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Krowne Restaurant Equipment

Convincing Reasons Why Krowne Restaurant Equipment Is The Perfect Choice

Krowne Restaurant Equipment is a third-generation family-owned brand renowned and trusted for its high-quality commercial kitchen solutions. Consistently delivering top-notch products catering to the diverse needs of restaurants, bars, hotels, and other foodservice facilities, the brand has grown a legacy spanning several decades.

The extensive Krowne restaurant equipment line includes stainless steel sinks, faucets, backbar coolers, underbar equipment, refrigeration units, bar accessories, plumbing supplies, and more. Based in Wayne, NJ, Krowne has continuously expanded its plants, investing in cutting-edge robotic machinery. Thus, it has gained a solid reputation as America’s fastest-growing commercial bar equipment manufacturer.

Krowne Restaurant Equipment

Krowne Restaurant Equipment Company was founded in 1947 by Nathan and Phillip Krowne. Originally named Krowne Metal Products Co, the brand took an assertive step into the industry with a complete line of precision-engineered beer dispensing and refrigeration equipment. The company has swiftly become a reliable partner for bar and restaurant operators with a commitment to innovation, durability, and versatility. Only two years after its establishment, Krowne proudly announced the release of the first all-steel constructed work boards and the most inclusive cocktail stations of the time. 

From the beginning, Krowne Restaurant Equipment has stood on the core family values of developing long-term strong partnerships, adopting a customer-first mindset, and prioritizing sustainability in manufacturing. Over the years, the company has established a name for producing premium-quality products using robust materials, precise craftsmanship, and stringent quality control measures. This focus made the Krowne crown high-end bars, upscale restaurants, and world-class hotels.

Krowne Restaurant Equipment has always strived for innovation and improvements in product offerings to respond to the market’s changing needs. It has received recognition and certifications from various organizations, confirming the brand’s dedication to meeting industry standards for safety and functionality. Incorporating sustainability in fabrication, Krowne developed eco-friendly products and made these available to customers across different regions through collaborations with distributors and dealers. Ultimately, the long-lasting, functional, and high-performing Krowne Restaurant Equipment earned the brand a loyal customer base worldwide.

Crowne Bar Equipment Categories

What are The Benefits Of Choosing Krowne For Your Bar Equipment Needs

Krowne Restaurant Equipment provides high-quality craftmanship, customization options, versatility, especially in bar equipment, and cutting-edge technology. The brand assists with sanitation, service, and refrigeration tasks with multi-compartment sinks, pre-rinse units, glass washers, dipper wells, tap towers, and bottle coolers. However, Krowne is most well-known for its commercial bar equipment. The brand offers a large inventory of bar appliances, from sturdy underbar sinks and stylish cocktail stations to efficient glass chillers and versatile modular bar die systems. You can explore the benefits of choosing Krowne Restaurant Equipment for your bar setup at the following:

1. High-Quality Craftsmanship

Krowne’s reputation for attention to detail is a key factor contributing to the durability and reliability of its commercial bar equipment. Carefully selected stainless steel and other top-grade materials go through expert artisans and advanced machinery. The welding and assembly techniques are engineered for maximum strength and structural integrity, minimizing downtime risks. Close attention to every step in the production ensures that each Krowne commercial restaurant equipment is crafted to the highest standards.

Krowne implements stringent quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process. All the products undergo precise inspection and testing to ensure that only flawless equipment reaches the end users. The result is unmatched strength, corrosion resistance, and longevity. Krowne restaurant equipment features seamless edges and corners to enhance the aesthetic appeal. The stainless steel surfaces, removable parts, and access panels facilitate maintenance. Also, mobile bar units are equipped with reinforced corners or bumpers to absorb and minimize the impact of accidental collisions. 

2. Customization Options

Krowne is most renowned for offering customizable features and designs using feedback from its Bartender Ambassador Program, a team of world-famous bartenders and designers. They give creative ideas on captivating cocktails, practical bar supplies, and awe-inspiring bar concepts. Bar owners can choose from various Krowne commercial restaurant equipment configurations, such as single, double, or triple compartments for their commercial sinks, different lengths for underbar units, and shelving options for storage solutions to fit specific space requirements.

