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A Full Guide to Manitowoc Commercial Ice Makers

Manitowoc commercial ice makers are popular among foodservice business owners thanks to their reliability and customer-friendly designs. The brand has a long history of helping restaurant owners set up their kitchens and supporting their operations. Manitowoc commercial ice makers have been around since the 1970s, and the brand continues to be innovative to this day. It is possible to find a large array of ENERGY STAR ice makers in their catalogs, and you are bound to find a model that suits your individual needs and circumstances. Knowing more about Manitowoc commercial ice makers and their features and perks will give you the knowledge to find the best ice machine for your business. 

Manitowoc Brand History

Manitowoc as a company was established in 1964. Since their beginnings, they have paved the way for many firsts in the industry. Manitowoc was responsible for the first automated cleaning system for ice machines, and they also released the first ice machine with a touchscreen display. They also invented vertical evaporators, which are still in use today and serve to provide clear ice to users. 

The brand’s innovative streak continued over the years, and they have received awards for certain models, such as Indigo NXT, which won an award in 2019 for its environmentally friendly and energy-efficient design. 

Manitowoc commercial ice makers have been designed with the environment in mind since 1995. The brand eliminated the use of harmful refrigerants before it was dictated by the law to do so, and they have been an ENERGY STAR partner for over a decade now. All these innovations and environmental initiatives set Manitowoc apart from its industry counterparts and make it a desirable choice. 

Manitowoc Fun Fact!: The brand’s name comes from a city in Wisconsin, and the word itself means “home of the Great Spirit.”

Types of Manitowoc Commercial Ice Makers

Manitowoc commercial ice maker line is quite varied and appeals to a large audience thanks to this variety in design and functions. 

  • Manitowoc Modular units are preferred for their customizable nature. The buyer gets the chance to choose the head and bin separately. This option allows the restaurant to have additional storage space and adjust its production and storage needs and expectations. Also, if you already own a part of the unit, you will only need to purchase the other part. To connect the separate pieces of machinery, you will need certain ice maker accessories, which Manitowoc also provides. You can find out more about this process in our Choosing the right ice bin adapter article. 
  • Manitowoc QuietQube Remote is a series of Manitowoc commercial ice makers. This series is praised for its quiet operations, as the name suggests. The word “remote” in the title refers to the placement of the condenser. A remote condenser will eliminate noise from your kitchen and save you space. However, the main benefit of remote condensers is the elimination of heat. By releasing the heat in a remote location, away from the ice machine, the QuietQube series maximizes the efficiency of the ice maker and does not contribute to the overheating of your kitchen with commercial pieces of equipment. 
  • Manitowoc Traditional Remote models are similar to QuietQube Remote models. With these ice makers, you get to place the fan of the machine outside of your kitchen. This reduces nuisances such as heat and noise, which might prove taxing on your staff and air conditioning unit. 
  • Manitowoc Undercounter models are designed to fit under the counters of prep or serving areas. They are relatively smaller and produce less ice than their full-size counterparts. However, they are efficient for small spaces and might be needed to adhere to height and floor space restrictions of your local regulations. 
  • Manitowoc Countertop models are fast and efficient. They produce in small quantities and can be conveniently placed on a sturdy table or a counter. They can be utilized in home kitchens, break rooms, and similar low-demand areas. 
  • Manitowoc Hotel Dispensers are designed to be safe for heavy public use. They are designed with touchless lever ice chutes to prevent contamination. Also, this line has models which distend water alongside ice as a bonus!
  • Manitowoc Ice Beverages are easily connected to a beverage dispenser with the right ice maker accessory. They are easy to use and clean and can be manually filled regularly. 
  • Manitowoc Specialty commercial ice makers are specifically designed for marine or correctional facility use. Their design is less foodservice oriented and more safety-focused.
    • Manitowoc Correctional facility models have no removable plastic pieces on the outside. The surfaces are temper-proof and require specific tools to remove and install.
    • Manitowoc Marine models are built to keep out salt water from the unit. Saltwater can disrupt the functioning of your unit tremendously and contaminate your ice, so it is important to keep it out. Also, marine models are built to be sturdier and withstand corrosion better than their regular counterparts in the environment they are expected to work in. 
Types of Manitowoc Commercial Ice Makers

Types of Ice Manitowoc Commercial Ice Makers Produce

Manitowoc commercial ice makers are capable of producing several types of ice. Every kind of ice has unique features and properties that make it more suited for one job or the other. You can consider your needs and opt for the shape you most likely will need.

  • Flake ice is used in display cases to cool beverages, fish, etc. Also, they can be used to make slushies and snow cones thanks to their soft and absorbent nature. 
  • Nugget ice is a more chewable form of ice and is preferred by fast food kitchens and healthcare facilities for cold compression. 
  • Cube ice is the most common form people prefer for their ice. Cube as a category encompasses half cubes, regular cubes, and full cubes. Cubes are preferred to cool down drinks and are most commonly used at bars and for beverages in general. 
  • Gourmet ice is a variation of cube ice. It has a unique octagon shape and a hard surface. They are preferred in higher-end establishments and hip bars to present a better aesthetic. You can most commonly see them paired with a glass of whisky. 
Types of Ice Manitowoc Commercial Ice Makers Produce

Special Features and Patented Technologies that Sets Manitowoc Commercial Ice Makers Apart 

Manitowoc commercial ice makers are famous for their customer-oriented design. Keeping the food service industry in mind, Manitowoc endowed its ice makers with tons of cool features to make them more convenient and efficient. Here are some features worth knowing about:

  • DuraTech Exteriors are made with unique alloy combinations. They make the machines durable and aesthetic. It is resistant to chemical cleaners and disinfectants which is important in commercial settings. DuraTech was created specifically to withstand heat, humidity, and salt water. These factors could prove quite harmful to your equipment and are common in commercial kitchens. This is why DuraTech is a great option, especially for seafood restaurants and similar establishments.
  • EasyTouch Display installed on the Manitowoc commercial ice makers makes it easy for you and your staff to understand and operate your machine. It is an icon-based display panel that proved quite beneficial to most businesses. 
  • Programmable ice production ensures that you are on top of your machine’s production rates, and you can program it to stop working when necessary. This will help you manage demand and turn off the machine when it is not needed to save on energy. 
  • ENERGY STAR models are not an invention of Manitowoc, but it is a great perk to have ENERGY STAR options when shopping for commercial equipment. With these models, you will save on energy and water bills while protecting the environment. Pentair, a leading provider of water treatment and sustainable solutions, acquired Manitowoc Ice from Welbilt, is received the 2023 ENERGY STAR® Partner of the Year – Sustained Excellence Award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy.
  • Front facing evaporator is a key part of Manitowoc commercial ice makers’ design. It makes it easier to access the food zone. 
  • All-white interiors are also key elements of Manitowoc commercial ice makers’ design. This feature was implemented to make it easier for users to spot mold and grime. 
  • Luminice II is an advanced sanitation solution by Manitowoc. Luminice Manitowoc helps the area and the machine to stay cleaner for longer periods of time. 


Manitowoc commercial ice makers are the number one in America for a reason. Their long history and innovative approach make them a desirable partner for business owners. Their ice machine catalog is varied and has a model for everyone. Since they are built with the food service industry in mind, you can benefit tremendously from their cool technological features and improve your business. With Manitowoc ice machines, you will realize that every little detail has been thought through, and every small component makes your business safer, better, and more efficient. Browse Manitowoc’s large catalog now to make an informed decision about your future ice maker!

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