fortunate than us. 
  • Make a list of what you are grateful for as a business and hang it on a wall. If you have space, you can leave room for people to contribute and allow them to add their sentiments to your board. It can create a warm atmosphere and encourage people to think about the day.
  • Hand out thank you cards to your customers. After all, a business should be most grateful for its customers. Showing appreciation for those who help sustain your business can turn them into regulars at your place.
A turkey with squashes on a Thanksgiving Day dinner


Embracing Thanksgiving in your restaurant is more than just a seasonal change; it’s an opportunity to connect deeply with your community and customers. By offering fully prepared Thanksgiving dinners, you cater to the needs of busy families, allowing them to enjoy the holiday without the stress of cooking. Upgrading your restaurant equipment for this special occasion is a wise business move and a way to ensure diverse and delicious menu offerings. Decorating your space to reflect Thanksgiving’s warm, autumnal spirit creates a welcoming atmosphere, enhancing the dining experience.

Importantly, Thanksgiving is a time of gratitude and giving back. Donating leftovers to charities aligns your business with the true spirit of the holiday and demonstrates a commitment to community welfare. Inviting customers to share what they are grateful for fosters a sense of belonging and appreciation, enhancing their connection to your establishment.

Lastly, a simple gesture of handing out thank you cards to patrons shows your gratitude and strengthens customer relationships. These thoughtful touches can turn a one-time visitor into a loyal customer.

Celebrating Thanksgiving in your restaurant is a blend of thoughtful service, community spirit, and heartfelt gratitude. It’s an opportunity to create lasting memories, give back, and express thanks, all of which can significantly contribute to the success and reputation of your business.

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