Krowne’s Royal Series underbar units are fully customizable with a large assortment of standard and custom-designed equipment. This premium underbar product line is built for high-volume applications in sophisticated bars, restaurants, casinos, and hotels worldwide. Diverse product varieties are offered at standard 19 and 24-inch overall depths or tailored to customers’ demands. Typical customizable Krowne Restaurant Equipment examples include Krowne modular bar dies systems and underbar add-on units. Thus, you can create a zero-step speed workstation incorporating all the necessary tools for your mixologist to craft intoxicating spirits. 

3. Versatility In Bar Equipment

Krowne Restaurant Equipment empowers bars of all sizes to curate their ideal beverage service experience. From sleek and functional sinks and faucets that enhance efficiency behind the bar to refrigeration units and ice bins that keep drinks cool and refreshing, Krowne’s offerings cater to diverse bar themes. Its commitment to excellence and adaptability enables bartenders to create a charming display of premium spirits in a distinctive atmosphere. Here’s a sample of Krowne’s commercial bar equipment.

  • Single and multi-compartment Krowne drop-in sinks quickly sanitize glassware, utensils, and bar tools, keeping the bar area organized and hygienic.
  • Underbar drainboards of different sizes and shapes are designed to mount between two adjacent underbar units.
  • Various faucet styles and Krowne tap tower designs with different handles and finishes complete the bar’s overall theme and provide an efficient beverage dispensing system.
  • Rotary and door-type underbar glasswashers can wash approximately 25 racks per hour.
  • Sound-deadened Krowne speed rails hold your liquor bottles, giving bartenders quick access to the most popular spirit bottles.

4. Cutting-Edge Technology

Krowne Restaurant Equipment continually improves and updates its product designs based on customer feedback and emerging industry trends. Krowne remains cutting-edge and optimally functional for the changing needs of the food service industry by integrating advanced technology and innovative features. One prime example is the touch-screen controls in refrigeration units that enable precise temperature adjustments and energy-saving modes at the tap of a finger. Improved compressors and eco-friendly insulation reduce energy consumption without compromising performance.

Elevating Your Bar Operations with Krowne Equipment

As a pioneering force in the bar equipment industry, Krowne Metal offers diverse solutions to revolutionize your establishment’s operations. From LED countertop liquor displays to back bar cabinets, Krowne equips you with the tools to enhance efficiency, streamline workflows, and elevate the overall performance of your bar. Below is more Krowne commercial restaurant equipment you can use to deliver unforgettable libation experiences in an eye-catching bar ambiance.

Krowne KR24-24SC-L 24" Wet & Dry Underbar Waste Cabinet
  • Krowne Bar Sinks: Krowne offers bar sinks built with high-quality stainless steel to withstand the rigors of a bustling bar environment. Each unit has ¼ turn ceramic cartridge, swing spout, drain, and wall bracket. Categories include Krowne underbar sinks with up to 4 compartments and widths varying from 12 to 96 inches; drop-in, pedestal-mount, recessed, and wall-mount hand wash sinks, fully customizable with many sizes and accessories like side splashes; soap & towel dispensers; and knee pedal valves; and underbar waste cabinets with embossed drainboards on the left or right.
  • Krowne Faucets and Dispensers: The company’s range of faucets and dispensers are made of premium materials to resist heavy usage and offer reliable performance over the long term. They are available in various styles and finishes, such as chrome, brushed nickel, or brass, to complete the bar’s artistic taste while promising top-notch functionality. Krowne Restaurant Equipment catalog includes standard wall or deck-mount models and specialty products like the pre-rinse faucets for removing food residue with a high-pressure nozzle and touchless faucets for hand-free operation and water conservation.
Krowne DB60 60" Draft Beer Cooler
  • Krowne Refrigeration Solutions: The brand covers a complete range of refrigeration solutions to keep beverages and ingredients cold and accessible. They combine features like sliding or swing doors, LED lighting, divider racks, and adjustable shelving for easy organization and attractive display. While the bottle coolers offer up to 32 cubic feet capacity, the Krowne keg coolers accommodate 1 to 4 kegs and have 1 to 5 taps per tower. You can also prefer glass door back bar coolers to showcase and refrigerate bottled beverages attractively.
  • Krown Draft Beer Tap Towers: These faucets are a staple in bars and restaurants serving beer on tap. Krowne’s draft beer & wine tap towers provide a smooth and controlled beer flow, minimizing foam and waste during dispensing. They typically have a gentle pouring action to prevent excessive aeration and preserve the beverage’s flavor. Their durable chrome-plated stainless steel or polished chrome finishes ensure longevity and resistance to corrosion while creating a sleek look. The single and double-sided towers come in T, Y, H, or snakehead shapes with up to 30 faucet capacities. 
Krowne KR24-MX54 54inc Blender Station Underbar Ice Bin-Cocktail Station
  • Cocktail Stations & Workstations: Krowne underbar cocktail stations and workstations are designed for efficient bartending. With features such as built-in speed rails, cutting boards, and storage compartments, they aim to streamline drink preparation and enhance efficiency behind the bar. These dedicated spaces are equipped with your choice of ice bins, blender units, soda chases, bottle wells, and drainboards, allowing bartenders to mix delicious cocktails and provide exceptional service.
  • Krowne Ice Handling & Storage: A steady supply of ice is essential for drinks and cocktail preparation. Krowne ice bins are available at 12 or 15-inch depths and lengths varying from 6 to 48 inches. They can be recessed into the bar counter or joined with another underbar unit. Krowne portable bins transport up to 200 pounds of ice across beverage-serving locations. Ice chests are often used at outdoor bars or events. Single or double-compartment ice wells holding drink bottles chilled are the brand’s other commercial kitchen and bar equipment to meet ice demands.

The Krowne Metal’s Special Solutions

Krowne Bar Equipment goes beyond standard bar supplies with specific product offerings addressing bar operators’ challenges. The brand’s customer-centric manufacturing approach helps deliver personalized solutions that improve workflow. You can use the Krowne configurators below to build your dream bar setup, immediately tracking the price as you add equipment and features.

  • Krowne BarFlex: 3D bar design software seamlessly integrated with AutoCAD and Revit, generating over 15,000 design configurations.
  • Krowne FridgeFlex: An online application enabling customers to build their refrigeration units step by step, selecting the size, compressor location, door style, finish, mounting options, and more.
  • Krowne FaucetFlex: A custom fabrication service that lets you configure your faucet with instant spec sheet generation, including the spout type, length, mounting style, handle preference, and aerator type.
  • Krowne BeerFlex: A sophisticated design tool integrating augmented reality, metaverse, complex algorithms, and an ROI calculator for setting up a complete beer system.


Whether operating a small, intimate bar or a high-volume establishment, partnering with Krowne for your bar equipment needs saves you time, labor, money, and effort. The benefits and products are limitless. Krowne Restaurant Equipment makes your facility shine with more tools like plumbing supplies, gas connectors, and beverage dispensing parts & accessories. The company prides itself on the warranty periods it offers:

  • One year on hand sinks, underbar units, and glass washers.
  • Three years on Royal Series plumbing.
  • Five years on compressors.
  • Lifetime on Diamond Series Plumbing and gas hoses.

Krowne is particularly recognized for its made-to-order solutions for bars of all sizes and themes. Bars that embrace Krowne Restaurant Equipment can optimize workflow, forge gripping displays, and leave a lasting impression on customers. The art of bartending will surely evolve. Yet, Krowne is prepared to remain at the forefront with custom-tailored tools to redefine the bar experience and pave the way for unforgettable libation journeys. So, cheers to the Krowne’s limitless commercial bar equipment possibilities, converging vision and innovation to reshape the future of bartending excellence.

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